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Cody k. Jacques Marquette


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Cody k. Jacques Marquette

  1. 1. Jacques Marquette The French Explorer
  2. 2. Biographical InformationJacques Maruette was born in Laon, France in 1637.Jacques went to a Jestuit school. He was a Jestuitpriest. He discovered the Mississippi river alsoknown as the "Mississippi."
  3. 3. Biographical InformationMarquette died in 1675 because of dysentery on hisway to the Indians to preach there.
  4. 4. Timeline1637- Jacques Marquette was born in Laon, France.1656- He joined the Jestuit order.1664- He explored the coast of Labrador.
  5. 5. Timeline1666- He went to French Province, New France tostudy Indian languages for two years. 1669- Hewent to lake superior with the Huron and IttowaIndians.
  6. 6. Timeline1673- Marquette and Jolliet discovered theMississippi river. Also known as the "Mississippi."
  7. 7. Timeline1674- Final mission Marquette set off from GreenBay , Wisconsin to establish a mission with theIndians near Ottawa, Illinois But he became Ill so hespent the winter in a hut by the Chicago River.
  8. 8. Timeline1675: He went to Ignance for medical but died on theway.1675: Marquette died because of dysentery on hisway to the Indians to preach there.
  9. 9. His DifficultiesWhen he was on the Mississippi river heencountered Hostile Indians.
  10. 10. His VoyagesHe discovered the Mississippi River. He explored thecoast if Labrador. He went with the KaskaskiaIndians near Ottowa, Illionois but he became sick sohe spent the winter in a hut. He explored lakesuperior.
  11. 11. How did He Impact us Today?Well he was the one who discovered the Mississippiriver and that impacted us today because if he didntdiscover the Mississippi river then he wouldnt havea statue.
  12. 12. General MotivationsHe was sent to expand the French knowledge. Hisking was King Louie the 14th. The reason why hediscovered and explored the Mississippi river isbecause he heard rumors about it.
  13. 13. General MotivationsThere discovery benifitted the French becauseJacques Marquette had a map and try found outthat the Mississippi river is not a rumor. That iswhy louisianna is call LOUIEsianna.
  14. 14. General MotivationsThe reason why Louisianna is called that Is becauseMarquettes Kings name was Louie and he ownedLouisianna so thats why they called it that.
  15. 15. FactsThe reason why Jacques Marquette went to NorthAmerica is because he was assigned to learnlanguages there.
  16. 16. FactsJacques Marquette represented France. His Kingsname was Louie. Jacques Marquette was French.
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