BYOD for ACME (pharma sector) by toppeta donato


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I prepared this short presentation (10 min) as an example of applying the Cranfield Business Dependency Network methodology to the opportunity of leveraging BYOD in a customer scenario (generic pharma/medicines company).

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BYOD for ACME (pharma sector) by toppeta donato

  1. 1. Cranfield BDN for alligning BYOD to ACME’s business drivers BYOD: a business value driven proposal Author: Donato Toppeta
  2. 2. Just an overview (like an elevator pitch) for a disruptive innovation Agenda Why BYOD should be a Business Driven decision Cranfied BDN proposed draft 1 2 3 Advised Next Steps * Picture is only an example from the SIMPill mHealth early design Donato Toppeta
  3. 3. Donato Toppeta Need for a Business driven approach Risks & Costs Opportunities BYOD it’s more than an ICT technology driven decision Example: fingerprint, voice, face recognition *
  4. 4. IS/IT Enablers Enabling Changes Business Benefits Investment Objectives Externally facing Internally facing Lower CAPEX for short life devices, offices space & related services Better insight and reduced risks (lost hacked devices, etc.) focused investment ICT providing perceived value and supporting user needs Enabling new so- lutions & services: more productivity Productivity: able to work anywhere at any time The benefits and why ACME may want them D R I V E R S Benefits Dependency Network New ways of working can deliver the benefits and how to make that happen Consumerization: new powerful user- friendly devices Unlimited Apps cat., Rich cloud services, LTE & Free WI-FI Lower COST, better TCO, Innovation Privacy, national contracts, regulatory compliancy HTML5,Virtual Desktop Int. Network & Resources Management Identity and policies management Unified Communica- tion Services Services Providers contracts ICT knowledge & experience MDM / MAM, Dashboard Anti-Virus provisioning / deprovis. Certified Apps / App Store Data Security Classification Encryption Supported platforms Enforced new policies, new contracts Risk / Threat Management Business Changes CxO / LoB / road warriors needs, Agility & Collab. HR benefits, Audit & Security policies Support & Training -> Awareness Finance (procurement, accounting) Services/Apps development guidelines Temp. workers’ authorized own devices Donato Toppeta User Satisfaction & productivity, empower mobility Protect Corporate Information /Assets
  5. 5. Overview of some proposed actions BYOD: What’s next Build a shared Vision Scope :  Cost and Value success metrics, ROI  Conceptual Architecture mapped to the Business Model, proposed pilot / P.O.C.  Risk Assessment / Management, SLA  High Level Plan with needed resources Verify core Constraints & Opportunities, links to other projects Brainstorm and revise Cranfield BDN, Stakholders’ map, etc. Quick Assesment and Business / ICT Requirements mapping Donato Toppeta
  6. 6. Donato Toppeta Thank you!
  7. 7. Donato Toppeta Additional Optional slides (hidden) Some examples • IBM banned Dropbox & SIRI on BYOD • VMware went 'All In' with BYOD – 90 days mandatory transition limit + enforced wipe policy (BES or ActiveSynch) – Declared saving $2 million • Stanford University BYOD policies for public and non-public data (encryption, MDM, iOS and BES, not Android)