Hong Kong Internet & Social Media Landscape


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This presentation (August, 2012) provides a great overview of the Hong Kong social media and internet landscape.

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Hong Kong Internet & Social Media Landscape

  1. 1. Hong Kong Social Media Fast Facts August 2012
  2. 2. [Fast Facts [ Hong Kong is known officially as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the Peoples Republic of China. The total population of Hong Kong stands at 7 103.7 million people at end 2011 In June 2011, the online population is 4,879,000, which represents an Internet penetration of 68.5% for the Hong Kong population. 1Source:  www.censtatd.gov.hk/hkstat/sub/so20.jsp   [ Fast Facts
  3. 3. [3G Fast Facts [Among the Internet users age between age 18 and 64 years old, 52.1% are females and 47.9% are males. 2Source:  The  Global  Media  Intelligence  Report  Asia  Pacific;  July  2011     [ Fast Facts
  4. 4. [3G Fast Facts [In December 2010, the average time spent online at work or home locations for Internet users was 25.9 hours. 3Source:  GlobalWebIndex     [ Fast Facts
  5. 5. [3G Fast Facts [What Hong Kong internet users do online? 4Source:  GlobalWebIndex     [ Fast Facts
  6. 6. [3G Fast Facts [With a sophisticated telecommunications infrastructure, Hong Kong offers access to broadband connectivity to more than 90% of all households. The take up of broadband services got off to a slow start, but a boom in broadband access took off in 2003. According to government statistics, Hong Kong has an online population of 4.3 million with the penetration rate standing at 85%. Internationally, Hong Kong’s fixed broadband penetration rate is among the highest in the world. The city is one of the world leaders in the deployment of FTTH technologies. 5Source:  www.gov.hk/en/about/abouthk/factsheets/docs/telecommunicaLons.pdf   [3G Fast Facts
  7. 7. [3G Fast Facts [Operators have been vigorously rolling out Wi-Fi networks. As at February 2012, there were more than 10 300 public Wi-Fi hot spots in the city and the number continues to grow. 6Source:  www.gov.hk/en/about/abouthk/factsheets/docs/telecommunicaLons.pdf   [3G Fast Facts
  8. 8. Social Media and Search Facts
  9. 9. [Social Media Facts [The digital landscape in Hong Kong is dynamic and constantly evolving. More than ever before, deep changes are continuously taking place in Hong Kong with respect to how consumers watch and interact with various forms of media. As new technologies continue to emerge, consumers are accessing online media via an ever-expanding array of devices and screens, often simultaneously with other forms of media. 7Source:  hk.nielsen.com/documents/HKDigitalBehaviorInsightsReport-­‐FINAL.pdf   [ Social Media Facts
  10. 10. [Social Media Facts [ Recent years have seen people in Hong Kong begin to embrace social media. However despite internet penetration of 69% in Hong Kong and the rising popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and discussion forums like UWants, the people of Hong Kong have yet to evolve their use of social media channels beyond using them to keep in touch with friends. 8Source:  Wikipedia   [Social Media Facts
  11. 11. [Social Media Facts [ Hong Kongers remain comfortable with using social media as a way to maintain relationships as opposed to creating them. Although they participate very actively on discussion forums, they can be classified more as passive social media participants rather than content creators. They are still largely resistant to using social media to network and form new ties, or as part of their business marketing mix. 9Source:  Wikipedia   [Social Media Facts
  12. 12. [Blog Facts [ expressing themselves through their blogs. Bloggers in Hong Kong focus on maintaining relationships and 10Source:  GlobalWebIndex     [ Blog Facts
  13. 13. [Blog Facts [ The following are two Blog sites of popular in Hong Kong. Xanga is a website that hosts weblogs, photoblogs, and social networking profiles. Yahoo! HK blogs are another very popular social networking and personal communication portal operated by Yahoo! in Hong Kong. It enables users to create personal blogs, share photos, and do other activities. 11Source:  Wikipedia   [ Blog Facts
  14. 14. [Microblogging Facts [ Twitter has struggled in Hong Kong largely due to a fragmented social- media audience, which often gets divided up between popular U.S. platforms, such as Twitter, and various mainland-based replicas, including Sina Weibo and Jiepang, which appeal to locals. 12Source:  jayoatway.com/   [ Microblogging Facts
  15. 15. [Microblogging Facts [ Sina Weibo is one of the biggest players in the social-media scene of Hong Kong. It has about 600,000 registered users in the city as of December 2010. To entice users, Sina Weibo invited local celebrities to join the platform. 13Source:  weibo.com   [ Microblogging Facts
