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Key principles from This is Marketing


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Seth Godin in 'This Is Marketing' brings together all his jotted down thoughts of last two decades on marketing from 'Permission Marketing', 'Purple Cow', 'Tribe', 'Knock Knock', 'Marketers are Liars' and MarketingSeminar and so many more. 'This Is Marketing' will serve as a compass for all marketers young and old on how to do marketing in a way that fulfills them. Created this deck as a reference notes for myself with key principles distilled from the book

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Key principles from This is Marketing

  1. 1. This Is Marketing Seth GodinNotes
  2. 2. Marketing to Us is like Water to a Fish It is Around Us, Impacts Us, Changes us for Better or Worse How is water ? What the hell is Water ? !##@? Yet the young fish quips to the older one 'What the hell is Water?"
  3. 3. Seth Godin is the Oogway of marketing. Brings it all together in "This Is Marketing" not as a 'How To' but a 'Compass' Through Permission Marketing, Purple Cow, Tribe, Knock Knock, Marketers - Liars, he jotted down his wisdom for over two decades
  4. 4. Marketers today are tired, feel a bit of a fraud and at times think they themselves get scammed
  5. 5. Internalizing principles from "ThisIsMarketing" can help Marketers be fulfilled with their work or think of it as as a duty.
  6. 6. Most marketers steal attention through ads
  7. 7. Marketing is now the exact opposite, it is the generous act of giving Not Don Draper or David Ogilvy but Amanda Palmer
  8. 8. Most marketers are emotion blind Fail to realize that marketing is transfer of feelings
  9. 9. Marketing starts with empathy i.e understanding them better than they understand themselves "You can't be seen unless you see
  10. 10. "Not the drill bit, the customer wants a hole" Harvard has advocated for decades now No, Not just that, she wants what the hole can do for her and more importantly how it makes her feel
  11. 11. Marketing is Not your cliched mission written backwardward But starts in her worldview problem forward
  12. 12. Curse of knowledge is the root of many marketing troubles Greater marketers are not afraid to shed their knowledge to be understood Slip into her shoes, start from those first steps
  13. 13. Easier to swing with in an existing swirl Changing a worldview is more dangerous than touching a live electric fence. Do at your own Peril
  14. 14. Dance in her worldview, with her dream and desires Not drag into own courtyard of thinking Great marketers
  15. 15. Marketing is helping someone become a better version of themselves, the ones they seek to be
  16. 16. Find a small pool to color it purple It is futile to purple an entire ocean. #SmallestViableAudience To make change happen
  17. 17. Marketing is about values Stand for something, Celebrate athletics, ruckus makers Or whatever else you care about
  18. 18. An 'Early Adopter' and 'Late Laggard' in the same room might kill each other. They want different worlds, one craves 'new' and other hates 'change' Yet Marketers treat them both the same
  19. 19. If you merely try to fill a hole in the market, Then you are doomed to a cycle of rearview mirror behavior Choose your own axis or else it will be chosen for you
  20. 20. If dog food makers designed it for dogs it would have cat flavour. They design it for humans Engineers don't get that appeal is divorced from performance
  21. 21. Symbols are shorthand to stories Symbols are powerful because our brain scan, it does not read. It is easier to establish meaning to new symbol than to re-establish for an existing one
  22. 22. Brand logo is symbol that embeds a promise Cattle don't react to brands, only humans can understand story and recognize symbols.
  23. 23. When you confuse the two, it is a recipe for implosion Brand marketing is like Chemistry, Direct marketing is like Physics
  24. 24. Long Tail is a scam that fuedal lords of the internet want the common naive marketers to slave Artist selling 1-2 daily in the tail starves. Several of them trying makes good business for the platform
  25. 25. “If you are not remarkable then you are invisible” However as a kid we have been schooled to fit in For a new Marketer 'fitting in' is the hardest habit to kick out.
  26. 26. Trigger the same age old emotions like belonging, connection, peace of mind & status Through new strokes that they weave Great marketers
  27. 27. We are at Highest high of Connectedness, Lowest Low of Trust In this day & age, Trust comes only through action yet
  28. 28. If you don't earn the permission with your audience directly without a middlemen You pay stamp fees of the middlemen through your nose and bleed.
  29. 29. Marketing Funnel is about pouring attention on top of funnel so that loyal fans come out of the other end Till you don't know the math of the funnel, you are only making feudal lords of internet rich Stranger
  30. 30. Every price point tells a story Cheap says you are scared Exhorbitant says you are snooty Free says you will load the cost elsewhere You want it somewhere between cost plus and value minus so that you can be around long enough to tell the rest of the story
  31. 31. Most marketers won't but all conmen get that More risky a transaction more trusted they are Spelling mistake in a nigerian scam email is by design a feature, not a bug
  32. 32. Better to apologize for a higher price once Then to say sorry for cutting the corners a hundred times.
  33. 33. Authenticity is a myth You are here to serve, bring the professional not the amatuer Just like how a 3 star chef does not cook herself a 12 course meal for dinner, You are not expected to bring your innermost fears or desires
  34. 34. Bad marketers create FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) #FUDvsTED
  35. 35. Great marketers create TED (Tension, Education and Delight)#FUDvsTED
  36. 36. Depending who holds it, marketing can delight or demolish lives Marketing is like fire. Can cook to feed or burn down a forest.