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Arup is a global firm providing consultant, engineering and design services
across a broad range of areas to clients the world over.
staff of over 130 highly qualified engineers, consultants and technical personnel.
The firm is organised around three areas of business: building, infrastructure
and consultancy. Each of these areas has multi-disciplinary teams who adapt
their global vision to local needs with creative and sustainable solutions.
A comprehensive view of environmental factors and the efficient use of
resources constitute the leit motiv in all our designs, which are tailored to local
legislation and surroundings.

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Arup in Spain

  1. 1. Arup in SpainLocal knowledge, global expertise
  2. 2. Pavilion Bridge, Zaragoza Expo 2008, Zaragoza
  3. 3. “ The problems arising in engineering are not usually clear-cut, so many solutionsare possible: good, bad and indifferent. Finding a good one is a creative task thatcalls for imagination, intuition and conscious decision-making. ”Sir Ove Arup, The Key Speech
  4. 4. Contents 1... 4... Arup around the world Our markets ‹‹ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore ‹‹ Fundación Caixa Galicia, La Coruña 2... 5... Arup in Spain Sustainability ‹‹ Bodegas Portia, Burgos ‹‹ Palmas Altas, Seville 3... Our services ‹‹ Picasso Museum, Malaga
  5. 5. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore ©Arup/Darren Soh
  6. 6. Arup in Spain | 71... Arup in the worldArup is a global firm providing consultant, engineering and design servicesacross a broad range of areas to clients the world over.It is the driving force, the inspiration behind many innovative and sustainablebuildings, civil engineering projects and urban planning and public transitschemes.Founded in 1946 by Sir Ove Arup, our company has since grown into aninternational group with over 10,000 professionals operating out of 90 officesin 35 countries on all six inhabited continents. We adopt an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to provide our clients with business counsel and efficientsolutions for the built environment. At any given time, we are involved inaround 11,000 projects in over 100 countries.Our experience is the result of the input from each of Arup’s teams, whosecomponents form an international network of coordinated professionals able tooperate and participate in world-scale plans adapted to local needs.Owned by its employees and therefore unbound by shareholder management orthe interests of outside agents, Arup can freely adopt the decisions best suited toeach project.We aim to provide technical and business solutions for both building and urbanplanning, implementing policies that prioritise energy efficiency and the use ofrenewables.
  7. 7. Infanta Sofía Hospital, Madrid
  8. 8. Arup in Spain | 92... Arup in SpainArup located in Spain permanently in 1994. Since then it has grown to have astaff of over 130 highly qualified engineers, consultants and technical personnel.The firm is organised around three areas of business: building, infrastructureand consultancy. Each of these areas has multi-disciplinary teams who adapttheir global vision to local needs with creative and sustainable solutions.A comprehensive view of environmental factors and the efficient use ofresources constitute the leit motiv in all our designs, which are tailored to locallegislation and surroundings.Arup has clients in both the private and public sectors, with projects in Spainand abroad in building, urban planning, civil and industrial engineering,technical consulting and comprehensive project management.Due to the brisk pace of growth in projects outside Spain, we have close tieswith offices in other European countries, as well as in Middle Eastern, Africanand Latin American markets. Our local professionals are fully available forrelocation as required by project demands.We have proven experience in the urban, health, railway and maritime sectors,but also in office building, cultural centre and retail construction, propertyrehabilitation and specialised consultancy. In addition, we provide technicalconsultancy services for financial institutions involved in PFI/PPP-type privatelyfinanced public projects.
  9. 9. 3... Our servicesStructures Our services range from counsel for competitions and conceptual design, project auditing and buildingOur services cover building projects involving all manner inspection, to preparation of licensing documents andof uses, typologies and materials, as well as rehabilitation, requests for quotations from contractors and installers.pathology, assessment of the condition of existingstructures and geotechnical and foundation consultancy. We also provide site supervision and technical assistance, along with post-construction maintenance consultantWe draft distinctive designs covering all stages from services.conceptual considerations to on-site assembly, using three-dimensional modelling and pursuing the implementationof sustainable solutions. We have a team of over 35multi-lingual professionals with local and international Sustainabilityexperience who actively engage in ongoing training.Our international office network ensures a wide variety We have consolidated our experience in consultancyof resources and some of the industry’s most renowned and engineering services in assessment, certification toexperts. standards and sustainable energy solutions. Building design and planning, urban developments and policies that integrate energy efficiency, renewables and the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change are included in ourBuilding services analyses of social implications and the business models that make such approaches viable.Our long experience includes the design of new buildingsas well as retrofitting and remodelling, in which the We have qualified professionals with broad experienceemphasis is on sustainability and energy efficiency. in the best known certification processes (LEED®, BREEAM®, VERDE and SPeAR®) and have spearheaded their implementation in Spain.
