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Esound Quick Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. Bringing  renewable  energies  to  emerging  markets  
  2. 2. Who we are Esound   is   an   innova;ve   and   fully   integrated   sustainable   investment   and   consul;ng  company  that  focuses  on  the  development  of  renewable  energy  and   Energy   Efficiency   projects.   We   implement   projects   that   generate  What makes us different environmentally  sound  energy  and  that  will  power  a  global  low-­‐carbon  future.   We   provide   tailor   made   energy   efficiency   solu;ons   to   maximize   savings   and  Esound  offers  a  unique  range  of  professional  and  specialized   performance.     We   are   dedicated   to   providing   sustainable   design   solu;ons   that  exper;se  in  sustainable  energy   are  prac;cal  and  can  be  implemented  today.  prac;ces.  We  can  help  iden;fy  the   Our  facili;es  are  designed  and  built  to      right  project  loca;on  or  assist  you  in   maximize  energy  genera;on,  financial    specifying  the  most  appropriate   returns  and  project  efficiencies  with  technology  and  low-­‐carbon   minimal  environmental  impact.  techniques  for  your  site.  We  can    help  you  manage  project  design  and   We  are  unique  in  our  ability  to  deliver  engineering,  development,   tailored  renewable  energy  and  energy  construc;on  and  subsequent   efficiency  solu;ons.    opera;on.  We  are  Highly  specialized    in  op;mizing  and  obtaining  project   We  work  in  close  collabora;on  with  financing.     industry  leaders  to  crea;vely  structure  We  can  also  support  your  business   customized  and  individual  products  to  to  op;mize  energy  consump;on   your  specifica;on.  and  significantly  reduce  cost  via  implementa;on  of  energy  efficiency  measurements. 1 1
  3. 3. What we do Esound is able to offer development & financial services which include:   •    Turn  key    solu;ons  to  project   Our   experience   working   across   the   public   and   private   sectors   allows   us   to   development   understand   and   meet   the   specific   project   and   due-­‐diligence   needs   of       private  sector  clients,  power  generators  and  regulated  u;li;es,  as  well  as   •   Management  of  the  development   process     federal,  state  and  local  governments.  Working  across  these  sectors  allows        on  a  single  project  or  on  mul;ple   us  to  draw  on  diverse  experiences  and  contacts  to  tailor  energy  solu;ons.   projects   •   Technology  selec;on  and  assessment  Project development & Financiers •   Origina;on  and  build  out  of  a  project            pipeline  for  future  development  Esound  Energy  has  interna;onal  experience  as  a  project  developer  and  financier.  We   are   able   to   support   en;;es   in   the   development   of   renewable   energy   •   Arrangement/structuring  of  equity,  debt    genera;on   assets   or   in   developing   and   execu;ng   strategic   financial   op;ons,        and/or  construc;on  financing  market  and  business  plans.     •   Project  acquisi;on  due  diligence    As   project   developers   we   have   experience   managing   the   technical,   legal,   and  regulatory   aspects   of   projects   as   well   as   structuring   and   closing   financing   for  projects  of  all  scale.     2 2
  4. 4.   Esound is able to offer services which include: • Direct  management  of  renewable  energy  project     What we do design,  development  and  construc;on     •   Advice  on  strategy  and  execu;on  for  project     procurement,  acquisi;on  and  development.  Including     but  not  limited  to:   •   Project  legal  contracts  (e.g.  Power   Purchase  Agreements)  Strategic Renewable Energy Consulting •   Pipeline  development   •   Technical  &  financial  developments   •   Project  related  due-­‐diligence   •     Business  plan  construc;on  and  execu;on  Esound   has   created   a   bou;que   branch   specialized   in   strategic   consul;ng.   •   Strategic  advice  on  project  finance  or  targe;ng      Esound  Consul;ng  is  able  to  support  clients  across  the  strategic  value  chain  or   government  incen;ves  on   specific   development,   project   or   market   objec;ves.   Esound   delivers   high   •   Accessing  capital  and/or  tax  equity  value  market  exper;se  through  project  specific  or  customized  contracts.     •   Federal  and  state  policies   •   Mul;lateral  funding  and  grants    Our   experience   in   the   early   stage   development   and   execu;on   of   market   •     Analysis  of  renewable  energy,  carbon  and  strategies   for   renewable   energy   players   gives   us   a   unique   experience   and    green-­‐house  gas  markets  perspec;ve  on  the  challenges  of  breaking  into  and  becoming  established  in  the   •     Request  for  proposal  prepara;on  &  management  renewable  energy  market.         •   Advice  on  contract  and  project  nego;a;on        and/or     risk  analysis  and  assessment       • Market  feedback  on  pricing,  technological  risks,   partner  due-­‐diligence,  etc.     3 3
