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The 2nd happy banana quest - Taiwan 2016


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As a sponsor of The Happy Banana Treasure Hunt program, you would have a key profile with our partners and participants while supporting a fun community New Media Game Show.

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The 2nd happy banana quest - Taiwan 2016

  1. 1. A New Media Game Show The (2nd) Happy Banana Treasure Hunt
  2. 2. The (2nd) Happy Banana Treasure Hunt
  3. 3. What?  A New Media Game Show - To be also on TV! We are hiding money all over Taiwan and we want YOU to find it! Moral story telling. Supportive partners, special guests, celebrities …  Check our GoBananaStyle Facebook group.
  4. 4. Moral story telling
  5. 5. Special guests
  6. 6. Goals  Spreading universal values through Edutainment.  Start a new trend and habits of GIVING among young.  Make each X’mas / CNY more exciting and happy for all.  Involve all layers of society.
  7. 7. Call for Action!!! Join our list of esteemed sponsor and support this New Media Game Show by sponsoring more surprising and engaging coupons and prices inside our Double Giving ‘HongBau’
  8. 8.  As a sponsor of The Happy Banana Treasure Hunt program, you would have a key profile with our partners and participants while supporting a fun community New Media Game Show. Sponsorship Opportunities
  9. 9. A Sponsorship invitation  Supportive organizations can vary from Suppliers, partners, collaborators, Sponsors, government organizations, professional bodies and others.
  10. 10. And… Change the way We change the World
  11. 11. Produced By: Galorian an author & a creative media producer.
  12. 12.  Magazine   Fundraising over 100,000 NT for books donation in Taiwan – FlyingV (July 2016)  Over 100,000 Vlog views in Taiwan alone (July 2016) More about Galorian
  13. 13. Galorian 2016 Together WE can change the way people feel.
  14. 14. Notes
  15. 15. The Game Show is designed as part of Galorian’s tour around Taiwan, Asia and the Globe, visiting schools, Universities and inspirational thought leaders. Go Banana Style – 2016 Tour
  16. 16. The Game Show is a combination of other Reality Shows, such as The Running Man with Pokémon Go and few others. The Happy Banana Hunt
  17. 17.  IMAGINE… that we are all part of a BIG NEW MEDIA GAME SHOW…  IMAGINE… the IMPACT once this game goes viral all over your CITY, all over your NATION and all over THE WORLD! IMAGINE…
  18. 18. Problems Go Banana Style identified and defined: • Many people misuse social media. • We live our lives more and more in front screens and disconnect from the other and from ourselves. • Small charities don’t have the power to be heard. • The current system is not prepared enough for the exponential changes in our society. • Capitalism with no compassion and altruistic justice will increase the socio-economic gaps within our societies.
  19. 19.  The web isn’t about the tools or the technology, it is about the culture.  Collaboration is more powerful than competition  The best business model is when we connect both on- line and off-line worlds as a personal experience. Galorian 2015 What the Web is all about? Go Banana Style
  20. 20. Expected social impacts of Go Banana Style (qualitatively and quantitatively): • We expect to collaborate with higher education systems, collaborate with Social start-ups, SCR’s and likewise from one city to another cover the whole Globe. • Eventually we may lead to new policy making in the related topics, local and global.
  21. 21. Galorian 2016