How to Improve Your Personality


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There are millions of people in this world who suffer from a down-personality syndrome -Follow simple things to improve your personality and be a successful person.

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How to Improve Your Personality

  1. 1. How to Build Strong Personality and be Successful Hammad Siddiqui
  2. 2. There are millions of people in thisworld who suffer from a down-personality syndrome! Are you one of them?
  3. 3. If you can not………• Mingle in social events• Understand conversations• Smile• Stand still• Stop shivering• See eye to eye You are suffering form Down-Personality Syndrome
  4. 4. Follow simple things and get rid of Down-Personality Syndrome
  5. 5. Be positive• No one likes negativity.• If you are positive about yourself, others will too.• Sit calm and think what is good about you. Write it down and appreciate it.• Meet positive people, this will multiply your own positivity.
  6. 6. Your elevator pitch• Often introducing yourself becomes challenging, but if you have prepared a 30 second introducing (called elevator pitch), it will be much easier to tell people what you do, what you aspire to do.• Write your elevator pitch• Practice, practice, practice
  7. 7. Dressing appropriately• If you are invited at an event, always check the dress code and dress-up accordingly.• Use dark suite and light color shirt for formal gathering.• Casual does not mean shorts or messed-up cloths. Chose to wear neat and pressed dress.• Sharp colors such as RED or Yellow are not recommended at a formal and smart casual event.
  8. 8. Adapt reading habit• Reading helps expand your knowledge.• Use what you have read, such as names of books, authors and quotes in your conversation.• Remember – only quality of your knowledge determines who you will attract as interlocutor.
  9. 9. Learn to Meet and greet• A smile, firm handshake, eye contact and solid elevator pitch will ensure your success in attracting audience at an event.
  10. 10. Offer what you can• Do not think you can not offer a small advice or referral.• Think and think again what can you offer. It could be a simple email address, URL or name of the recent book you have just read that could help your interlocutor in some why.• Remember, Giving when rewarded is always multiplied by many times.
  11. 11. These simple and practical steps will help you become a perfect personality – But the key think is tofollow the recipe and keep practicing until perfection!