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  1. 1. By: Dennis, Deni & Bruk
  2. 2. What is abortion? The term abortion means to terminate a pregnancy, this is done trough the removal of the fetes or embryo from the females uterus either chemically, with pharmaceutical drugs or surgically. In developing countries abortions are not carried out safely resulting in over 20 million deaths each year.
  3. 3. Why is it a controversial issue? Abortion is one of the most controversial issues in Australia and a widely debated topic worldwide. Abortion has many ethical and social issues surrounding it which brings controversy to society at large. Different religions have different views of abortion and different people within those religions have different views on it. Governments around the world have made choices in its legal status and in some countries it is banned.
  4. 4. Laws and Regulations In different areas of the world there are different laws and regulations on abortion. Some government’s employ a direct approach and either ban it completely or allow it with minimum restrictions, other countries have a half- way approach and allow some cases of abortion, depending on the circumstance of the pregnancy. In Australia, although abortion is legal, different regulation are put in different states. Other countries such as America have a federal policy where it is legal throughout the different states and its regulations are not allowed to vary in different regions. In most Islamic countries abortion is totally banned unless the mother is going to die, in which case the pregnancy can be aborted.
  5. 5. Ethical and Social issues There are many ethical and social issues revolving around abortion. Many people believe that abortion is equivalent of killing an unwanted baby and that it is morally and wrong to do it and that it should not be allowed, where as other people debate that when the abortion occurs it is still a fetes or embryo and that it is not a baby and so therefore could not be named as murder and as such there is nothing wrong with aborting a pregnancy. The main argument and controversy around abortion revolves around if and when do the fetes or embryo become a human being, and therefore when does abortion become murder.
  6. 6. Religion’s View This ethical and social debate of whether or not abortion is morally right is continued throughout the world’s religions. Different religions all have their views on whether abortion is morally right or not, but the majority of religions believe that abortion is the killing of a life and that under their religions all life is precious and a gift and therefore killing that or stopping the process into that life fulfilling its purpose is wrong. Religions such as Islam and Christianity are against abortion and only providing an exception if the state of the pregnancy calls for it.
  7. 7. Summary Although many other religions, social groups and governments have their different opinions on abortion. The main controversy is situated at whether the fetes or embryos is a living human baby that should not be harmed or whether it is just a collection of cells which only have the potential to become a human being and therefore is not a human being.