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Indian Gifts Portal - Style Guide - Apparel


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Style Guide for Vendors to follow while uploading products to ensure consistency, findability and efficiency in scanning.

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Indian Gifts Portal - Style Guide - Apparel

  1. 1. Usability  Ma+ers!   Indian  Gi3s  Portal       Increasing  Findability   Step  2:  Product  Style  Guide  -­‐  Apparel   Easy  to  follow  guidelines  that  allow  vendors  to  enter  the  right  kind  of   informaGon.  Follow  the  style  guide  to  ensure  consistency  on  the  site.  The   user  will  find  it  easier  to  browse,  find  and  buy  what  he  is  looking  for.  
  2. 2. ‘Ishin’  Off  White  Faux  George+e  Saree  with  Pink  Brocade  Border   -­‐  This  Faux  George+e  casual  wear  Sare  has  a   brocade  golden  and  pink  border…   More  Info   Rs.  2,495  /-­‐     Product  Details         For  Worldwide  Delivery     To  be  delivered  from  India       Calculate  Delivery   In  Stock  –  1  Pair  le3   Buy NOW Material   Faux  George+e   QuanGty   Saree  (6.3  Mts)  &     UnsGched  Blouse  (1.25  Mts)     Free  Size  
  3. 3. Bagru  Print,  DhoG  Angrakha  in  Floral  Lime  Green  &  Yellow         -­‐  This  pure  co+on  DhoG  Angrakha  made  in  a   tradiGonal  Rajasthani  pa+ern  …   More  Info   Rs.  2,495  /-­‐     Product  Details         For  Worldwide  Delivery     To  be  delivered  from  India       Calculate  Delivery   In  Stock  –  1  Pair  le3   Buy NOW Material   Pure  Co+on   QuanGty   DhoG  25”,  Angrakha  22”,  Chunni  16”   6  yrs   7  yrs   Color  OpGons   Green  &  Yellow   Black  &  White   Black  &  Orange  
  4. 4. Product  Image(s)   Product  Images  are  the  only  sensory  clue  to  how  the  products  looks  and   feels.  Remember  it’s  the  most  important  factor  in  making  product   purchase  decisions.  
  5. 5. Product  Images  are  the  most  browsed  item  on  a  product   page.  Make  them  count.   40%  online   shoppers   avoid  a   purchase  due   to  lack  of   images  &   poor  usability   Nearly  half   (48%)  of   customers   would  not  make   a  sale  if  there   was  only  one   product  image   available  on  a   product  page.   The  above  images  are  a  reflec0on  of  how  the  consumer  browses   your  product  page.  No0ce  that  the  images  have  the  most  a;en0on  
  6. 6. Image  Rules   Required  -­‐  Dos     •  Use  simple  and  clean   backgrounds  that  do  not  distract   from  the  product.   •  Create  images  with  at  least  800   pixels  on  the  short  side.  This   enables  the  zoom  funcGonality   properly.   •  Show  the  enGre  product.  The   product  should  occupy  at  least   80%  of  the  image  area.     •  Mannequins  &  Models  are   allowed  and  encouraged  but  as   long  as  only  the  product  is  being   showcased.   Prohibited  –  Don’ts   •  Borders,  watermarks,  text,  or  other   decoraGons     •  Avoid  using  images  which  are  less   than  400  pixels.   •  Image  file  should  not  be  more  than   4  MB.   •  Other  products,  items  or   accessories  that  are  not  part  of  the   product  lisGng;  only  include  exactly   what  the  customer  is  buying.   •  If  the  mannequin  is  wearing  the   product,  the  rest  of  his/her  clothing   should  be  complimentary  but   should  not  take  away  the  user’s   a+enGon  from  the  main  product.  
  7. 7. Good  PracGces  to  Follow   •  Include  at  least  3  product  images  if  possible.   –  One  Front  view  of  a  mannequin  wearing  the  product.   –  One  back  view   –  A  close  up  view  of  the  cloth,  lace,  bu+ons,  collar,  neck  or  other   disGnguishing  features.   –  (opGonal)  If  other  colors  are  being  showcased  within  the  same   product,  there  should  be  at  least  one  image  of  each  of  the  color   samples   •  Zoom  FuncGonality   When  you  submit  an  image  of  at  least  300  dpi,  customers  can  zoom   in  on  your  product  image  on  the  detail  page.  This  provides  a   detailed  look  at  your  product  and  may  reduce  returns  and  negaGve   feedback.  
