Energy Sustainability Task Force Newsletter Dec 2011


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Energy Sustainability Task Force Newsletter Dec 2011

  1. 1. Energy CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD & sustainability T A S K F O R C E N E W S L E T T E R December 2011 EditionCushman & Wakefield’s (C&W) Energy and Sustainability Mission: As a world leader in real estate services,C&W provides clients with the highest quality and most cost-effective energy and sustainability solutions. Thisis accomplished by combining best practices, technical expertise, and market knowledge to enhance the overallperformance and value of our clients’ assets.Inside C&W aWards and achievements this issue hails our latest class of leed green associates and leed aps, provides an update of statistics on c&W energy star labeled properties, and highlights recent awards C&W at Greenbuild 2011 at c&W managed properties…see page 3 Over 23,000 green building prOfessiOnals gathered in tOrOntO in early OctOber fOr prOperty spOtlight greenbuild 2011, One Of the industry’s premier this issue features 500 virginia drive in fort Washington, pa, cOnferences dedicated tO green design, the transamerica pyramid in san francisco, and the un federal building, and OperatiOn. c&W Was a spOnsOr credit union headquarters in new york city…see page 4 and Was Well-represented at the event …Continued on page 2 technOlOgy neWs c&W’s technology news provides an update on a number C&W Sustainability Fusion of systems, products, and services included within the site Launch c&W sustainability Webinar information series. look within for an overview of aes’s hvac recycling program, c&W’s sustainability strategies team is DOE technical specifications for HVAC units and LED prOud tO annOunce the launch Of the c&W lights, leviton products, and c&W’s big green center sustainability fusiOn site. the site has been software solution…see page 5 develOped On the cOmpany’s intranet-based sharepOint platfOrm and is a One-stOp fOr glObal highlights infOrmatiOn and resOurces On sustainability news from around the world includes survey efforts from at c&W and an interactive tOOl fOr c&W emea looking at occupier and investor client interest in prOfessiOnals tO share best practices sustainability, and a sustainability-focused survey of c&W …Continued on page 2 employees from around the world. also read about leed 3rd Annual C&W platinum achievements in india…see page 6 Environmental Challenge pOlicy updates this January, c&W is launching its third in recent months, building energy benchmarking and disclo- envirOnmental challenge, Our aWard-Winning sure policy-related efforts have been very active, with progress prOgram that is a call tO Our managed on existing mandates and the introduction of new proposals. prOperties tO repOrt their 2011 energy, Water, c&W task force members remain engaged in these efforts, and Waste cOnsumptiOn as measured against tracking their impact on our industry, as well as helping to a 2010 baseline…Continued on page 2 shape these policies—including a proposed asset rating pro- gram from the us department of energy…Continued on page 7
  2. 2. c&W Energy & sustainability TASK FORCE NE WSLET TERC&W at Greenbuild 2011Continued from Cover…The event was significant for C&W, bringing together the largest gathering of our Sustainability professionalsfrom around the world, including guido di cerbo (canada), Jeffrey domanski (us), eric duchon (us), ali matthews (uK), Jamesmcneil (canada), Joao alves pacheco (brazil), yahir sarmiento (mexico), John scott (us), and andries van der Walt (uK). all inattendance agreed it was a great opportunity to exchange ideas, find common ground and explore new opportunities.c&W was represented on the docket of educational sessions. sustainability strategies manager eric duchon was part of a panelon glass commercial office buildings, where he discussed data from an in-house survey on market demand for day-lit space. Jeffreydomanski, director of sustainability strategies, offered the perspective of the commercialreal estate industry on a panel discussing the development of the World business councilfor Sustainable Development’s Energy Efficiency in Buildings project, which is leveraginglarge private company action to advance deep energy efficiency retrofits.C&W was also present on the exposition floor with a booth that featured information onc&W’s sustainability services and thought-leadership materials (see photo). the booth wasshared with a representative from business integration group’s green center, c&W’ssoftware solution that facilitates tracking of sustainability metrics at a building level or acrossan entire portfolio.look for c&W at greenbuild 2012 in november in san francisco.C&W Sustainability Fusion Site LaunchContinued from Cover…the Welcome page provides shortcut access to information on sustainability, an overview of c&W’ssustainability platform and accomplishments, and other popular topics, including: leed and other green building rating systems;green lease guides, including bOma’s 2011 guide to green leases; c&W-supported education and training opportunities, includingcis-supported leed accreditation courses; publications; and best practice case studies.“the site is a great resource that will continue to evolve based on user-needs. it’s similar to a wiki-site in that it will only be as good as the users want it to be – they have the power to shape it,” said Jeffrey domanski, c&W’s director of sustainability strategies. live webinar tours will begin on december 21st at 1pm (et). the site is open to all cis employees and anyone outside cis with interest in access to the site and participating in the webinar tour is advised to contact Annual C&WContinued from Cover…in support of our memorandum of understanding with the us epa, every year, c&W challenges its managedportfolio to reduce consumption 10% year-over-year by implementing energy management procedures and no-and-low-cost energyefficiency improvements. In each of the past two years, 75 properties have successfully participated by completing the Environmentalchallenge application through our fusion intranet portal. the highest performing properties receive awards for striving to improvethe environmental performance of c&W’s managed portfolio. this year, c&W will also recognize those properties that strive toengage their tenants and occupants. 2
