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Video Marketing Solution Study


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Our Video Marketing Solution Study presents the insights, landscape and vendors within the content marketing space. At Demand Metric, we define Video Marketing as the strategies, processes and technologies employed by an organization to generate interest in their brand, company and products through the use of relevant, engaging video content.

Businesses utilize videos to provide information, education, advice and/or entertainment to their target audience. These videos include a powerful combination of elements – audio, cast/speaker(s), images, graphics and text – that are exceptionally appealing and effective at promoting messages.

Video Marketing encompasses a wide variety of activities, including program planning, the alignment of target audience & video content, video production, content distribution, video optimization & monetization and program analysis.

The main goals of a Video Marketing program are to develop brand awareness, to provide attention-grabbing content for clients & prospects and to generate qualified, captivated leads.

This study covers the following sections:

Executive Summary
What is Video Marketing?
Benefits of Video Marketing
Video Marketing Deployment Lifecycle
Vendor Selection Criteria
Video Marketing Solutions Landscape
Video Marketing Maturity Model
Action Plan
Analyst Bottom Line
About the Research Analysts
Our Solution Study Methodology
About Demand Metric

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Video Marketing Solution Study

  1. 1. VIDEO MARKETING Solution Study Insights, Landscape, & Vendor Analysis
  2. 2. 28 Table of Contents 1 03 2 05 3 08 4 11 5 14 6 19 7 22 Executive Summary What is Video Marketing? Video Marketing Maturity Model Benefits of Video Marketing Video Marketing Deployment Lifecycle Vendor Selection Criteria Video Marketing Solutions Landscape Analyst Bottom Line 40 39 VIDEO MARKETING Solution Study Our Solution Study Methodology About Demand Metric Action Plan 278
  4. 4. 4VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYEXECUTIVE SUMMARY This Solution Study covers: Benefits of Video Marketing It has been said that “All Marketing is Digital Marketing,” and with good reason! In the last decade, marketing has been transformed. Marketing has moved from an environment in which traditional marketing, brick and mortar storefronts, and Digital Marketing options all competed for the time, attention, and resources of the marketing department to one in which Digital Marketing reigns supreme (with an occasional nod in the direction of the storefront or traditional marketing channels, such as direct mail and print advertising). In our Digital Marketing Solution Study Series, we examine five components of Digital Marketing. In this report, we will focus on the growing practice area of Video Marketing. Video Marketing Deployment Lifecycle Vendor Selection Criteria What is Video Marketing? Executive Summary Action Plan Video Marketing Solutions Landscape
  6. 6. 6VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYWHAT IS VIDEO MARKETING? Demand Metric defines Video Marketing as:Businesses utilize videos to provide information, education, advice, and/or entertainment to their target audience. These videos include a powerful combination of elements – audio, cast/ speaker(s), images, graphics, and text – that are exceptionally appealing and effective at promoting messages. Video Marketing encompasses a wide variety of activities, including program planning, the alignment of target audience & video content, video production, content distribution, video optimization & monetization, and program analysis. The main goals of a Video Marketing program are to develop brand awareness, provide attention-grabbing content for clients & prospects, and generate qualified, captivated leads. Inherently, video is a form of content used to enhance the overall customer experience. While the demand for video among Internet users has created the need for a specialized Video Marketing focus, it remains part of the broader Content Marketing practice area. The strategies, processes, and technologies employed by an organization to generate interest in their brand, company, and products through the use of relevant, engaging video content. What is Video Marketing? Role in Digital Marketing Stemming from the larger umbrella of Content Marketing, Video Marketing has become an integral part of the overall digital experience. Video Market- ing’s role in the digital landscape can be seen in our Digital Marketing Roles Matrix on the next page. Video Marketing processes and technologies are used primarily by Content Marketing. However, several other roles contribute to video content, including Strategic Communications, Demand Generation, Community, Social Media, and Customer Experience. Learn more about Demand Metric’s approach to Video Marketing and how it supports Content Marketing with our Video Marketing Playbook and our How-To Guide: Enhancing Content with Video Marketing. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to create an effective video marketing plan and produce engaging video content to support your marketing goals. VIDEO MARKETING PLAN Playbook & Toolkit V I E W R E S O U R C E
