John Cabot


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John Cabot

  1. 1. John CabotGiovanni Caboto was born in Italy.When he grew up he became amerchant sailor in Venice, Italy.
  2. 2. John CabotLike other seafaring traders, he traveledthe seas to buy spices, silk, preciousstones, or metals.
  3. 3. John Cabot At that time, the Far East was the place where all of the traders wanted togo, because that was where they could buy the spices and other items that people in their own country wanted.
  4. 4. John CabotCabot had heard of ChristopherColumbus voyage, and like other peopleof his time, believed that Columbus hadreally found a shorter route to the FarEast.
  5. 5. John Cabot He didnt know what we know now, that Columbus had discovered America instead.
  6. 6. John CabotSo Cabot wanted to make a voyage likethe one Columbus made, and maybefind an even shorter route.
  7. 7. John CabotHis idea was to sail farther north, wherethe distance would be shorter.
  8. 8. John CabotUnfortunately, his own country of Italywasnt interested in exploring.
  9. 9. John CabotThey were already the leaders in the FarEast trade and were happy with thingsthe way they were.
  10. 10. John CabotSo, like Columbus, Cabot decided to tryanother country.
  11. 11. John CabotIn about 1495, Cabot, his wife, and theirthree children moved to the seaport ofBristol, England.
  12. 12. John CabotIn England he began using the nameJohn Cabot.
  13. 13. John CabotEngland was interested in exploring.
  14. 14. John CabotBoth King Henry VII andthe English merchantshoped to find a shortertrade route, especiallyone that was notcontrolled by the Italiantraders.
  15. 15. John Cabot They decided to sponsor Cabots explorations.
  16. 16. John Cabot Cabots first voyage, in 1496, was not
  17. 17. John CabotBad weather and disagreements amongthe crew forced them to turn back.
  18. 18. John CabotIn 1497, Cabot set out again, with onesmall ship called the Matthew, and acrew of only 18 men.
  19. 19. John CabotThey sailed a northerly course and landedsomewhere along the East Coast of Canada,maybe in Newfoundland, maybe in Labrador,maybe in Nova Scotia, maybe in Maine.
  20. 20. John CabotThere is a big controversy about whereCabot actually landed, and we donthave much information available tosolve the disagreement.
  21. 21. John CabotAs far as we know, Cabot never kept adetailed ships log like Columbus did.
  22. 22. John Cabot Like Columbus, he too thought that he had sailed all the way around to the Far East.
  23. 23. John Cabot When he returned to England, the King and the merchants were happy with what he had found, even though it wasnt spices and
  24. 24. John CabotHe brought back knowledge of theworlds geography that helpedmapmakers draw new and better worldmaps.
  25. 25. John CabotHe also brought stories of a new type ofriches.
  26. 26. John CabotHe told of sea life so rich that you couldscoop up a whole bucket of fish at onetime.
  27. 27. John CabotThe king rewarded Cabot with moneyand the chance to go on anotherexpedition.
  28. 28. John CabotIn 1498 Cabot set out again. This time hetook five ships.
  29. 29. John CabotOne ship had problems and turned backearly.
  30. 30. John CabotThe other ships continued on their route.Sadly, they were never heard from again.
  31. 31. John Cabot By 1500, ships from England werecrossing the ocean to fish off the banks of Newfoundland, thanks to Cabots discoveries.
  32. 32. John CabotCabotsson, Sebastian, became an expertmapmaker.
  33. 33. John CabotSebastian alsocontinued hisfathers tradition ofexploration, makingvoyages ofdiscovery of hisown.