  10. 10. Arup in Spain | 11 Our activities revolve around engineering. With our holistic approach to a variety of sectors and markets, we offer a multi- disciplinary vision able to generate innovative, reliable and economic solutions. Our disciplines, which draw from avant-garde techniques and professionals with expertise in new demands, are fully prepared to seize every new opportunity to build a better world.Fire safety material consultancy; solutions for pathologies and on-site technical assistance. We coordinate our work with otherAll the fire safety engineers in our international network disciplines to ensure optimal energy use, acoustics andare fully versed in the unique know-how required lighting in building undertake large-scale projects such as stadiums,community centres, retail parks and residential andindustrial buildings. Project managementWe offer avenues for developing Spanish technicalbuilding code (CTE)-compliant designs that meet both Our work focuses on comprehensive project management,regulatory and client requirements, while reducing initial providing support for our clients in every stage to ensurecost and construction. We identify the ultimate objectives the satisfactory definition of needs and the control requiredand offer customised safety solutions for each building or to meet cost, quality, timing, risk management andinfrastructure. sustainability objectives. We conduct high added value risk and management analysis, monitoring and consultancy based on our broadFaçades international experience. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals is characterised by its decision-makingFrom material selection to definition of details, we agility and flexibility, and adaptability to the conditionsestablish a comprehensive vision of the building envelope, prevailing in each project.ensuring soundness and full reliability.Our services include the design of distinctive façadesand assessment of their structural, thermal, acoustic andlighting features; the design of cable or glazed systems;
  11. 11. Urban planningWe are committed to optimal city planning from a vision focusingon the social dimension of the urban and building fabric that alsointegrates economic and environmental factors.Our design approach combines land use, infrastructure management,economic, environmental, sociological, ecological, hydrologicaland energy use criteria. Our projects cover everything from urbanregeneration and strategic planning to the development of eco-citiesand avant-garde sustainability standards.TransportSuitable transport and logistics planning is essential to the efficiencyand sustainability of the social and economic fabric. Our disciplineencompasses concept, planning, design and use of a wide varietyof transport and logistics projects: from the study of their marketpotential and operational design to the drafting of business, feasibilityand operating plans.Over the last 40 years, our multi-disciplinary professionals haveadvised a wide variety of public and private transport and logisticsactors the world over.InfrastructureWe have the skills needed to maintain and develop basicinfrastructure for social progress.We act in all phases of a project life cycle, from the feasibilitystudy and design to the preparation of tender documents and sitesupervision with systems that ensure construction quality.Our specialists manage complex projects that involve civilengineering, large-scale infrastructure, geotechnical studies,maritime structure, bridges, tunnels and networking. We participatein global proposals, sharing information and applying designtechniques adapted to local needs.
  12. 12. Arup in Spain | 13La Cala Resort, Málaga
  13. 13. Palmas Altas Campus, Seville
  14. 14. 4... Our markets Arup in Spain | 15 Property Social infrastructure Transport infrastructureEnergy, resources and industry
  15. 15. RCD Espanyol Stadium, Barcelona
  16. 16. Arup in Spain | 17 Our markets | PropertyOfficesThe creation of comfortable space adaptable to rental market fluctuations isa basic feature of the office buildings designed by Arup. Our projects meetestablished cost, timing, quality and market adaptability requirements.Our services range from structural engineering, M&E services and civil worksto fire safety assessments, lighting engineering, traffic and access planning,environmental, acoustic and façade analysis and comprehensive project andasset management.RetailWe provide retail park consultancy and design services for both de novoconstruction and remodelling. We understand the developer’s and other actors’needs in a market that has evolved from a rather simple to a more complex anddemanding model.Our specialists constantly seek innovative approaches satisfactory to both clientsand tenants.We explore the design of the entire product life cycle and furnish technicalsolutions for Europe’s major investors. We also make multi-disciplinaryrecommendations respecting market variations and risks as well as projectsustainability.Sports and leisureOur experience in this area has been acquired during our participation in someof the most distinctive sports complexes inside and outside Spain. Our cuttingedge technical expertise is instrumental in solving the structural complexitiesof stadiums, limiting spectator-generated vibrations by dynamic analysis andbuilding lightweight, large span roofing systems.In addition, we have experts with international experience in publicaddress, lighting and building envelope systems, mobility, access control,communications, safety, evacuation and fire safety.
