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Itsm governance and infrastructure as code

This is the presentation I gave at ChefConf2015.

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Itsm governance and infrastructure as code

  2. 2. Created with reveal.js ABOUT ME Father of 5 Grandfather to 2 Born in Delaware Lived in climates with temperature deltas of over 170 F
  3. 3. ABOUT ME Worked at Target since 2000(ish) Chase Bank for a few years Too many kitchen jobs prior to count (not a Test Kitchen plug)
  4. 4. CURRENT ROLE A lead engineer in our Infra-Ops world @TGT
  5. 5. CURRENT ROLE Minister of Culture #DOTGT long story
  6. 6. CURRENT ROLE System development Life cycle driven
  7. 7. CURRENT ROLE Studier of LEAN
  8. 8. CURRENT ROLE Practicing 'goat'-ocology aspiring goat, if nothing else
  9. 9. PAST ROLES Integration engineer (files, messages, web, ETL) Telephony engineer Systems developer
  10. 10. ITSM GOVERNANCE What are we talking about?
  11. 11. QUICK CONTEXT [ITSM] is thus concerned with the implementation of quality IT services that meet the needs of customers, and is performed by the IT service provider through an appropriate mix of people, process and information technology.
  12. 12. WHYDOYOUGETAMPEDABOUTTHISTOPIC? So delighted you asked!
  14. 14. THREE TAKE-AWAYS, TWO TOPICS: ITSM AND IAC ITSM Governance is a key differentiator(/enabler) to an enterprise IAC movement {quality} ITSM Governance, as an obstacle to IAC, will be more ignored than acknowledged (because code wins!) {meet the needs} ITSM Governance can be accomplished through the (same)/similar principles of CI/CD {mix of three}
  15. 15. KEY TAKE-AWAY #1 ITSM Governance is a key differentiator for enterprise adoption of IAC
  16. 16. KEY TAKE-AWAY #1 Quality: measurement in the form of a consistent & predictable result(s) against similar kinds of products or common types
  17. 17. KEY TAKE-AWAY #1 Defining the success/fail criteria, for quality, comes from customers!
  18. 18. KEY TAKE-AWAY #2 When used as an obstacle, the bold and clever will look for workarounds to the process.
  19. 19.,pd2/o=80/
  20. 20. KEY TAKE-AWAY #2 Welcome to my silo; please fill out my form
  21. 21. KEY TAKE-AWAY #2 Because code wins, the 'form' can be different ... empowering!
  22. 22. KEY TAKE-AWAY #2 Feedback can be enabled with velocity => continuous, automated testing gives context; enables the community to build better software, systems, applications, stacks
  23. 23. KEY TAKE-AWAY #2 Community focus on fixes allows sharing of information
  24. 24. KEY TAKE-AWAY #2 Less meeting time and more #DO time
  25. 25. KEY TAKE-AWAY #2 Important CHANGE domain metadata for ITSM: Who requested the change? What is actually being changed? When is the change being implemented? How well tested is the change?
  26. 26. KEY TAKE-AWAY #3 Lean back on the DevOps practices to understand the mix of people, process, and technology in ITSM
  27. 27. KEY TAKE-AWAY #3 Value Stream your process with real data to enable process reviews and find the X/Y coordinates of what to work on
  28. 28. KEY TAKE-AWAY #3 We leverage CI/CD to not only deliver the end-to-end IT asset but leverage CI/CD to manage and extend the services layer - iteratively
  29. 29. We landed on Chef for config/state management But that's only part of the tech stack ... KEY TAKE-AWAY #3 Rationalize patterns > the implementation tool; and use a tool that empowers your community to feel safe to invest his/her respective time
  30. 30. - Customers first on both sides of the governance conversation - ITSM governance needs as much as every other component of the IT delivery - Use small, iterative changes to evaluate progress; allows people to see revel in battles won and quickly forget about those lost RECAP ITSM AND IAC kaizen
  31. 31. Special thanks for the infra crew @TGT THE END - @TheDesktophero - Check out the @TGT booth in the expo - - Target Tech Blog Target Github OSS RED