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Robert de LaSalle

  1. 1. Robert De LaSalle
  2. 2. Nationality and Background I was born on November 22, 1643 near Rouen, France. I was born into an extremely wealthy family. My father’s name is Jean Cavelier. He was a landowner and merchant. Our family comes from a long line of influential and Aristocratic people. Unfortunately, we are one degree short of French nobility. As a young boy, I went to school to become a Jesuit priest. Torn between my thirst for adventure and the dedication of a religious life, I left the Jesuit order, and became an adventurer.
  3. 3. After I left the Jesuit order After I left the order in 1666, I went to Canada where I gained authority of Lachine. In 1673, Louis de Buade de Frontenac, who was the governor of New France, appointed me commandant of Fort Frontenac. I began to trade at this post after I came back from France, where I was granted a patent of nobility. I went back to France a second time in 1677 and obtained a patent that let me build other forts, trade, and explore. I also brought Henri de Toni back with me.
  4. 4. My Exploration I started my explorations for King Loius XI V. I began my first voyage in August 1679. I explored Ohio and the Mississippi River. I began my exploration in hopes to create fur-trade routes beside the river.
  5. 5. Five Reasons I am Important <ul><li>In 1669, I became the first European to see and explore the Ohio River.
  6. 6. I explored all of the Great Lakes.
  7. 7. On April 9, 1682, I named the Mississippi River Valley, Louisiana in honor of King Louis XIV.
  8. 8. I later explored Ohio and the Mississippi River.
  9. 9. In 1682, I was the first European explorer to travel the length of the Mississippi River. </li></ul>
  10. 10. Five Facts about my life <ul><li>I took the name LaSalle from my families' estate. My real
  11. 11. name is René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle which
  12. 12. means knight.
  13. 13. When I was younger, I loved learning about science and
  14. 14. math.
  15. 15. I was lucky enough to obtain some land near Montreal and became a prosperous fur trader.
  16. 16. I married Danielle Armbrecht and had eight children.
  17. 17. Along one of my many expeditions, my men mutinied and
  18. 18. brutally killed me. I was killed near Navasota, Texas, on
  19. 19. March 20, 1687. </li></ul>
  20. 20. Where I traveled I have traveled to many places. In 1666, I went to Canada. In 1679, I sailed and explored all around the Great Lakes.
  21. 21. Map of Where I Traveled
  22. 22. How my travels impacted America I impacted America in may ways. I explored the Great Lakes, and Ohio. I also traveled around the Mississippi River. I claimed Loisianna for King Louis XI V.
  23. 23. Five unknown facts about myself <ul><li>I became very close friends
  24. 24. with the Indians.
  25. 25. I am called “ the Father of the
  26. 26. Louisiana Territory.”
  27. 27. My best friend, Henri de Tonti,
  28. 28. built my only ship “The Griffon.”
  29. 29. There is a street named after
  30. 30. me in Canada called Avenue
  31. 31. La Salle.
  32. 32. My brother, Abbe Jean Cavelier,
  33. 33. become a Sulpitian priest. </li></ul>
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