  7. 7. 7WHAT IS VIDEO MARKETING? ROLES RESPONSIBILITIES PROCESSES TECHNOLOGY CONTENT METRICS Senior Management Revenue Accountability Staffing & Channel Management Reporting to CEO/Board Budgeting & Planning Reviews & Coaching Recruitment & Retention WCM Marketing Automation CRM Thought Leadership Blog Webinar Presentations Conference Keynotes Revenue by Channel Customer Lifetime Value, NPS Return on Customer (ROC) Strategic Communications Brand Strategy Digital Marketing Strategy Social/Mobile Marketing Strategy Marketing Budget Agency Management Communications Management WCM Content Marketing Platforms Social Media Platforms Data Sheets, Whitepapers Case Studies/Testimonials Competitive Analysis Market Share, Profitability Brand Equity Content Usage Demand Generation Lead Generation & Events Inbound/Outbound Marketing Sales Opportunity Management Advertising/Sponsorship Lead Generation Tradeshows Marketing Automation/Email Digital Asset Management Event/Survey Management Advertising/SEO Email Campaigns Webinars Campaign ROI, Email Metrics Marketing Qualified Leads Contribution to Pipeline Content Marketing Web Content Management Content Marketing Content Distribution Content Creation Campaign Analysis Content Scoring WCM, Blogging Platforms, MA Content Marketing & Distribution Video Marketing Platforms Website and Blogs eBooks, Articles Videos Content Views, Links Earned Content Conversion Content Published Community & Social Media Online Community Management Social Listening Social Engagement Community Development Social Channel Management Social Reputation Management WCM Social Media Platforms Social Channels & Networks Posts, Tweets, Photos Forums, Chats, Comments Articles, Community News User Engagement Sentiment Analysis Campaign ROI Public Relations External Communications Media Relations Analyst Relations Influencer Identification Relationship Cultivation Content Creation/Distribution Media Contact Database News Distribution & Monitoring Analytics & Reporting News Content/Press Releases Thought Leadership Content Rich & Social Media Content Mentions/Impressions Audience Growth & Engagement Sentiment Analysis Product Marketing New Product Development Mobile App Development Video Production/Development Product Launch Product Positioning Competitive Analysis WCM Mobile Development Platforms Video Production Platforms New Features/Ideas for R&D Gamification Competitive Analysis Avg. Revenue Per User Avg. Order Value Conversion Rate, Renewal Rate Customer Experience Interactive Experience Customer Satisfaction Customer Advocacy Customer Experience Customer Journey Mapping Customer Persona Creation Customer Profile Management Customer Support, Twitter Survey & Social Channels Buyer Personas Customer Journey Map Proposals, Presentations Customer Satisfaction Index Customer Lifetime Value Net Promoter Score (NPS) VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDY Digital Marketing Roles Matrix
  8. 8. Demand Metric’s Video Marketing Maturity Model can be used in combi- nation with the vendor landscape analysis and charts detailed in the Video Marketing Solutions Landscape section of this report. 8 Video Marketing Maturity Model VIDEO MARKETING MATURITY MODEL VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDY Level of Commitment The strength of the commitment and the focus on excellence in Vid- eo Marketing initiatives and campaigns drives other best practices. Planning Video Marketers create strategies, goals, and KPIs for every point of their Video Marketing effort. Processes Video Marketers develop measurable processes for each phase to ensure progress and success. Resources World Class Organizations ensure that sufficient resources (time, talent, tools, money) exist for each initiative, campaign, and phase of their plan. Management World Class companies effectively manage the change, progress, and results of Video Marketing efforts. As our Video Marketing Maturity Model (pages 9-10) illustrates, organizations moving from a lack of experience with Video Marketing to those which fully embrace it must consider eight key components. These are: Orientation: The posture the organization takes toward the discipline of Video Marketing and its importance to the organization for marketing, sales, and revenue generation. Leadership: The view of executive/senior management toward the role Video Marketing plays in driving sales, revenue, and profits; its inherent value to the company. Budget & Staff: How well Video Marketing is resourced with time, talent, tools, money, and authority. Development Focus: How in-depth the focus of development for Video Marketing is within the organization. Content Management: How well the organization manages video content. Customer Engagement: How well the organization engages with customers using video content. Monetization: How well video content is able to produce a return-on-in- vestment (ROI). Metrics: How Video Marketing initiatives and campaigns are tracked, measured, managed, and reported. Our Maturity Model shows the progression of an organization from Stage 1 (Undefined) to Stage 4 (World Class) that is characterized by the following best practices:
