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Border fulfillment

  1. 1. Fulfillment by BordersFulfillment by Borders Dave Arney, M.A.Dave Arney, M.A. Corporate Sales CoordinatorCorporate Sales Coordinator
  2. 2. Publishers Make WorkPublishers Make Work
  3. 3. Marginal MarginalizationMarginal Marginalization If margins were success, why so many failures? There’s a lot more than numbers behind revenue. 2nd most important reason for buying books... Recommendations People buy books because they trust the bookseller. That’s why people come to Borders. There’s less value in margins than you see on an invoice.
  4. 4. What Technology Teaches UsWhat Technology Teaches Us Outsourcing and Networked Solutions are the new reality of business. Assembly lines are out, Workflows and group products are in. Blockbusters are dead, Now it’s niche marketing. Everything plugs into everything else. Everything is interconnectable.
  5. 5. Simplicity is Sales SuccessSimplicity is Sales Success Customers have niche needs, but you don’t have answers for every one of them. Do you spend time diversifying knowledge? Do you collect and organize copious data? Do you get great margins on the wrong product? Or, you could simplify, and focus on what you do best, focus on why your customers are there. What about those niche needs?
  6. 6. Simple – FastSimple – Fast – Easy– Easy Every title your customer wants, we have it. Create custom offerings that compliment your products. We already know what sells. Ask, and we’ll get it to you. You’ll get what you need when you need it. Meet every niche need, spend nothing to do it.
  7. 7. Why Borders?Why Borders?
  8. 8. Subtle Cost of OverheadSubtle Cost of Overhead Ordering, shipping, warehousing and processing inventory eats you money. Discounts on an invoice only tell you a short, misleading story. How much time did you spend finding it? How long did it take to order? How much time to recieve it? The real story is Time, you time.
  9. 9. I’ll make more buying directI’ll make more buying direct It’s not about gross margin, it’s about net profit. Borders can tell you how much you’ll make on each item. One order, one invoice Unpack and sell What is guaranteed margin worth to you?
  10. 10. The Real Cost of BooksThe Real Cost of Books Shipping product takes time, and getting it shipped takes even more time. You have to: Setup an account with each publisher/distributor Adjust your process to fit their systems Process their invoices for payment Track down credits on returns You spend more time paying for your products than you do selling them.
  11. 11. It Should Be EasyIt Should Be Easy You should have the same terms for all your products. You should order all your products the same way. You should only process one invoice for all your products. You should have the same return terms for all your products. You should have a deal made just for you.
  12. 12. One Order | One InvoiceOne Order | One Invoice Simple – Fast – EasySimple – Fast – Easy Simple – Fast – EasySimple – Fast – Easy Simple – Fast – EasySimple – Fast – Easy
  13. 13. Basic TermsBasic Terms Minimum 25% margin on nearly every item Incentive based discounts, tailored to your needs Free-consolidated shipping 1 year for returns (excluding non-returnable items) Consignment terms available, based on needs analysis
  14. 14. How It WorksHow It Works We start by listening to what you need. We work with you to create a core product offering, exactly matched to your business. We setup recurring orders where needed. We setup a delayed billing account when needed. We assign a dedicated sales rep to answer your questions, and take your orders. We give you all the attention you need, right when you need it.
  15. 15. Adaptive, Sales-Based DiscountsAdaptive, Sales-Based Discounts Our philosophy is the more you sell, the more you save. We work with you to project gross sales. We start with an introductory discount based on what we know you can sell. We evaluate your sales every quarter. When you hit the next tier, your discount increases. We give you our knowledge and trust so you can grow your business.
  16. 16. It’s Your SolutionIt’s Your Solution We don’t force you into our corporatized model. We don’t expect you to change just to suit us. It’s your business, we’re just here to help. We run thousands of transactions every day, we know the trends and we know the titles. But you know your customers. You’ll get exactly what you need to succeed.
  17. 17. Wouldn’t That Be Perfect?Wouldn’t That Be Perfect?
  18. 18. © 2010 Borders Group Inc. For More Information: Dave Arney Corporate Sales Coordinator LinkedIn