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Impact of internet in day to day life


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Stats about impact of internet in day to day life

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Impact of internet in day to day life

  1. 1. Impact of Internet in day to day lifeand Profile Analysis of Internet users in India
  2. 2. We hope to re-wire the way people spread and consume information… Wethink a more open and connected world will help to create a strongereconomy with more authentic businesses that help build better products andservices. – Mark Zuckerberg, Founder/CEO of Facebook, in a letter to Potential Shareholders, May 2012.
  3. 3. India Inc. and Internet• India – 2011 Internet users – 121 M• Y/Y growth – 38%• Population Penetration – 10%• 3G penetration – 4% *Source – KPCB Internet Trends Report at D10 Conference on 5/30/2012 by Mary Meeker
  4. 4. India Inc. and Internet• In India, Deloitte predicts that the Internet boom is likely to continue its growth run• 3G services in semi urban and rural areas – internet and all the sub-sectors triggered towards growth• To cross 100 Million user mark achievement after 15 years• Expected user base: 300 Million in next 3 years – predicted by IAMAI and BCG *Source : Deloitte – Report on Technology, Media and Telecom predictions, 2012
  5. 5. India Inc. and Internet• USD 350 Million – 57 Internet startups in last one year – indicator of growth• Growth figures envy traditional business setups• IRCTC launched in 2002 – On first day of launch only 27 tickets were booked.• In 2011, average of 4,00,000 tickets were booked in a day – In June 2011 alone- Number of successful bookings on the website – in excess of 10 Million *Source : Deloitte – Report on Technology, Media and Telecom predictions, 2012
  6. 6. Internet usage in India has increased from 0.7% to 7.5% in last decade.
  7. 7. Internet Service Providers• As of 2010, there were only 160 ISPs in India.• Just 10% of these ISPs have 90% of the total Subscribers.• BSNL and MTNL dominate the market with around 70% market share.• About half of the total Internet subscriber base finally had broadband access coming into 2010. Source :
  8. 8. Internet hosts and Users• India has 67,38,000 Internet hosts, which is 16th highest all over the world.• USA has highest number of Internet hosts with 498,000,000 hosts followed by Japan and Italy.• As of 2009, India had 6th highest number of Internet users at 61.33 million users.• China has highest number of Internet users in the world(~ 38.9 crores). *Source: CIA World Fact book
  9. 9. Social Media- Popular and Trendy• Emailing, networking and chatting with friends is predominantly the activity that the youth engage in on their increasingly sophisticated smart phones.• Watched by internet businesses that supply and transmit content for these hungry users• Internet synonymous to Social Media• Facebook- growth of 132% in India and 46 Million active users• It will be a medium in which millions can be reached in “nano-seconds”.
  10. 10. Bottom line• Businesses and industries cannot ignore the power of the internet, the e-commerce platform and the social network.• All these three are the backbone of any successful enterprise.• The internet is proving to be the platform where all the concerned – the supplier, the user, the customer, the regulator and even the competitor is on-line and watching every move of the business.
  11. 11. Private Banking - Business Model• Value Proposition – Custom tailored wealth management services – Financial Products – Transaction Management
  12. 12. Vision of the Company• The Banking Service in India and The Transaction platform for the world.• To be the best bank for our customers.• Our Strategy aims to unlock the greater potential in our banking group and help make us the more transparent organization to deliver services for the customers.
  13. 13. ByRitesh JainVidhyalakshmi KMihir DavdaAshish TapadiaMadhuri Sawant Thank You