  3. 3. C&W & TASK FORCE NE WSLET TERAwards and AchievementsNew C&W LEED Green Associates and Accredited ProfessionalsCongratulations to our newest LEED Accredited Professionals (APs) andLEED Green Associates (GAs)! LEED APs Jennifer Davis ................................Property Manager Susan Roberts..........................................General Manager Dawn Keys .....................................Property Manager Tracy Thom-Palumbo ..........................Project Manager LEED GAs Mike Agnew...................................Portfolio Manager Hortencio Oregon ................................Chief Engineer Marvis Burns .................................Business Analyst Lakshmi (Meera) Ramanathan .......... Global Sustainability Manager as Agent for Adobe Systems, Inc. Frances Graham ..........................Senior Project Director Tina Richards............................................General Manager Richard Hillgardner.....................General Manager Scott Ringer ..............................................Operations Team Leader Scott Klosterman ........................ E nvironmental Health and ..........................................Transaction Specialist Safety Manager Kevin Lattery.................................General Manager John Santora ............................................. P resident & Global CEO of Corporate Occupier & Investor Services Andrew Lee ...................................Project Manager James Seo...................................................Account Director Adam Leibowitz...........................Senior Operations Coordinator Tami Shroyer ............................................Property Manager Lisa Lyng ..........................................Project Manager Charles Stathis.........................................Director of Engineering Theresa McCaul-Mullan ...........General Manager Ryan Walsh ...............................................Account Manager Cliff Mortara..................................DirectorC&W is proud to have 86 LEED APs and 46 LEED GAs on staff. We encourage all of our employees, regardless of jobfunction, to pursue the LEED credentials. If you have interest in LEED accreditation training, or if you’ve achieved yourLEED GA or AP accreditation, please contact us at to let us know.C&W ENERGY STAR Buildings Snapshot Since 2008, C&W’s emphasis on energy efficiency has helped our clients earn the ENERGY STAR label at 152 properties under management, representing nearly 47 million square feet. In 2011 alone, 79 C&W managed properties representing 24.8 million square feet achieved the label.Adobe Systems Incorporated’s continued commitment to high-performance operations and sustainability was furtherdemonstrated by its winning three awards last month. Adobe was awarded two TOBY ® (The Office Building of the Year)awards from the Building Owners and Management Association (BOMA ) – one to its 601 Townsend, San FranciscoFacility and one to the Quadrant Lake Union Center, Seattle Facility. The San Francisco Facility won the BOMA TOBY ®Earth Award at the local level and the Seattle Facility was awarded the TOBY ® Award for the 100,000 – 249,999 squarefeet category, also at the local level. Both awards recognize excellence in overall operations and sustainability in buildingmanagement. Adobe was also awarded a Green Power Leadership Award from the US EPA Green Power Partnership. Thisaward was given in recognition of Adobe’s commitment to purchasing renewable power and pursuing on-site energygeneration. All awards were accepted by both C&W and Adobe personnel in ceremonies hosted by the agencies. 3
  4. 4. c&W Energy & sustainability TASK FORCE NE WSLET TERProperty Spotlight500 Virginia Drivec&W’s philadelphia property management team, led byMissy Quinn and Tom Emig, received a $760,000 grant fromcommwealth finance authority (cfa) and utilized a 30 per-cent tax credit and accelerated depreciation in order to com-plete a 10 acre photovoltaic rooftop installation last summerat 500 virginia drive in fort Washington, pennsylvania. theteam, which has managed the property since 2007, partneredwith sunpower to deliver the installation of the 1.0 megawattsystem which provides 18 percent of the overall electricityneeds of the 381,000 square foot, single story, multi-tenantedoffice building. This system, along with several recent energyoptimization projects, reduced the annual electricity consump- solarWashington,55 virginia drive, fort pv array at pation by 20% and earned the building an energy star rating of100. The team is pursuing a LEED EB Silver certification. Other sustainable projects being consideredinclude rain water harvesting and carports with electric vehicle charging stations.Transamerica Pyramid, San Francisco the c&W property management team was instrumental in earning the iconic Transamerica Pyramid a LEED EB Gold certification back in 2009 – but they were not satisfied there. Partnering with the building owner and LEED