  9. 9. VIDEO MARKETING Maturity Model Orientation STAGE 1 - Undefined STAGE 2 - Progressive STAGE 3 - Mature STAGE 4 - World-Class Budget & Staff No defined strategy or process for Video Marketing No budget exists; Spending & staffing is ad hoc Budget allocated; Defined roles & responsibilities for Video Marketing Budget with business case to justify spend; Dedicated internal point person for Video Marketing Budget connected to video goals; Organization aligned for maximum social impact Defined strategy and processes exist for Video Marketing in uncoordinated pockets in organization Defined, integrated strategy and processes exist for Video Marketing across an Enterprise Defined, integrated strategy for Video Marketing exists across an Enterprise; Campaigns are tracked & measured by level of engagement & revenue impact Leadership Skeptical of value of Video Marketing; Does not use Views video as new marketing oppor- tunity; Experimenting; Willing to fund test projects Long term commitment; Willing partici- pant; Resources for growth Views video as strategic function; Fully funds; Organization integrates rich media content (social, mobile, video) Development Focus Expects all stages of Deployment Life- cycle are working properly; Focuses on Enterprise-level integrations & analytics for sales cycle optimizationFocus on video hosting & streaming; Uses basic functions to upload, down- load, view and process video files Focuses on hosting & streaming and video distribution & sharing capabili- ties; Utilizes content management & basic analytics to improve marketing activities Expects hosting, sharing, and manage- ment capabilities; Focuses on developing optimization, monetization, and deeper analytics for video success Video Marketing
  10. 10. Want to rate your organization’s Video Marketing maturity with an interactive tool? Download our Video Marketing Maturity Assessment and get started today! V I E W R E S O U R C E VIDEO MARKETING Maturity Model Content Management Customer Engagement Monetization Metrics Engages users on a basic level through free video apps, channels, and Social Media networks; No strategy in place for utilizing video to engage customers Video library available with options to create metadata; Videos can be added to playlists for a rudimentary organization of video content Focused on video performance; Video revenue is not a priority Tracks viewer activity and level of engagement as well as the overall popu- larity of video content. Focused on video performance; Generating revenue on videos is an afterthought and occurs sporadically Analytics to monitor and track video performance and conversions; May be tracking usage on multiple devices Focused on monetization; Has a platform and processes in place to generate revenue from videos Video analytics integrated with CRM & MA systems to provide lead-specific viewing history and behaviors for the sales cycle Platform in place that provides full monetization through ad creation & placement, ads, video channel subscriptions, and reseller engagement Analytics provide social sentiment analysis, real-time performance tracking, and data on the ROI of each video asset Has aligned video initiatives with customer engagement; Established buyer personas; Actively pursuing ways to better use video for customers Platform features, such as in-video calls-to-action and video player customization, enhance a Video Marketing program Utilizes platform and analytics to engage users; Platform is integrated with other systems to share analytics among depart- ments for customer interaction Platform enriches program; Features include multi-level access controls, enhanced optimization, and metadata categorization for easy searching Platform is aligned and optimized with customer engagement activities; Video content matches buyer personas & touchpoints in the sales cycle Comprehensive solution for video management and optimization; Moni- tors and manages video campaigns; Tracks content usage on all devices STAGE 1 - Undefined STAGE 2 - Progressive STAGE 3 - Mature STAGE 4 - World-Class Video Marketing
  12. 12. 12VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYBENEFITS OF VIDEO MARKETING As discussed earlier, videos are a powerful combination of elements. When implemented properly, these elements work together to produce a wide array of benefits for any organization, including: Benefits of Video Marketing Enhancing Content Marketing Initiatives Increasing User Engagement Producing Realistic Customer Experiences Providing Collateral for Social Media Marketing Video falls under the unified umbrella of Content Marketing. Although Video Marketing has taken on its own persona, ultimately, it supplements content initiatives with a highly effective medium. By choosing to “play” a video, a viewer is already showing interest in your product/service. With video, viewers have the option of actively choosing content rather than just passively receiving content via email, ads, etc. For those organizations that have little in-person contact with their clients, video provides a platform for organizations to show the faces of the organization and personalize communication to specific buyer segments. In comparison to other content formats, video content allows organizations to gain a manufactured face-to-face interaction to connect personally with clients. Once videos have been produced, they are powerful tools that should be shared on all of an organization’s Social Media channels. Video has become one of the most highly shared content formats on the Internet, especially on Social Networks.