  8. 8. Dos’  -­‐  Sample  Image(s)   Do’s   The  Main  image  is  a  front  view  of  the   model  wearing  the  product.   Side  View   Back  View   Close  Ups   The  more   images  you   have  of  a   product,  the   more    Gme  the   user  spends  on   it.  
  9. 9. Common  Image  Mistakes   •  Using  images  that  only  show  product  packaging.     •  Using  single  images  that  show  mulGple  views  of   the  same  product.  You  must  use  separate   alternate  images  to  show  other  views.     •  Using  images  that  are  drawings  or  otherwise  not   photographs  of  actual  products.     •  Using  images  that  show  mulGple  pieces  of  the   product  in  different  colors.  Use  the  extra  images   provided  to  showcase  different  colors  
  10. 10. Don’ts  -­‐  Sample  Image(s)   Different  colors  of  the  product  in  the   same  image   Not  an  image  but  a  sketch  of  the   product.  
  11. 11. MulGple  views  of  the   product  in  the  same   image.     Don’ts  –  Sample  Image  
  12. 12. Naming  ConvenGon   The  product  name  is  like  the  ambassador  that  stands  in  search  results  to   guide  buyers  to  the  page.  
  13. 13. Naming  ConvenIon     Branded  &  Non-­‐Branded  Products   Heading   Branded  Products:  ‘[Brand  Name]’  +  [Work/Style/ Design]  +  [Gender/Age  ClassificaGon  (opGonal)]  +   [Color/Print/Both]  +  [Material]  +  [Item]  +  [OpGonal   DisGnguishing  factor]       Non  Branded  Products:  [OpGonal  DisGnguishing   Factor]  +  [Color/Print/Both]  +  [Gender/Age   ClassificaGon  (opGonal)]  +  [Material]  +  [Item]  +   [Work/Style/Design]    
  14. 14. What’s  a  ‘DisGnguishing  Factor’?   Geometric  Print,  Faux  George+e  Saree  in  Parrot  Green  with   a  Pink  Silk  Border   Full  Lucknawi  Chikan  Work,  So3  Co+on  Men’s  Kurta  in  Brick   Red   Since  ‘Full  Lucknawi  chikan  work’  is  a  disGnguishing  factor   and  work  as  well,  we  will  omit  that  from  the  rest.   ‘Full  sleeved’  is  a  disGnguishing  factor.     Pink  Silk  Border  is  a  disGnguishing  factor   Imagine  there  are  10  similar  Kota  Doria  Sarees-­‐  there  is  at  least  one  design  aspect  or  a+ribute  that   disGnguishes  each  Saree.     Full  Sleeved,  Round  Neck,  SyntheGc  Black  KurG  with     Silver  Embroidery  
  15. 15. More  Samples   ‘Art’  Sleeveless,  Black  Net  Ladies  Suit  with  Golden  Thread   Embroidery  –  With  Dupa+a       ‘Peter  England’  Men’s  Formal  Shirt  –  Co+on,  Maroon     ‘With  Dupa+a’  is  a  disGnguishing  factor  as  is  ‘Golden   thread  embroidery’.   Both  Co+on  &  Maroon  are  disGnguishing  factors  here  so   they’ve  been  omi+ed  from  the  middle.  
  16. 16. Remember:  Name  =  Headline   •  The  Name  must  be  no  more  than  10  words  in  length.  80   Characters  is  the  Max  Limit.   •  Do  not  use  ALL  CAPS     •  Capitalize  the  first  le+er  of  each  word.  Do  not  capitalize:     –  ConjuncGons  (and,  or,  for)     –  ArGcles  (the,  a,  an)     –  PreposiGons  with  fewer  than  five  le+ers  (in,  on,  over,     –  with,  etc.)     •  If  any  of  the  elements  menGoned  in  the  Naming   ConvenGon  does  not  apply  to  your  product  or  it  is  not   important,  it  can  be  omi+ed.   •  It  should  be  comfortable  to  read,  easy  on  the  tongue.  Think   of  what  you’d  call  this  in  a  shop.  
