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to ky

  1. 1. Once upon a time there lived a princess who fell in love with a handsome pirate. But one day the princess moved to a land far, far away….
  2. 2. The princess missed the pirate so much that she decided to visit him in his beautiful palace….
  3. 3. It began with the best surprise ever!
  4. 4. They sat by the fountain- the princess has never smiled more 
  5. 5. Silly pirate!
  6. 6. The pirate plays beautiful music and the princess went to see him perform. It’s on the sign- save the best for last!
  7. 9. Time to go to the city…check!
  8. 10. Their first time to the city…together! Cause that’s always more fun .
  9. 11. The princess was distracting while the pirate tried to finish his homework…oops!
  10. 12. Him and his best mate!
  11. 13. They saw the Sears tower first-Its huge!! And kind of hurts your head a little bit, right?
  12. 14. The pirate’s new home!
  13. 15. It’s a close second but he loves the princess more…hopefully
  14. 17. YUM! Chicago style!
  15. 18. They waited for their pictures in the photo booth….
  16. 19. The pirate gazed on the sea…while the princess gazed on him <3
  17. 20. To the princess this would always be home….
  18. 21. … because home is where your heart is!
  19. 22. They walked through the magical forest…
  20. 23. … .getting close to each other….
  21. 24. They walked through the city holding hands and looking at the suggestive statues ;)
  22. 25. They went back to the pirate’s room Where he showed her his large tower
  23. 26. And his desk
  24. 27. The tall, tall ceilings
  25. 28. And his BED! The pirate kept the princess busy late into the night….telling her tales of course !
  26. 29. The pirate was very tired in the morning
  27. 30. Later, the pirate performed again!
  28. 31. The princess loved hearing the pirate play!
  29. 32. He was pretty much amaaazing!
  30. 33. They realized that they were running out of time…. … but there were still 2 days for fun!!
  31. 34. The next day they went for a picnic at the park
  32. 35. And had a nap because those were their favorites!
  33. 36. They skated and had a merry, merry time
  34. 37. The princess did not want to leave the pirate again and knew it would be very hard
  35. 38. So she skated her troubles away
  36. 39. And had a royal feast
  37. 40. It was time for them to bake!!!
  38. 41. All these cookies made the princess very, very happy!
  39. 42. And the pirate, of course!
  40. 43. Finally, it was time for the princess to return to her castle. She had a wonderful time with the pirate but was very sad to leave him….
  41. 44. I love you so much ky and I had sooo much fun with you while I was home! I can’t wait for you to come out…17 days!!!