That Girl Is Hoisin: Blog Lessons


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That Girl Is Hoisin: Blog Lessons

  1. 1. 07 SEPTEMBER 2010 DENUO PRESO: THAT GIRL IS HOISIN Denuo Group © 2010 / All Contents Proprietary and Confidential
  3. 3. HISTORY…WHEN & WHY? • Started in May, 2009 • • Because I was always looking for fashion, beauty, advise, & inspiration • Because all of the fashion blogs were unattainable for the average person • Srsly, why so much monies? • And because what I found was that a lot of my friends were coming to me for fashion & beauty tips • Also, sheer vanity
  4. 4. THE NAME…SO STRANGE that girl is poison + + poison ivy hoisin sauce = that girl is hoisin = hoisinivy [name] [url]
  5. 5. KAY, BUT WHAT IS IT? • “A live journal of my life” – anything from travel & outings to LOTDs & tutorials • LOTD = Look of the Day (typically when bloggers take photos of their outfits for the day) • Focuses more on beauty & tutorials (than fashion) • Because that’s what I’m better at…also, I can’t afford new clothes everyday • Looks that are attainable & affordable
  7. 7. GOTTA KEEP ‘EM SEPARATED • No tweets, no Facebook updates about my blog • Selected friends / family know of it • And now, the rest of Denuo • By personal choice • Haters gonna hate • Security • Opening the gate to weirdos out there
  8. 8. DON’T TAKE YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY • It’s just fashion people…I ain’t saving any lives here! • I don’t do this for a living • People like to laugh • I’d like to think I’m pretty funny
  9. 9. BE PERSONABLE • Nothing worse than a DRY read about how to do a cat-eye • I like my readers…I want them to like me too
  10. 10. BUT NOT TOO PERSONAL • Nothing too intimate, no work-related stuff, no rants • Friends, colleagues, BOSSES can read it • Let’s keep it classy
  11. 11. UPDATE ON A REGULAR BASIS • I am the WORST • Lack of inspiration / I need a break • Blame Style Genius • Consistency is key • Especially for non-followers • Readers will drop otherwise • I learned the hard way…sads
  12. 12. TAKE GUD PIKSHURES • Personally am not drawn to lackluster pictures • Who is? • Doesn’t need to be professional-grade • Self-timer is my friend • Tripod / Ryan can be key • My exception – when I’m traveling & in a hotel may, 2009 march, 2010
  13. 13. DON’T WRITE EPIC-LONG POSTS • Highly visual; keep readers interested • Do they really care about my problems? • Do let your personality shine through • I am starting to write more • Exception – tutorials where step-by-step instructions are required
  14. 14. HAVE A BLOG-ROLL • Giving LURVE to those who follow you by giving linking to their blogs • They will often times do it in return • MOAR readers • Bloggers tend to be the ones who leave comments / spread the word • Sponsors will often ask to be on your roll • They too will link out to you
  15. 15. BE RESPONSIVE / ATTAINABLE • People take the time to leave comments or ask questions • You should reply • Leaving comments on others often will lead to other readers to find your blog
  16. 16. GUEST POST • People often guest blog on each other’s sites • Companies will recruit bloggers to write for content • For free / publicity • Review products • Giveaways • It can’t hurt & often may give you new readers • I often feature Ryan • Readers have asked how to dress their boyfriends • He’s a better dresser than I am
  17. 17. HOST A GIVEAWAY • Sponsored or your own • For a small shout-out, companies will give away a product / goody on a blog • Make it easy for readers; often bloggers will require you to: • Follow them on blog-lovin’ • Leave a comment • Follow them on Twitter • Tweet about it • Post about it (on your personal blog) • It can’t hurt & often will give you new readers
  18. 18. AND FINALLY…DO IT LIKE YOU LIKE IT • This is ME out on the interwebs • I am often a victim of obligation • But no one likes to read about how blogging is a chore • I can stop at any point, so I might as well enjoy it while it lasts • If anything, it’s a good photo album for when I’m old & wrinkly
  19. 19. GRACIAS!