  17. 17. DescripGve  Words   •  Feel  free  to  add  other  descripGve  words  that   will  set  your  product  apart  from  others  in  any   part  of  a  name.   •  Refrain  from  adjecGves  like  ‘Excellent,   BeauGful,  Elegant…’  these  offer  no  value  to   the  user.     •  Instead  try  to  add  words  that  describe  a   product  a+ribute  like  ‘Hand  Embroidered,   Intricately  woven,  So3  Co+on…etc’    
  18. 18. How  to  include  your  Brand     Brand  informaGon,  when  applicable  and  recognizable,  allows  customers  to   discover  products  via  Search  and  other  site  placements.  So  be  sure  to  include   the  brand  name  in  recognizably  branded  products,  especially  when  the   customer  may  come  to  the  site  searching  for  your  brand.   “Brand  (DefiniIon)   •  A  unique  and  idenGfiable  symbol,  associaGon,  name  or  trademark  which   serves  to  differenGate  compeGng  products  or  services     •  A  name  used  to  disGnguish  one  product  from  its  compeGtors;  it  can  apply   to  a  single  product,  an  enGre  product  line,  or  even  a  company     •  A  name  or  symbol  used  to  idenGfy  a  seller's  goods  or  services,  and  to   differenGate  them  from  those  of  compeGtors     Example:  Peter  England,  Biba,  Reebok  but  not  ‘Meenakshi’  unless  it  is  a   recognizable  brand.  “  
  19. 19. WriGng  Product  DescripGons   Think  about  the  quesGons  asked  by  users  in  a  shop  when  buying  the   product.  The  answers  to  those  quesGons  must  lie  on  the  product  info   page.  
  20. 20. Product  DescripIons     •  Product  DescripGons  can  be  anywhere  between  500  &   3000  characters.   •  Make  sure  you  make  bullet  points  of  the  salient   characterisGcs  of  your  product.   •  Describe  the  major  product  features  and  list  product   informaGon  like  used-­‐for  and  style     •  Keep  it  short,  but  include  criGcal  informaGon     •  Include  accurate  care  instrucGons  and  warranty   informaGon     •  The  individual  words  of  the  Product  Name,  A+ributes  and   Brand  are  automaGcally  included  while  searching  and  do   not  need  to  be  repeated  in  the  product  descripGon  
  21. 21. Product  DescripIons  =  Searchable  Product     •  Describe  the  five  key  features  you  want   customers  to  consider,  things  that  may  set  it   apart  from  other  products.:   (e.g.  Size,  Age    appropriateness,  Type  of  work  or  Fabric   used,  or  Type  of  style  are  all  searched  for  terms)   •  Try  to  answer  all  queries  that  a  buyer  might  have   about  the  product.   Details  of  work  or  sGtching,  Quality,  Durability   are  good  answers  .     (eg.  Free  Size,  Vintage,  Water  Proof,  Designer,  Reversible  etc.)    