  17. 17. Our markets | PropertyHotelsArup develops hotel facilities that guarantee a high standard of user comfortwhile controlling operating costs to ensure a reasonable return on investment.Our “total design” approach entails participation from the earliest stages of ahotel project, including the choice of the best location from the standpoints ofdemography, geotechnical features, access, acoustics and environmental impact.We adapt our international experience and each chain’s characteristics to locallegislation. We also offer services geared to optimising a facility’s functional andfinancial operation once the hotel is open for business.Land useMost of the planet’s population lives in urban environments, and the percentageof urbanites is expected to continue to rise.Arup develops new urban models based on social, economic and environmentalviability, deploying sustainability tools from the outset and pioneering proposalsthat are new to both the national and the international marketplace. To that end,it participates in multi-disciplinary teams to address the complexity of theseprocesses and their impact. Our transport, urban engineering, sustainability andcomprehensive project management teams develop feasible models for our publicand private clients that are compatible with the surrounding natural, economicand social environment.RehabilitationWhen reforming existing buildings, Arup seeks to meet user needs, reduceenergy consumption and improve environmental performance.To reach those goals, we offer strategies that identify, analyse, and satisfactorilyassess the potential risks inherent in property purchases or sales.We offer financial counsel with tools such as Asset Map, conduct theengineering throughout the process, help clients obtain environmentalcertification and offer advice on legislation and available subsidies.1 1 La Alhóndiga Cultural Centre, Bilbao 2 Cibeles Palace, Madrid 3 Coca Cola headquarters, Madrid2 3
  18. 18. Arup in Spain | 19
  19. 19. Plaza de la Encarnación, Seville
  20. 20. Arup in Spain | 21 Our markets | Social infrastructureArt and cultureFor over 50 years, we have designed and built museums and art galleries whilelearning from the expertise provided by our clients in projects of this nature.We offer a wide variety of consultant services, furnishing the technical advicerequired for successful cultural projects. Our scope encompasses restorationof national and international institutions as well as the design of new spacescompliant with high quality standards.HealthArup’s professionals engage in each and every one of the basic engineeringdisciplines needed for the design of all manner of health facilities, from large-scale hospitals to laboratories, specialised clinics and out-patient wards.Our hospital engineering consultancy draws from an in-depth understanding ofthe needs of all the actors involved in a health project, from patients to publicand private investors, including managers, health care professionals, contractors,medical planners and architects.EducationArup adopts a global view of academic facility planning and design. Ourprojects include libraries, laboratories, dormitories, classrooms and othereducational buildings.We work with public and private clients in all stages of a project, from needsassessment, planning, design and construction, up to and including fitting out,post-occupational support and M&E management during building use.Transportation and public service network design, along with sustainabilitystrategies, also form part of Arup’s offering for educational buildings.
  21. 21. St Pancras Station, London © Troika/LCR
  22. 22. Arup in Spain | 23 Our markets | Social infrastructureLogistics and intermodalityOur multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, geographers, economists and newtechnology experts enable us to offer a broad range of logistics, intermodal andinfrastructure services: demand studies, process analysis, functional designand layout, economic-financial viability analysis, management model design,engineering projects and so on.RailwaysWe provide engineering design, planning and project management services forthe construction, civil transportation and manufacturing associated with railwaybuilding.We also offer PFI/PPP-type project services such as strategic consultancy,feasibility studies, design details, construction, implementation, commissioningand project management.PortsWe furnish specialised hydraulic, geotechnical, structural engineering, railway,planning, M&E service and logistics know-how. We share our clients’ needsand priorities and consistently deliver more than expected. Our teams bringtogether investors, port authorities, shipping companies, equipment suppliersand contractors.Arup’s policy of incorporating an operational approach from the outset ensuresthat the finished terminal performs reliably once in use.AirportsOur multi-disciplinary vision translates into total engineering services appliedto master planning, passenger terminals, runway area facilities, hangars andfreight terminals.At Arup, the best airport architects, planners and designers work in conjunctionwith experts in other disciplines such as fire safety, vibrations and acoustics,energy, geotechnical surveying, tunnels, environmental engineering, economicplanning, contracting and project management.