  13. 13. 13VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYBENEFITS OF VIDEO MARKETING Generating Engaged and Qualified Leads Improving SEO Efforts When video content is strategically planned, produced, and distributed for a particular audience, it is more likely to generate prospects that are invested in your message. One-minute of relevant, engaging video content can be very powerful to the right audience and increase the likelihood of a viewer following a call-to-action. According to Demand Metric’s Chief Analyst, Jerry Rackley, “Marketers should keep in mind that search engines will index properly tagged videos very well, and they often include an attention-grabbing thumbnail pane in the search results page.” Consequently, the more videos your program produces, the higher your SEO rankings will become. Creating Revenue Some organizations choose to make their videos fee-based, which would certainly provide more revenue, if presented properly. However, even organizations that open video content to everyone should expect a hike in revenue due to the other projected benefits listed above. A strategic plan for the production and distribution of a Video Marketing program will eventually help generate revenue. Enhancing Brand Identity Gaining an audience for your videos will improve viewers’ connection between your brand and the message you are providing in the video. For this reason, it is important to create a clear, relevant story that highlights the most appealing attributes of your organization. Complete Demand Metric’s Video Marketing Strategy Scorecard to include these key benefits as the ultimate goals and objectives for your Video Marketing program. V I E W R E S O U R C E
  15. 15. 15VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYVIDEO MARKETING DEPLOYMENT LIFECYCLE Video Marketing Deployment Lifecycle Stages of Deployment Video Marketing is comprised of six core components within the vendor landscape, which are Video Hosting & Streaming, Content Management, Distribution & Sharing, Optimization, Monetization, and Analytics. Figure 1 illustrates the interaction of these components. Video Marketing Deployment Lifecycle Video Hosting & Streaming Video Content Management Video Distribution & Sharing Video Monetization Video Analytics Video Optimization 1 2 3 4 5 6 FIGURE 1: VIDEO MARKETING DEPLOYMENT LIFECYCLE
  16. 16. 16VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYVIDEO MARKETING DEPLOYMENT LIFECYCLE The video hosting & streaming component of Video Marketing platforms centers around the capacity of solutions to upload, download, view, and process video files. Basic solutions allow users to easily upload, download, and view video files with both Flash and HTML5 coding. More advanced solutions offer functionality to stream live and HD videos, upload/download videos from multiple channels and devices, and the ability to customize video players. Cutting-edge vendors offer advanced encoding services to process video files from most formats, the capacity to upload/ download videos at an accelerated rate, and options for customizing video players within the platform, across channels, and on mobile devices. Video content management involves all of the activities that support the storage, organization, and modification of video content. Basic solutions provide users with access to a video library of all uploads with the option to create metadata (i.e. tags, descriptions, and links) and add videos to playlists for a rudimentary organization of video content. Comprehensive solutions include features such as metadata categorization for easy searching, and enhanced optimization and multi-level access controls to enable different levels of access for multiple user accounts. HOSTING & STREAMING CONTENT MANAGEMENT VIDEO VIDEO
  17. 17. 17VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYVIDEO MARKETING DEPLOYMENT LIFECYCLE The manner in which videos are distributed and shared can be critical to the success of a video’s performance. This component of Video Marketing focuses heavily on the delivery and dissemination of video content. Basic solutions typically provide you with embed codes in order to share videos on your website or through other channels. These solutions also include social media widgets to make it easy for viewers to distribute videos through their own channels. As we climb the tiers, direct integration with one or more Social Networks becomes the norm in Standard and Comprehensive solutions. We see this component change drastically when we reach the Cutting-Edge tier with features such as custom video website creation and direct video sharing within a CRM system. Optimizing videos is a critical function of Video Marketing that is often overlooked by many organizations. Video optimization ensures that your video content is getting ample traffic from the proper audience. Basic solutions typically only allow you to add your own metadata (i.e. tags, descriptions, and links) in order to gain search engine visibility. However, more advanced platforms may offer features that automate tagging and metadata creation, transcribe video content into text for additional searching purposes, and develop in-video calls-to action. Cutting-edge features include video mapping to the sales cycle and the ability to create in-video calls-to action that are specific to buyer personas and/or key points in the sales cycle to assist in revenue generation. DISTRIBUTION & SHARING OPTIMIZATION VIDEO VIDEO