  22. 22. Samples  of  Bullet  Points   Type  of  Info   Related  Text   Place of Origin   Made in USA; Imported; Made in China   Care Instructions   Machine wash warm, tumble dry; Dry clean only; Hand wash, hang to dry   Fit   Slim fit; Authentic fit - not too fitted, not too loose   Dimensions   Tapered leg with 16 1/2" leg opening   Specific product benefit   Interior security pocket; Smoothes and slims entire waistline; Radial sleeves for easier arm movement  
  23. 23. Product  DescripGon  -­‐  Do’s  &  Don’ts     •  Begin  each  bullet  point  with  a  capital  le+er     •  Write  with  sentence  fragments  and  do  not   include  ending  punctuaGon  i.e.  all  sentences   must  be  without  (.)  at  the  end.   •  Do  not  include  promoGonal  and  pricing   informaGon     •  Do  not  include  shipping  or  company  informaGon.   •  The  descripGon  helps  customers  evaluate  a   product,  so  any  non-­‐product-­‐specific  informaGon   can  distract  from  a  customer’s  purchase  decision    
  24. 24. Sample  :  Good  Product  DescripGon.     •  This  Bollywood  Replica  Lehenga   was  worn  by  Mallaika  Arora  on   her  visit  on  the  Marrakesh   InternaGonal  Film  FesGval     •  This  designer  Net  &  Velvet   Lehenga  in  Beige  and  Mehandi   Green  can  be  shown  off  at   Weddings  and  other  formal   funcGons.   •  The  Dupa+a  is  beige  net,  heavily   embroidered  with  flowers  and   edged  in  red  &  white  lace  and   moss  green  velvet.   •  The  unsGtched  fabric  for  this   lehenga  comes  pre-­‐prepared  and   just  has  to  be  sGtched  together  in   your  size  for  the  perfect  fit.   Keywords   Embedded  in  the   Product   DescripIon:   •  Bollywood   Replica   •  Mallaika  Arora   •  Film  FesGval   •  Beige,  Moss   Green,  Mehandi   Green.   •  Net,  Velvet   •  UnsGtched     •  Pre-­‐prepared   •  SGtch  in  your   size   •  Designer  
  25. 25. Sample:  Product  DescripGon  Don’ts   The  material  of  saree  is  faux  chiffon  and  the  total   length  of  saree  is  6.3  meters  including  unsGtch   blouse  piece.   The  Length  of  the  saree  is  already  there  in  the   ‘Size’  column.  It  does  not  need  to  be  menGoned   here.     Missing  Keywords:   Off  white,  red  brocade,  pink  border.   our  feet  give  us  the  freedom  to  explore  the  world.  Only  few  people  know   how  to  walk  freely.  The  qualificaGons  include  a  will  to  walk  and  an  ayre   with  aytude.  Pulpypapaya  wants  you  to  celebrate  your  freedom  with  this   tee(  Your  ATTIRE  WITH  ATTITUDE).  So,  travel,  explore  and  "BE  FREE".     The  graphic  of  the  Tee  here  is  the  most   important  part.  It  is  alluded  to  but  not  given   any  priority.  The  rest  is  simply  rhetoric,   unnecessary  and  distracGng.  MenGoning  Brand   names  in  product  descripGons  is  a  ‘No  No!’   Missing  Keywords:   Suitable  for  College  /  Friday  Dressing.    
  26. 26. Other  A+ributes   Size,  Color  /  Material,  Weight,    
  27. 27. Size   -­‐  Please  use  the  following  measures  for  size   Adult  Male  Clothing   -­‐  36,  38,  40,  42,  44  …   -­‐  36”  Waist,  53”  Length   Adult  Female  Clothing   -­‐  XS,  S,  M,  L,  XL,  XXL  …   Baby  Clothing   -­‐  0-­‐3  Months,  3-­‐6  Months,  6-­‐9  Months,  9  -­‐12  Months…   Child  Clothing   -­‐  1-­‐2  yrs,  2-­‐3  yrs,  3-­‐4  yrs,  4-­‐5  yrs,  5-­‐6  yrs  …   Fabric  /  Saree   Meters  (Also  menGon  the  dupa+a  size  as  well)   Accessories   Meters  or  cms  whichever  is  applicable  
  28. 28. Product  Material   -­‐  Please  menGon  the  material  with  all  its  qualiGes   -­‐  E.g.   Viscose  Velvet   Hand  woven  Intricate  Lace   Pure  100%  co+on   20%  Co+on  80%  Polyester    
  29. 29. Color  OpIons   -­‐  Please  menGon  all  colors  in  exact  shades   in  separate  boxes.  E,g,  Mehandi  Green,   Sunshine  Yellow     -­‐  These  will  appear  as  opGons  for  the  user.   -­‐  In  the  alternaGve  images,  make  sure  you   upload  at  least  one  image  each  of  each   of  the  colors.  
  30. 30. QuanIty   -­‐  Fill  this  up  only  if  you  have  mulGple  pieces  in   one  set.   Sample   -­‐  Set  of  2  stockings   -­‐  UnsGtched  Fabric  (5  Mts)  &  Dupa+a  (2.5  Mts)   -­‐  Saree  (6.3  Mts)  &  UnsGched  Blouse  (1.25  Mts)    
  31. 31. For  More  InformaGon   •  Contact  <SPOC>  for  vendor  queries  on  how  to   fill  up  form  etc.