  16. 16. [Facebook Facts [ The most influential social networking site in Hong Kong is none other than Facebook. There were 2.6 million Social Network Users in Hong Kong as of June 2011. Over seven in ten Hong Kong consumers click the Facebook ‘Like’ button for a brand or organization (79%) and connect/ interact with companies (72%). 14Source:  GlobalWebIndex  as  cited  in  company  blog,  June  14,  2011     [ Facebook Facts
  17. 17. [ Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) / Forums Facts [ Hong Kong Golden Forum is a popular Internet forum for topics related to computer hardware and software. It has also become an Internet community that caters to other more general needs. The Hong Kong Discuss Forum is a major local Internet forum. As of 2010, it is the 5th most frequently visited website in Hong Kong, and the 8th most visited website in neighbouring Macau. 15Source:  Wikipedia   [ BBS Facts
  18. 18. [Video Sharing Facts [ Online video viewers in Hong Kong use Google Sites most frequently with 2,403,000 unique viewers, twice that of second place Facebook.com with 1,278,000 unique viewers. Online video viewing in Hong Kong thus seems to happen most on Google Sites such as Youtube or less frequently via Facebook.   16Source:   [ Video Sharing Facts
  19. 19. [Instant Messenger Facts [ Instant Messaging is one of the most popular online activities in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Internet Users Spend Twice as Much Time on Instant Messengers than counterparts in the Asia-Pacific Region. Microsoft MSN Messenger have always been a popular choice amongst the Hong Kong people, but there is a recent surge in the use of Skype. 17Source:  www.comscore.com/   [ IM Facts
  20. 20. [Search Engine Facts [The most popular search engine in Hong Kong and the number one Digital Media Channel. 18Source:    Wikipedia   [Search Engine Facts
  21. 21. E-commerce Facts
  22. 22. [E-commerce Facts [ The number of Hong Kong internet users who use online banking services grew 18% from January 2010 to reach 1.5 million visitors in January 2011, representing 35.5% of the total online population. Hong Kong now ranks first as the most highly penetrated online banking market in the Asia Pacific region. The top online banking sites amongst are HSBC, Bank of China (Hong Kong) and Standard Chartered. 19Source:    www.comscore.com   [ E-commerce Facts
  23. 23. [E-commerce Facts [ Online shopping in Hong Kong lags behind other highly developed markets, due to the city’s density and the relative ease with which consumers can buy goods in stores. Hong Kong average broadband speed, at 8,200 kilobits per second, is also one of the fastest in the world. But the study showed that Hong Kong’s Internet expenditure, which includes e-commerce, is below average for developed countries. 20Source:  Boston  ConsulLng  Group     [ E-commerce Facts
  24. 24. Mobile Facts
  25. 25. [Mobile Facts [From high speed Internet access and WiFi to smartphones and tablets, it is now easier for consumers to get online than ever before. With increased access to broadband networks, a proliferation of WiFi sites and a burgeoning smartphone market, 85 percent of Hong Kong consumers have used the Internet in the past four weeks, compared to neighboring markets such as Singapore (67%), Malaysia (38%), Thailand (31%), Philippines (30%) and Indonesia(19%). 21Source:  hk.nielsen.com/documents/HKDigitalBehaviorInsightsReport-­‐FINAL.pdf   [ Mobile Facts
  26. 26. [Mobile Facts [Hong Kong has a sophisticated telecommunications system and one of the highest rates of telephone density in the world; its cellular telephone penetration is over 119 percent and virtually all households and commercial buildings have broadband access. 22Source:  hongkong.angloinfo.com/countries/china/hongkong/telecoms.asp   [ Mobile Facts
  27. 27. [Mobile Facts [With more and more consumers using smartphones and connected devices, there is no avoidance of the importance of mobile applications (apps). In Hong Kong, a large proportion of digital consumers are making use of mobile apps. Of all digital consumers who have accessed the Internet via mobile phones, almost nine in ten (86%) have ever downloaded an app to their phones. 23Source:  The  Nielsen  Company   [ Mobile Facts
  28. 28. [Mobile Facts [Technology penetration in Hong Kong has been increasing in terms of mobile phone penetration as well as Internet/broadband penetration. 48% of mobile phone users who accessed the Internet via web browsers are female and 51.7% are male. 24Source:  The  Global  Media  Intelligence  Report  Asia  Pacific;  July  2011   [ Mobile Facts
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