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Seeing the Unseen in the Whirlwind of Digital Content - Rishi Bedi, InMobi

  1. KEYNOTE SINGAPORE ~ SEPTEMBER 15 - 16, 2022 DIGIMARCONSOUTHEASTASIA.COM | #DigiMarConSoutheastAsia DIGIMARCONSINGAPORE.SG | #DigiMarConSingapore Rishi Bedi SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE INMOBI Seeing the Unseen in the Whirlwind of Digital Content
  2. of fresh video content to watch each day Yet, discovering this content is not easy – it is all locked in the walled gardens! 12,000 hours You have
  3. Despite this, you go a long way, spending around 4.8 hours a day… To stay informed To get ideas To be entertained
  4. Click 1: You unlock the phone Click 2: You scroll through multiple apps Click 3: You find YouTube Click 4: You fire open the app Click 5: You search on the app Click 6: You scroll to find the one to watch Click 7: You play the video Click 8: Oh, wait... It’s an ad! You skip the ad Finally: You watch the content until… (wait, another ad) The journey is not Short(s) Think of your journey to watch a video on YouTube.
  5. Eight clicks to watch one piece of content
  6. But most often, you offer the content only a second’s attention to capture your interest!
  7. Why can’t the journey be simpler??
  8. Can you imagine a world of frictionless content discovery?
  9. This requires reinvention – and not being just another app to visit.
  10. Now, what is the place you visit most often, every day? The office? Nah, it’s been two years. The pub round the corner? You wish!
  11. This is where you go most often, every day: your lock screen! On average, a smartphone user looks at their phone >50 times a day
  12. And this is probably what you do there. Check the time, date, and weather Check notifications Dismiss notifications Maybe turn on the camera in one go – a luxury!
  13. What if you could do more with it? Go LIVE with millions Shop in a jiffy Discover content that interests you Know things before anyone else
  14. This is not an app that you need to enter and go through that 8+ click journey.
  15. This is where content comes to you!
  16. Does your phone have this? These phones do.* And now Apple is trying to reimagine their lock screen too! *Available in select markets only
  17. The lock screen is where… 225Mn+ people like you, spend 25 minutes a day, consuming content across India and Southeast Asia
  18. The lock screen is where… Experiences that engage, entertain, and inspire are delivered In 22 categories with content in over 10 languages!
  19. The lock screen is where… 34% interaction is seen on video content 5.5x higher than the video engagement on social media platforms *Source: Glance Platform Insights, Indonesia
  20. The lock screen is where… 2.2Mn views were seen on a live e-sport tournament 800K more than PlayStation’s most viewed global YouTube LIVE stream! *Source: Glance Platform Insights, Indonesia
  21. Secret, shall I tell you? The lock screen is where… 690K people interacted with Indian actor Rajkummar Rao LIVE at his show, ‘Challenge Accepted’ – that’s 40K more than one of the Star Wars global LIVE streams on YouTube! *Source: Glance Platform Insights, India
  22. Fun Fact You would need 13 Singapore National Stadiums to fit the audience at a party on Glance LIVE where a DJ was dropping some crazy beats! 800,000 people* attended one show at the Glance LIVE Fest on their lock screens. *peak concurrent live viewers in one show at Glance Live Fest conducted in India
  23. Now, how can you drive this experience as a content creator?
  24. You go from an 8+ click journey to seamless, zero-friction discovery You deliver one-click entertainment in the moment that people pick their phones up You bring content to them rather than waiting for them to come to you
  25. Case in Point: While the world was on Indian Premier League… Indian Premier League was LIVE on Glance
  26. Get on the lock screen to #LockTheirGlance Real People. Real Connections.