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Alex- Vasco Balboa


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Alex- Vasco Balboa

  1. 1. Vasco Balboa By Alex
  2. 2. Biographical Info 1 Balboa was 44 when he died. He had 1sibling named Alvar and a step mothernamed Badajoz. His father worked as anobleman but didnt make him good money.Balboa whent to
  3. 3. Biographical Info 1a harbor and went on a boat as stow away.The supply boat was headed to an islandcalled Hispanida. He got of and hoped tomake a living as a farmer but that didntmake him good money
  4. 4. Biographical Info 2He married A local Indians chiefs daughterMaria. They had know kids. Balboa thoughtof her as being caring and beautiful. Balboahad only 1 sibling.
  5. 5. Biographical Info 3Balboa died when he was 44 years old andhis brother Alvar was born In 1475 and died1545
  6. 6. Where Balboa ExploredHe explored America but didnt discoverAmerica. He also explored the North side ofthe Pacifc Ocean
  7. 7. Places He DiscoveredBalboa discovered the Pacifc Ocean whilehe was going to a new world now known asPanama. He discovered the Pacifc Oceanon Sept 25, 1513
  8. 8. Exploring Helped His CountryBecoming an explorer help his country withmoney and made the King and Queen happywith more money
  9. 9. Time LineIn 1475 Balboa was born. In 1500 Balboasettled on an island called Hispanida hopingto make living as a farmer but didnt supplyhim with enough money so he gave up.
  10. 10. Time LineIn 1510 reaching San Sabastion the exploresand Balboa discovered it had been burntdown. In 1511 the king of Spain appointedbalboa as the interim governor.
  11. 11. Time LineIn 1513 balboa had been charged withtreason against spain
  12. 12. Time LineIn 1512 Balboa married thedaughter of caretathe local indian chief.In 1518 Balboa died at the age of 44
  13. 13. Years He LivedBalboa lived through the years 1475-1519
  14. 14. Balboas Birth and Death DatesBalboa was born in 1475 in Jerez De LosCaballeros Castile Spain. He died in 1519 inSpain
  15. 15. Major Life ChangeBalboas major life Change was becoming anexplorer because it would give him prideand a sence of acomplishment.
  16. 16. Balboas Travel RouteBalboa went from the Golf of San Miguel toSanta Maria De la Antigua Del Darien. InSouth America
  17. 17. Spains King and QueenAt that time Spains King and Queen wasLuenda Isabelle and King Wad Carlos.
  18. 18. Who Balboa Sailed ForBalboa sailed for Spain.
  19. 19. Resource Book B)