certification consultant, buildingWise, the team recently announced achievement of a leed eb Platinum certification. By increasing the ENERGY STAR rating from 77 to 98, and placing a co-generation plant onsite the pyramid’s green team has generated annual savings of $700,000 per year and boosted the building’s energy- efficiency rating into the top 2 percentile nationally.transamerica pyramidsan francisco, caUnited Nations Federal Credit UnionThe 16-story, 274,000 sf UNFCU headquarters building innew york, managed by c&W earned a leed eb silver cer-tification. The UNFCU Green Team deserves credit for theachievement, with 30 staff members regularly contributingideas, organizing eco-fairs, driving recycling efforts, andparticipating in a local farming cooperative. energy reduc-tions were achieved by removing over 1,000 non-essentiallights and installing leds. 4
  5. 5. C&W & TASK FORCE NE WSLET TERTechnology NewsC&W Sustainability WebinarsTo provide deeper understanding of sustainability-relatedissues, technologies, and other opportunities, the C&WSustainability Strategies team hosts informational webinars forEnergy & Sustainability Task Force members and other inter-ested persons. The webinars are designed to provide usefulHere are a few highlights from 2011:On August 10th, a webinar describing a unique, nationalHVAC equipment recycling and refrigerant banking programwas provided by Chuck Blythe from AES Reclaim. Throughthis program, equipment is removed from a site and com-pletely separated into components for reuse, recycling, andcan be used to achieve LEED points.Units (discussed in our August 2011 newsletter), and LED lighting in parking lots, parking garages, and indoor Alliance, aconsortium of real estate organizations in which C&W participates, to advance market penetration of these, and On September 16th, Leviton, a global provider of electrical wiring devices, data center connectivity solutions, and lighting energy management systems, provided an overview of their products and services. The webinar focused on Leviton’s building and energy management systems and lighting technologies. Leviton is a recent addition to the C&W BuyMax program, our discounted procurement program, which provides favorable pricing for a wide variety of materials, equip- ment, supplies and services. A November 1st webinar provided an overview of the Green Center module available from Business Integration Group-BIG Center. Green Center is the energy and environmental module within BIG Center’s Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), which allows users the ability to track con-sumption, costs, and emissions data at the meter, building, or portfolio level, including GHG & CO2 emissions.used Green Center to assemble its 2010 carbon emissions inventory.Keep an on eye on the Calendar section of the Newsletter and our Fusion site for upcoming webinars. OurDecember 21st webinar will provide a tour of the C&W Sustainability Fusion site (see Inside C&W). If youwould like information on any of the items mentioned here, or would like to suggest a webinar topic, pleasecontact 5
  6. 6. c&W Energy & sustainability TASK FORCE NE WSLET TERGlobal HighlightsC&W Sustainability Surveysto understand the increasing role of sustainability in realestate transactions, and the priorities of our clients, thec&W sustainability team in the uK has been conducting aseries of surveys of both Occupier and investor audiences.the surveys provide insight into client understanding ofsustainability and how it fits in their decision making efforts.the surveys also gather information on what clients are look-ing for with regard to real estate sustainability.The findings indicate that sustainability remains an importantissue at the property level. in the most recent occupier-fo-cused survey, 70% of senior executives across 500 Europeancompanies report that sustainability is an important consider-ation for their business, despite the challenging economic cli-mate. This finding has increased since the first survey in 2008.the survey of investors, based on in depth interviews with fund managers and sustainability professionals from26 investment organizations across emea, revealed that though there is uncertainty regarding a premium asso-ciated with green buildings, there is an expectation of a differential between non-green (a.k.a., “brown buildings”)and green buildings.this fall the sustainability teams in the uK and usa coordinated on the distribution of a sustainability surveyto c&W employees. the survey was sent to all cis employees in the americas and apac, and to all employ-ees in emea, and asked about experiences with sustainability. approximately 40% of respondents reportedthat sustainability issues currently arise in their conversations with clients, and more than 90% expectincreasing market interest in sustainability.for copies of these reports, visit our fusion site or contact India - LEED Platinum results The India Project Management team recently had two impressive green build- ing successes, achieving leed commercial interior (leed ci) platinum ratings on recently completed fit-out projects. A 127,000 SF office fit-out project for EMC2 in Bangalore achieved a remarkable 87 points, while a 110,000 SF back office for Barclays Technology in Pune achieved 84 points. The platinum certifi- cation requires 80 points. these back-to-back successes in a span of seven days highlight the team’s forte in sustainability. 6