  23. 23. Our markets | Transport infrastructureTunnelsWe offer comprehensive design and project management for tunnelling, large-scale excavations, deep foundations, mine digging and stabilisation.We have multi-disciplinary experts including mechanical and electricalengineers, and specialists in ventilation, roadway, traffic safety, aerodynamics,risk management, geotechnical studies, structural engineering, fire safety and IT.We use risk engineering techniques to assess actions and develop the mostsuitable safety plans. We also have an excellent command of operatorrequirements, including long-term maintenance, retrofitting, internationalstandards and local regulations. 31 21 HPH terminal, Barcelona2 Santander Port, © Santander Port Authority3 Heathrow Airport, London
  24. 24. Arup in Spain | 25
  25. 25. Adriatic LNG terminal, Algeciras
  26. 26. Arup in Spain | 27 Our markets | Energy, resources and industryEnergyArup’s experience in the energy sector encompasses demand-side management,generation and distribution. We offer strategic consultancy, engineering designand site supervision services for clients the world over.Our experience and expertise cover energy efficiency and renewables, as wellas electric power and heat generation, transmission and distribution. The areasaddressed include building design, urban and strategic planning for publicauthorities and private companies seeking the most sustainable energy solutions.Our low carbon management strategies also bear in mind social and financialimplications and the business models that render such strategies feasible.Arup helps develop energy demand and CO2 emission reduction andmanagement strategies based on efficient energy use, furnishing sustainablesolutions applicable to both the global and local energy context.WaterArup understands the challenges and opportunities implicit in the managementof such a valuable resource as water. Urgent world-wide needs must beaddressed, including a suitable source of potable water, wastewater collection,flood prevention and management, and the creation and conservation of naturalenvironments.Our specialists’ tasks include establishing criteria for the detailed design ofmunicipal water supply and wastewater collection facilities, water resourceplanning and flood risk management. We consider all aspects of the urbanwater cycle to offer strategies for reaching sustainability objectives withoutjeopardising the environment or human health.
  27. 27. Our markets | Energy, resources and industryWaste managementEfficient waste management envisions producer responsibility from the designstage and addresses aspects such as reuse, recycling, composting and waste-to-energy from a comprehensive approach geared to the remanufacture of discardedproducts.Arup offers a wide range of services for resource and waste managementthat covers the entire life cycle of a project. Strategic consultancy on policies,financing and public contracting, environmental permits and business modelsgives way to the design and implementation of sustainable strategies forwaste planning and management, the selection of supplies and materials andenvironmental impact assessment, as well as the civil engineering involved inwaste infrastructure and rubbish tip design.BedZED (Beddington Zero Energy Development) Sutton, London © Arup/Raf Makda
  28. 28. Arup in Spain | 29Master Plan, Knowledge City, Madrid
  29. 29. 5... SustainabilityAt Arup we are increasingly aware of the efforts made by ourclients, the industry and the global and local markets to attainmore sustainable development that seeks to combine creativity andfinancial achievement.In Spain, Arup is committed to sustainable design, which constitutesa substantial component of every level of all its projects andservices. Our emphasis on sustainability goes far beyond our owncorporate social and environmental responsibility (backed byquality management and the award of ISO 14000 certification): it isa component of everything we do, whether that be a mere proposalfor realistic design solutions or negotiation with architects andcontractors.Sustainable design, which stands at the hub of our services, is thephilosophy that guides every step we take.
  30. 30. Arup in Spain | 31Master Plan, Santander Port, Santander
  31. 31. LEED®LEED®, a certification system developed by the U.S. Green BuildingCouncil, delivers comprehensive building sustainability assessmentsto improve the efficient use of water, energy and land while protectingthe quality of the indoor environment. Arup has over 200 certifiedprofessionals qualified to aid in the interpretation and attainment ofthis certificationBREEAM®BREEAM® has a longer tradition and greater experience than anyother international certification system for sustainable buildingmethodology. Our BREEAM® certification services draw from ateam of over 20 professionals with global and local expertise andexperience in over 50 projects.SPeAR®SPeAR® is a tool developed by Arup to test project feasibility,providing an integrated approach to natural resource, environmental,economic and social management. The tool is based on a combinationof sustainability indicators compiled from over 120 sub-indicators.SPeAR identifies strengths and weaknesses from an assessment ofproject features based on those indicators.VERDEVERDE is a method for the environmental assessment andcertification of buildings developed by GBC Spain, based on impactmeasurement that uses internationally accepted criteria adapted toSpanish national needs.1 1 Sustainability strategy for Platja de Palma, Majorca, © West8 2 Bodegas Portia (wine cellars) © Niegel Young Foster + Partners2
  32. 32. Arup in Spain | 33
  33. 33. T +34 91 523