  5. 5.   Esound is able to offer services What we do which include:   •     Performing  Energy  Audits  &  Retro-­‐commissioning   -­‐  Current  condi;ons  vs.  proposed  condi;ons   analysis     -­‐  Projected  course  of  ac;on  analysis     -­‐  Projected  ;meline  for  project  comple;on    Energy Efficiency -­‐  Annual  kW  and  kWh  savings     -­‐  Annual  cost  savings     -­‐  Annual  ROI  analysis     -­‐  Payback  period  analysis    Esound  has  created  a  bou;que  branch  specialized  in  Energy  Efficient  solu;ons.   -­‐  Projected  increase  in  property  value  Esound   is   well   experienced   at   developing,   designing   and   delivering   energy   •     Ligh;ng  Upgrades  and  Retrofits   -­‐  Full  Service  Energy  Audit    efficiency   solu;ons   for   a   variety   of   industries/clients,   including:   commercial/ -­‐  Ligh;ng  &  Energy  Usage    industrial   facili;es,   educa;onal   facili;es,   healthcare/hospitals,   public/ -­‐  Analysis  Ligh;ng  &  Energy  Efficiency  governmental  projects,  parking,  transit,  etc.     Consul;ng     -­‐  Ligh;ng  Retrofit  Design       -­‐  U;lity  Rebate  Procurement  Part   of   our   process   is   to   make   sure   we   understand   your   opera;ons   and   we   can   -­‐  Ligh;ng  Installa;on  &  Integra;on  create   the   right   solu;on   for   you,   one   that   fits   you   best,   drama;cally   lowers   •     Solar/PV  integra;on  costs  and  enhances  your  working  environments,  contribu;ng  to  the  well  being   •     Energy  Start  and  LEED  Consul;ng   •     HVAC  of  the  planet.   •   Building  Automa;on  Systems     •   Energy  Performance  Contracts   4
  6. 6. How we do itIndustry   experience   working   with   pioneers   and   leaders   in   the   renewable  energy   space   gives   us   a   compe;;ve   advantage   by   increasing   efficiencies  across  all  aspects  of  development.      Our   posi;on   as   a   developer   allows   flexibility   as   a   project   partner   and/or  advisor   by   giving   us   real   ;me   market   feedback   on   industry   trends   and  established  rela;onships  with  key  market  players  that  we  are  able  to  share  with  our  clients.    Esound s  access  to,  and  rela;onships  with,  financial  ins;tu;ons  and  equity  providers   allows   Esound   to   facilitate   introduc;ons   to   cri;cal   financial   and  lending   ins;tu;ons   for   the   deployment   of   renewable   energy   assets   and  products  in  the  US  and  abroad.       4 4
  7. 7. Esound team experience: just a few case studies…Traditional PV Farms PV Office & Retail Complex Airport PV project PV City School Project Spain   California,  USA   Colorado,  USA   California,  USA   Area:  250  acres   Area:  200,000  sq.  _.   Area:  35  acres   Area:  85,000  sq.  _.   Capacity:  20  MW   Capacity:  1,741  kW   Capacity:  1,998  kW   Capacity:  830  kW   Type:  Ground  Mounted   Type:  Parking  System   Type:  Ground  Trackers   Type:  Roof  Mount   6
  8. 8. Wind Case studiesWind Farms Wind Farms Independent Tower Offshore Wind Farm Western,  USA     Western  USA   Western  USA   Europe   Power:  ~125,000  homes   Power:  ~100,000  homes.   Power:  ~1,600  homes   Power:  ~30,000  homes   Capacity:  170  MW   Capacity:  134  MW   Capacity:  2  MW   Capacity:  40  MW   Type:  Z-­‐750  turbines   Type:  GE  turbines   Type:  Suzlon  Wind   Type:  Bonus  Energy  A/S     7
  9. 9. We  work  with  you  to  target  and  iden;fy  ways    to  reduce  energy  use  and  maximize  efficiency.           8
  10. 10. Sample Clients & Collaborators 1 11 21 2 12 22 8 3 13 23 5 26 25 4 14 10 13 4 14 24 3 1928 1 11 13 12 18 17 16 6 12 21 24 20 5 15 27 6 16 25 7 17 26 2 7 AQUECEDOR SOLAR PARA ÁGUA 8 18 TECNOLOGIA: 27 9 9 O aquecedor EXXA SOLAR utiliza tecnologia de tubos de vidro à vácuo, amplamente19 utilizada em toda Europa, América do Norte, Asia e Oceania. Representa hoje mais de 15 60% de todas as instalações de aquecimento solar no mundo. 28 O coletor solar consiste em dois tubos de vidro borosilicato, de alta resistência, sendo 10o tubo externo transparente para permitirvácuo,oscobertosolares passem com a mínima reflexão e o tubo interno, protegido pelo que raios 20 por uma pintura seletiva de alta condução de calor, aquecendo a água até 91°C. O vácuo entre os tubos atua como um isolante térmico, impedindo a troca de calor com o ambiente externo, garantindo assim uma alta eficiência do sistema. 9
  11. 11. Environmentally Sound Energies for a better earth For a complete list of service offerings, please contact Esound at: Contact Information: Esound  Energy     1819  L  street  NW,  Suite  700   Washington,  DC  20036,  USA   +1  202  510-­‐1348