  7. 7. C&W & TASK FORCE NE WSLET TERPolicy UpdatesContinued from Cover…In the U.S., all current mandates are based on operational ratings. Therecently completed submission of data for buildings larger than 50,000 SF in New York City(more than 20,000 buildings/2 billion SF), the recently-launched data-submission efforts inSan Francisco, and pending launch of Washington, D.C.’s program attest to the continuedcommitment to an approach that is based on reporting measured energy consumption. asset-based rating system thatbenchmarks a building in terms of the physical conditions and equipment in place.The motivation for this approach is to provide building owners and managers withinvestment in upgrading systems and equipment. An asset rating separatesthe equipment in place from the way the building and its systems are usedby managers and occupants. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating,and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has been an early advocate of thisapproach and has developed, and is promoting, its Building EQ program,which includes both an operational and asset rating.On August 8, 2011, the Department of Energy (DOE) released a Requestfor Information (RFI) to solicit input on program elementsand issues associated with the development of its versionof a voluntary national Asset Rating Program for commercialbuildings. The DOE plans to pilot its program in early 2012, which is currently based on a two-tier ratingC&W submitted a comment letter to the DOE on September 26, 2011 that was based on evaluation of theprogram elements described in the RFI and DOE-hosted information session, and comments gathered fromC&W Energy & Sustainability Task Force members. C&W emphasized that it was important to recognize thatand states, especially in locations with operations-based benchmarking and disclosure requirements in place. Assuch, we highlighted the need for economic evaluation of potential impacts of the proposed program, requestedurged alignment of the proposed program with existing rating programs, particularly the EPA Energy Star program.C&W is currently coordinating with DOE program designers to participate in the pilot launch of the program.In the meantime, based on assessment of the value of the current Energy Star operational program, andindustry-wide support it enjoys, we strongly recommend continued use of the Energy Star Portfolio Managerbenchmarking system as a way to measure and manage energy consumption. 7
  8. 8. c&W Energy & sustainability TASK FORCE NE WSLET TERLooking Ahead: Calendar Events & AnnouncementsC&W welcomes Dara Slack, LEED AP, to its team of sustainability professionals. Dara joined us in October 2011to provide LEED CI project management consulting services. Contact her at dara.slack@cushwake.comupcoming c&W sustainability webinars: – sustainability fusion site live demo - december 21st at 1pm et – Renewable Energy from Bloom Boxes – January 19th, 2012 at 1pm ethave an idea for an educational session at greenbuild 2012? usgbc is accepting proposals until January 13th, us to share ideas or go to to submit.c&W environmental challenge 2012 launch: January 2012international air conditioning, heating, and refrigerating exposition 2012 – January 23-25th, chicago, il.for more: www.ahrexpo.comMiaGreen 2012 Expo & Conference (4th Edition), January 26-27th, miami, flc&W leed training and support program – february 2012can’t wait? recorded webinars on course materials are available. need to maintain your credential?ask us about our usgbc corporate webinar subscription for free online continuing education sessions.bOma Winter business meeting – January 30th – february 1st, 2012, Washington, d.c.upcoming energy & sustainability task force calls: January 24th, february 28th, and March 27th, 2012follow c&W sustainability news and recommendations on our twitter account: @cushwakegreencontact for more information on any of these events & announcements.Learn more about C&W’s sustainability initiatives in managed propertiesC&W’s Energy & Sustainability Task Forcec&W’s energy and sustainability task force focuses on building operations and maintenance issues that optimizeenergy consumption, water use, and waste reduction while reducing operational costs and enhancing property value.the task force is comprised primarily of professionals from c&W’s corporate Occupier and investor services.for more information, email task force co-chairs steven ring or John scott at energy@cushwake.comC&W’s Sustainability Strategies Teamc&W’s sustainability strategies team develops and leads the implementation of programs, tools, and resourcesdesigned to incorporate environmental best practices that promote the efficient use of natural resources and car-bon footprint reduction into facility, property, and project management. The Team manages numerous programs,including C&W’s LEED EB Volume Certification Program and the C&W Environmental Challenge, leads C&Wcorporate sustainability initiatives, and provides leed eb and ci consulting services.for more information email Jeffrey domanski at jeffrey.domanski@cushwake.comLearn more about C&W’s Green Advisory PracticeC&W’s Green Advisory Practice is a globally-integrated specialty group supporting the firm’s Valuation & Advisorydivision. Employing innovative valuation approaches and best practices, the group identifies and quantifies thebenefits of sustainable real estate strategies, demonstrating unrealized value potential to clients. Leveraging thefirm’s pre-eminent sustainability service platform and Valuation & Advisory, the group provides service offerings tomajor corporations, lending institutions, and investment entities, including: cost-benefit analyses; due diligence forgreen acquisition, disposition and retrofit projects; feasibility and market studies for green projects; and mortgagelending appraisals on green buildings.for more information email theddi Wright chappell at 8