Taiwanese Social Media and Internet Fast Facts


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This presentation (August, 2012) provides a great overview of the Taiwanese social media and internet landscape.

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Taiwanese Social Media and Internet Fast Facts

  1. 1. Taiwan Social Media Fast Facts August 2012
  2. 2. [Fast Facts [ Taiwan is a tropical island located in Eastern Asia. Despite its geographical proximity to China, Taiwans social media landscape portrays a different scene from that of the mainland. Since the broadband infrastructure and emergence of web 2.0 services has remarkably resulted in a gradual paradigm shift. Taiwanese people leverage on various social media platforms for information and connection, on top of the norms of traditional media and offline life. 1Source:  The  World  Factbook  on  Taiwan.  (n.d.).  CIA  Publica=ons.  Retrieved  on  March  4,  2011   [ Fast Facts
  3. 3. [Fast Facts [Internet growth has been phenomenal in Taiwan. The proportion of the population who are Internet users has exceeded 70.1%. And some 70% of all homes in Taiwan own PCs and around 60% of homes have Internet connections. 2Source:    www.internetworldstats.com/asia/tw.htm   [ Fast Facts
  4. 4. [Fast Facts [Percentages of Internet Users in Different Gender of Taiwan 3Source:    Apira   [ Fast Facts
  5. 5. [Fast Facts [Why The Taiwanese go online 3Source:    Apira   [ Fast Facts
  6. 6. [Fast Facts [In contrast to mainland China, the Taiwanese government has a liberal stance on Internet regulation. Internet regulations are minimal and designed to protect Internet users rather than to restrict the user’s access to certain sites or information. 4Source:    comm215.wetpaint.com/page/Taiwan%3A+Social+Media   [ Fast Facts
  7. 7. [3G Fast Facts [Broadband development in Taiwan started in March 2000, when the government issued three fixed network licences. Today Taiwan’s broadband networks and broadcasting infrastructure are among the most advanced in the world. To maintain this leading position, the government and private investors are continuously pushing the limits of technology and converging services. 5Source:    point-­‐topic.com/content/operatorSource/profiles2/taiwan-­‐broadband-­‐overview.htm     [3G Fast Facts
  8. 8. Social Media and Search Facts
  9. 9. [Social Media Facts [ Participation in social networking sites is growing, with 63.1 % of Taiwanese maintaining their own social networking profiles and engaging with various forms of social media. 6Source:  comm215.wetpaint.com/page/Taiwan%3A+Social+Networking+Sites+%26+BBS     [Social Media Facts
  10. 10. [Social Media Facts [ Many Taiwanese readers have turned to social media as it represents more diverse and truthful opinions and sentiments in their minds. Social media empowers this individual right by allowing internet users to express their views and more importantly, to influence others. Given Taiwans low power distance culture and sensationalist leanings, unusual events or news have a tendency to spread like wildfire and generate avid discussions among the online community. 7Source:  comm215.wetpaint.com/page/Taiwan%3A+Social+Media   [Social Media Facts
  11. 11. [Social Media Facts [ The appearance of social networking media has changed and transformed today’s political campaign strategies. These natives can mobilize their power in a virtual world of technology by cross-using new media such as Plurk, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to set off a revolution in the real world. 8Source:  www.taiwaninsights.com/2011/08/25/presiden=al-­‐elec=on-­‐takes-­‐to-­‐social-­‐networking/   [Social Media Facts
  12. 12. [Facebook Facts [ Facebook is also becoming highly popular among the Taiwanese online community. This is generally considered to be a new trend in social networking among the Taiwanese domain, rivaling in popularity with wretch.cc and plurk.tw. Currently, its penetration of the online population is 62%. The top 2 social networking site in Taiwan is Facebook and Wretch.cc. 9Source:  Wikipedia   [ Facebook Facts
  13. 13. [SNS Facts [ Wretch is a Taiwanese community web site. It is the most well-known blog community in Taiwan with thousands of users registered. Wretch provides free album, blog, and Bulletin Board System hosting services. It is the top visited site in Traditional Chinese languages and the second in Taiwan after Yahoo! Taiwan. 10Source:  Alexa   [ SNS Facts
  14. 14. [Video Sharing Facts [ Im Vlog is one of the top video log sites in Taiwan. Through this platform, users can view movie trailers, TV shows and shared videos by members. The site also allows facilitation of comments sharing, chatting and discussions among users.   11Source:  Wikipedia     [ Video Sharing Facts
  15. 15. [Blog Facts [ Taiwanese. The blogosphere is extensive with content creators from a In Taiwan, blogging is ranked as the fifth favourite online activity by wide age range due to the encouragement of freedom of speech. Through blogs, people post contents about Taiwans current affairs, their personal life, passion for certain topics such as travelling, photography, politics and such. 12Source:  arts1091.unsw.wikispaces.net/Taiwan+2012   [ Blog Facts
  16. 16. [Microblogging Facts [ Contrary to the popular usage of Twitter, majority of active Taiwan microbloggers use other platforms such as Plurk . Commonly, Taiwanese are well-known to plurk instead of tweet. 13Source:  Wikipedia   [ Microblogging Facts
  17. 17. [Instant Messenger Facts [ Instant Messaging is among the top online activities for Taiwanese. Nearly 7 million (66.9%) of Taiwans internet user population are leveraging on certain digital platforms to connect to their friends and network, on top of their offline connection. The top 2 Instant Messenger in Taiwan are MSN Messenger and Skype. 14Source:  Comscore   [ IM Facts
  18. 18. [ Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) / Forums Facts [ The top 3 online forum platforms in Taiwan are PTT BBS, Mobile01 and Backpackers.com.tw. PTT Bulletin Board System is a terminal-based bulletin board system based in Taiwan. PTT is arguably the largest BBS in the world with more than 1.5 million registered users. 15Source:  tayhao.pixnet.net/blog/post/7523731     [ BBS Facts
  19. 19. [ Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) / Forums Facts [ Mobile01 is an online forum for users to discuss over anything and everything related to technology and the latest gadgets, ranging from mobile phones to iPads. Backpackers.com.tw is a platform where travel enthusiasts can find answers to various tourism questions in the forum. It also contains a wiki that is partly joined by users of online travel Raiders wikipedia. 16Source:  tayhao.pixnet.net/blog/post/7523731     [ BBS Facts
  20. 20. [Search Engine Facts [Despite Google being commonly chosen as a favourite globally in the field of search engine, Yahoo Taiwan is the most preferred search engine in Taiwan. 17Source:  arts1091.unsw.wikispaces.net/Taiwan+2012   [Search Engine Facts
  21. 21. E-commerce Facts
  22. 22. [E-commerce Facts [ Taiwan’s e-commerce has experienced an annual growth of 20% in recent years and generated business value of NT$461.9 billion (US$15.4 billion) in 2010. In a report looking at the online spending of internet users in Taiwan, mainland China, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Malaysia, Taiwan was top in terms of the amount of money spent online using a Visa card over a 12 month period. 18Source:  news.cens.com/cens/html/en/news/news_inner_36154.html   [ E-commerce Facts
  23. 23. [E-commerce Facts [ The average Taiwanese online shopper spent $4,041 during the same period compared to $2,577 in mainland China. The internet in Taiwan differs from most other parts of the world in terms of search engine market share with Yahoo having a greater percentage at 51.12% and Google controlling only 47.61%. 19Source:  www.mvfglobal.com/taiwan   [ E-commerce Facts
  24. 24. [E-commerce Facts [ Office workers aged 30-39 years and women of all ages are the biggest online shoppers in Taiwan, according to a survey conducted between June and October 2011 by the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute. 20Source:  Taiwan:  Country  Pulse  Euromonitor  Interna=onal  (2012)     [ E-commerce Facts
  25. 25. [E-commerce Facts [ The 2 top portal sitesexpand e-commerce servicesand2006. PCHome announced plans to in Taiwan - PCHome Online in Yahoo! Kimo - setup an online travel service while Yahoo started an online bookshop. TaoBao is an online shopping marketplace for consumers, founded by parent Alibaba group. In September 2009, the auction site entered the Taiwanese market to give audiences an easier platform to open accounts on Alipay to exchange Taiwanese dollars into yuan by formally launching tao1shop.tw. 21Source:  comm215.wetpaint.com/page/Taiwan%3A+E-­‐commerce+and+Online+Shopping   [ E-commerce Facts
  26. 26. Mobile Facts
  27. 27. [Mobile Facts [Taiwan has moved energetically into the ‘next generation’ of mobile technology and services over the past decade and towards end 2011, penetration had passed the 120% mark. Going into 2012 there were close to 20 million 3G subscribers, making up over 70% of the total mobile subscriber base. 22Source:  www.budde.com.au/Research/Taiwan-­‐Mobile-­‐Market-­‐Overview-­‐Sta=s=cs-­‐and-­‐Forecasts.html   [ Mobile Facts
  28. 28. [Mobile Facts [3G handset users account forhas one of the percent of all mobile subscribers in Taiwan, which more than 70 most advanced telecommunications networks in Asia. Taiwans mobile operators had signed up close to 21 million 3G subscribers going into 2012. 23Source:  telecomlead.com/inner-­‐page-­‐details.php?id=8325&block=Service%20Provider   [ Mobile Facts
  29. 29. [Mobile Facts [What the Taiwanese do on the mobile internetSource:   24 [ Mobile Facts
  30. 30. [Mobile Facts [The morning commute triggers peak communication for Taiwan’s mobile users. Mobile internet and mobile social networking remain constant for much of the day suggesting that Taiwanese netizens access the web and social networks through fixed/PC-based internet at home, using their mobile when on the go. The slight rise in gaming and music usage despite no mobile internet peak suggests that many mobile users own smart phones which they use for gaming and music storage, while internet surfing is done through a PC. 25Source:  www.techwireasia.com/1184/report-­‐how-­‐mobile-­‐phones-­‐are-­‐used-­‐across-­‐asia/   [ Mobile Facts
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