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An old mans view of social media


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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An old mans view of social media

  2. 2. ME and SOCIAL MEDIA• The Old Man Has a New View• Am I Too Old For This New Thing• I’m Not Thinking So
  3. 3. MY DIGITAL ID• Being of the, I Guess you would call it, older generation. I found it quite interesting to check out all the social media available and still keep anonymous. I added a pic of my dog so as not to show my face. Although I have since put a picture on Facebook. I like to stay in the background a lot. It is hard to have a digital identity that is separate from reality.
  4. 4. THOUGHTS ON IDENTITY• Trust And Social Media is Tough• 71% of younger users don’t trust it• 52% of Older Users Change the Settings For More Privacy• 41% of Older Users Filter Friends Posts• 64% of Younger Filter
  5. 5. MY FOCUS AREA• What It’s Like To Be Back After 45 Years• After 18 Years Got Diploma• In College And It’s Kind of Fun• Quite A Step Up For A Guy That Worked His Whole Life With His Hands• Now I Have To Use The Brain
  6. 6. MY FOCUS AREA CONTINUED• Taking Computer Courses• Learning Something New To Me• I Had Internet But Didn’t Use It• Now I’m on It All Day
  7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA IN MY FOCUS AREA.• Being Older Isn’t So Bad• I Find A Lot Of Use For Social Media• My Focus Area is Being Older And Back In School• I’m Gaining on Using It I Think
  8. 8. MY FOCUS AREA AND SOCIAL MEDIA• A lot of people in their 50’s and up are using this media to keep in touch with friends and family. I’m finding more interesting articles on this subject every day on Twitter. It makes for interesting reading and learning. Also I’m learning to check things out for fact and fiction. I found out that a lot of what is said is rubbish to quote my Dad!
  9. 9. OLD IS NEW• What Started Years Ago Is Now New To Me• Social Media Is All The Rage• Personal And Business Use• People Have A Need To Belong
  10. 10. OLD IS NEW CONT.• It’s Not So Bad• Being Accepted• Belonging• Social Media Fits The Bill
  11. 11. IS SOCIAL MEDIA A GOOD THING?• Is Social Media Good or Bad?• For Business And Personal Use• Advertise• Draw Customers• Keep In Touch With Friends
  12. 12. WHAT WE ARE LEARNING• We Are Learning I Hope!• Set Up A Blog• Set Up A Twitter Account• Learning About Others• A Lot Of Things To Check Out
  13. 13. Watching videos and reading• We Have Been Watching Videos And Reading Too Much!• Some Of The Videos We Have Been Watching Are Very Good, Others?• Some Reading Is Good
  14. 14. THE WELL IS STILL HERE• We watched A Video About The Well• I Checked It Out And It Is Still Around Since 1985• You Have To Join• No Anymonity
  15. 15. WE LIVE IN PUBLIC• This Was A Disturbing Film• How Could People Volunteer?• How Could NY Let It Be There?• What Happened To Josh?• A Futurist?• A Visionary?
  16. 16. WE JOIN TRIBES• Another Was About Belonging To Tribes• Consisting Of A Social Group• Give People The Power To Lead• Shared ideas
  17. 17. ALTERING SOCIAL LIVES• New Tools And Toys• Alters Our Lives• Path Between Isolation And Connectivity• Do You Love technology?
  18. 18. WHAT ARE WE LEARNING?• How To Stay Anonymous• How to Belong• How To Use Technology• It Can Be Used For A Job
  19. 19. HOW MANY BELONG TO SOCIAL MEDIA• I’ve Read That 90% of People Belong To Some Type• Twitter• Facebook• My Space
  20. 20. BE CAREFUL HOW YOU USE IT• If You Use It For Business Be Careful What You Post• If You Use It For Your Personal Things Be Careful• Don’t Trust Everything You Read• Check It Out• It’s Good In Its Place