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Reaching 26 million users on a shoestring!


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Keeping the objective of creating an impact on the users’ travel habits in mind, ixigo launched the “low cost high reach” travel hacks video on Facebook. This is the story of how a video, created on a shoestring budget, went viral!

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Reaching 26 million users on a shoestring!

  1. 1. How we reached 26 million users on a shoestring.
  2. 2. story of a viral video 26 million reach 7 millions views 3.5 lakh shares - nominated for best viral marketing campaign (India Digital Awards) - won award for marketing innovation (DMAI) “most shared brand Facebook post in APAC in 2014” (Campaign Asia)
  3. 3. challenge to execute a content strategy that catapults ixigo towards a larger reach at a low cost and builds on its current strength.
  4. 4. objective • to create an impact on the users’ travel habits. • develop useful and share-worthy content. • create brand awareness. • create an effortless personal connection with fans. • engage and acquire new fans. • integrate brand DNA with content
  5. 5. how we did it on 27th August 2014, ixigo released a 2 min 30 secs video on travel hacks striking a perfect balance between brand promotion and usability.
  6. 6. video execution: in-house production Cost of production, distribution and promotion: $500 • From jewellery hacks to luggage hacks, it covered almost everything that you’ll need to know while packing your bags smartly. • The video was created in a way to hook a viewer in the first few seconds. • Key points are conveyed through words on the screen so that they can be easily understood without sound. (worked well with Facebook)
  7. 7. why did we make a video? • Most people prefer videos over white papers, long articles, case studies and even live demos. • The purpose was to drive high engagement and leverage and take our chances on Facebook's native video. • In an age of information overload, it's vital for businesses like ixigo to offer content that is easy to digest. And nothing works better than a 2-3 minute video. • As per the annual CISCO report, by 2015, 1 million video minutes, the equivalent of 674 days--will be shared on the Internet every second.
  8. 8. platforms used for promotion
  9. 9. numbers - 1st week Day 1 Day 2 YouTube 300 views Facebook 50,000 views
  10. 10. numbers - 1st month Video reach 24,666,112 25% FB userbase in India 16% Interner userbase in India more than population of Australia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka Video views 4,104,974 Video likes on FB 414,815 Video comments on FB 51,854 Shares on the video 223,150
  11. 11. numbers - 6 months
  12. 12. day on day increase in the video views Days
  13. 13. highest reach recorded
  14. 14. what worked for the video Short and crisp -- If you want something to be shared virally over the web, it has to be short. This video was a 2.3 minute, crisp guide to smart packing. People are more likely to share something if they have a strong, positive response to it People want raw content that feels genuine to them - People don’t want highly photoshopped/edited stuff, they want stuff that feels genuine to them. “How-to” guides work really well. The simplicity and the basic edits of the travel video did bring out the authenticity of the hacks explained.
  15. 15. video ROI: cost vs reach With INR 30,000, ixigo was able to achieve a reach equivalent to that received by the brand commercials on Star Plus and other similar GECs after spending INR 9 lakh. Brands spending INR 15 lakh or more find it difficult to get a reach of 5 million on IPL.
  16. 16. traditional media vs ixigo’s video
  17. 17. competition analysis - 2 weeks
  18. 18. engagement
  19. 19. applied learning ● Made for mobile screens: clutter free, 2-3 minutes length, formats ● Got 250k views on Facebook ● Another 250k when a famous politician shared it. ● Adding a ‘Call to Action’ button on the video got 6% CTR, app downloads jumped. (ROI) ● A user downloaded it and posted it on his Facebook page, which got another 2.4 million views! visa free video
  20. 20. applied learning hotel hacks video ● 15 second rule, make it compelling (3.5 million views: changed it) ● Got 850k views on facebook ● Viral on whatsapp: no way to measure, stories still come today ● Featured on popular international blogs around the world ● ‘Call to Action’ applied on the video, got 5% CTR (ROI)
  21. 21. applied learning rickair - executive class in auto rickshaws ● topical content & news-jacking ● brand DNA
  22. 22. last words It’s not about being creative; but about being creative consistently Do 10 experiments; 2 will work just like movie studios 80% of success is showing up - Woody Allen execution is everything
  23. 23. thanks :) watch more ixigo videos YouTube: Facebook: