Bradley - Christopher Columbus


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Bradley - Christopher Columbus

  1. 1. Christopher Columbus By Bradley Kishbaugh
  2. 2. When he was bornChristopher Columbus was born 1451-1506.Columbus lived in Genoa Spain. He is the oldest out offive children. His family was poor, he only got aneducation tell he was fourteen.
  3. 3. Columbus first voyagesCaptain Columbus took three ship on his firstvoyage,the Nina, Pitas and and Santa Maria. Hiscrew came from surrounding Villages such as Lepeand Moguer
  4. 4. Impact on usColumbus discovered the coast of South America. Healso discovered west India, Central America,Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti
  5. 5. When columbus started on a shipColumbus first job on a ship was a messenger and asailer on trading vessels. Then he came fascinatedwith ship and the scince of navigation.
  6. 6. Interesting factsColumbus went to sea at the age of 14. He foundfood such as pineapple, sweet ptatoes and corn. Heused sand glass to know how fast he was going.
  7. 7. Who sent hisWhen Columbus decided to sail for the first time hehoped to sail under the flag of Portugal. On August2, 1492, Columbus set sail in search of the EastIndies. The voyage was financed by Ferdinand andIsabella.
  8. 8. What they ate on there voyagesRhey mostly ate boiled food was served in a largewooden bowl. It consisted of poorly cooked meatwith bones in it, the sailors picked it with theirfingers as they had no forks or spoons. The largerpieces of meat were cut with the knife each sailorcarried. Fish was eaten most often. On calm days,
  9. 9. the crew would fish and then cook their catch.
  10. 10. Columbus holidayEver sence columbus found the new world they had aceremony that was held in New York City honoringChristopher Columbus and the 300th anniversary ofhis landing in the Bahamas. Then, on October 12,1866
  11. 11. Where columbus storeed his stuffThe space below the deck was used for food, tools,ropes, extra sails, cannon balls, guns and othersupplies
  12. 12. What they did on there off timeColumbus told all his men when they where notworking to go and catch fresh fish so they wouldnot get sick from eating old fish
  13. 13. What they drankChristpher Columbus told his men that they couldndnot drink the oecean water so they will not get sick.
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