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Brand Kindle

  1. 1. Dont Get Lost In The Crowd
  2. 2. Does Your Image Need Improvement? (Everything Is Marketing).
  3. 3. What Does Your Desk Say About You?
  4. 4. You Have Got To Have A Good Intro
  5. 5. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm
  6. 6. Prepare An Elevator Pitch
  7. 7. Invest In A Really Good Website
  8. 8. Give Something Meaningful Away
  9. 9. Always Have Copies Of Your Published Articles On Your Web Page
  10. 10. Have You Googled Yourself Lately
  11. 11. Never Underestimate The Power Of Google For Enhancing Your Credibility And Visibility
  12. 12. Does Your Business Card Say Anything Interesting About You
  13. 13. Dont Just Be A Joiner, Be A Leader
  14. 14. Dont Play By Yourself (Work With Others)If you have a mediocre solution and perfect implementation, you still have a mediocre solution.
  15. 15. Vision without action is a daydream, action without vision is a nightmare.
  16. 16. Do You Have A Written Marketing Plan
  17. 17. Be Aware Of Your Online Persona
  18. 18. Get Your Ducks In A Row (Marketing Messaging And Accountability Vs. Messaging)
  19. 19. Identify Repetitive Tasks And Develop Automated Systems With Fixed Fees You Can Market
  20. 20. Sit Next To A Stranger
  21. 21. Keep Your e-Communication List Private - Use "BCC"
  22. 22. Build Something Unique That Defines You
  23. 23. Consultants: Keep A Referral Log
  24. 24. Create And Maintain Compelling Marketing Materials
  25. 25. Separate The Wheat From The Chaff (Find Out Where Best Clients Found You)
  26. 26. There are three sides to every story, my side, your side and the truth.
  27. 27. What Goes Around Comes Around (Use Clients Services)
  28. 28. Dont Set Yourself Up For An Ethics Violation, Follow Advertising Rules
  29. 29. By Your Clients Some Pizza
  30. 30. Positioning lives in the mind of your target customer
  31. 31. Dont Be The Last To Know (Google Alerts)
  32. 32. Youve Got To Be Accessible
  33. 33. Boot Your Worst Clients
  34. 34. Find The Right Clients
  35. 35. The three M’s of taglines: Meaningful, Motivating, and Memorable
  36. 36. Its OK To Boast A Bit, But Be Careful When Promoting Results
  37. 37. Rubber Stamp It
  38. 38. Use An Email Signature
  39. 39. The medium is not the message; the message is the message
  40. 40. Ask Your Clients For Suggestions (Client Advisory Committees)
  41. 41. Every Firm/Company Must Have A Written Marketing Plan
  42. 42. Dont Just Send Your e-Newsletter And Think Its Being Received, Track It (
  43. 43. Brainstorm For Your Community
  44. 44. You Cannot Have A Marketing Plan Without A Budget
  45. 45. Create News Your Clients Can Use
  46. 46. Get Your Hair Done (Get To Know The People Who Also Serve The Clients You Want To Serve)
  47. 47. Marketing Is A Team Sport, Dont Let Sales People "Opt Out", But Dont Expect Equal Results From All
  48. 48. Does your sales force know the difference between a product and a brand?
  49. 49. Look Successful But Not Too Much | Dont Blow Your Own Horn Too Loudly
  50. 50. Don’t sacrifice brand focus for salesBeware of the discounting minefield
  51. 51. Dont Ignore Future Customers Or Your Family
  52. 52. Don’t Exhibit At A Trade Show You Have Never Been To Before As A Delegate
  53. 53. Bad Publicity Stays With You
  54. 54. Brought to you by BrandkindleBe an Entrepreneur..!
  55. 55. The End Thank you for watching OrVisit :