  18. 18. 18VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYVIDEO MARKETING DEPLOYMENT LIFECYCLE Videos provide an array of benefits, as mentioned previously, that will, ultimately, increase an organization’s bottom line. However, generating revenue directly from videos has become a central component of Video Marketing. Basic solutions are usually more focused on video performance rather than monetization. Comprehensive solutions help create & place ads, generate paid subscriptions for your channel, and engage resellers to drive revenue. Metrics are an integral part of implementing any technology in order to identify and prove ROI. EvenwithinaBasicsolution,userscanobtainanalyticstounderstand the development of their Video Marketing initiative. At a Basic level, platforms offer companies the opportunity to understand viewer activity and level of engagement as well as the overall popularity of video content. More advanced platforms provide users with lead-specific viewing history and behavior mapping, analytics integration with CRM & Marketing Automation solutions, and multi-device metrics to understand which devices your viewers are using the most. On the Cutting-Edge end of the spectrum, customers are able to get deep insights into the social sharing activities of viewers, monitor video performance in real-time, and measure the ROI of each video asset they produce. MONETIZATION ANALYTICS VIDEO VIDEO
  20. 20. 20VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYVENDOR SELECTION CRITERIA Vendor Selection Criteria We recommend that organizations evaluate vendors in the Video Marketing solution space based on the six key components reviewed in the Video Marketing Deployment Lifecycle section of this report. Vendor solutions can and will vary within the various components, Standard in one area and Cutting-Edge in another, so it’s important to make sure the vendor’s strengths match your primary requirements. Figure 2 (on the next page) highlights key functionality according to the level of complexity of the solution on the four tiers we evaluated from Basic to Cutting-Edge. Use this chart to determine the functionality that is right for your organization. Demand Metric’s Video Marketing Vendor Evaluation allows you to compare and contrast several vendors at one time at each level of functionality. V I E W R E S O U R C E
  21. 21. 21VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYVENDOR SELECTION CRITERIA FIGURE 2: VIDEO MARKETING VENDOR SELECTION CRITERIA BY FUNCTIONALITY TIER CUTTING-EDGE NICHE SOLUTION FEATURES COMPREHENSIVE STANDARD BASIC Video Production Services, eLearning & Training, Specific Industry/Market Experience, Cutting-Edge Features Advanced Player Customization, Mobile Player Customization, Video Website Creation, CRM Video Sharing, Video Mapping for Sales Cycle, Video Asset ROI Analytics Live Streaming & DVR, Multi-language Player, eCommerce Management, CRM & MA Integration, Syndication & Transcription, Multi-level Access, Lead-specific Viewing History & Behavior Mapping HD Streaming & Social Network Integration, Video Encoding & Transcoding, Customizable Video Player, Multi-channel & Multi-device Uploading & Downloading, In-video CTAs, Ad Creation & Placement, Video Conversion Metrics Flash/HTML5 Uploading, Web Video Player, Playlist Creation & Tagging, Metadata Creation, Social Media Widgets, Video & Viewer Activity Analytics
  23. 23. 23VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYVIDEO MARKETING SOLUTIONS LANDSCAPE Video Marketing Solutions Landscape History Playing FieldOver the past several years, the Video Marketing technology space has grown exponentially. While video production and distribution is not a novel concept, the rapid evolution of this market began with the launch of YouTube in 2005. Through the use of Flash player for uploading and creating videos, YouTube gained a widespread following worldwide, which allowed organizations/brands the opportunity to promote products/services on a larger scale. Google’s purchase of YouTube in 2006 allowed for an even greater, global expansion of video. From 2006 to present day, Video Marketing solutions have emerged to enhance the quality of video hosting & sharing, offer support for video production & distribution, and optimize the monetization & performance of video. Most solutions evolved around the growth of YouTube in order to enrich the overall experience. Today, with the pervasive adoption of HTML5 coding by Video Marketing vendors and Internet browsers, the quality of video production and streaming has improved immensely. With Internet users in constant pursuit of new content via social networks, blogs, and hourly Google searches, vendors in this market are in a race to find the next creative edge that will propel their customers forward with the new “viral” video of the day. Vendors across the Video Marketing Landscape fall into four main tiers based on their functionality in the following six categories: Some vendors listed in this report may also fall into the “Niche Players” category, discussed after the main categories, based on unique features they offer or specific markets that they target. The vendors analyzed for this report have been placed in Figure 3 (Page 25) based on the features/functionality they can provide to customers. 1. Video Hosting & Streaming 2. Video Content Management 3. Video Distribution & Sharing 4. Video Optimization 5. Video Monetization 6. Video Analytics
  24. 24. 24VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDY The four main tiers of Video Marketing are: Basic – These solutions offer an elementary solution to Video Marketing. While they include features in each of the six components of our Video Marketing Deployment Lifecycle (Figure 1), the functionality does little to enhance a video’s quality and optimize its performance. Many organizations will use these platforms in combination with an advanced solution to propel a video’s virality. The most notable of these is YouTube and Vimeo (Basic). Standard – A standard Video Marketing platform improves upon the Basic functionality. These platforms provide users with features that enrich your overall Video Marketing program, such as in-video calls-to- action, video player customization, and options for increasing revenue streams from video content. Standard solutions may have room for growth in two or more categories. The solutions in this tier are Invodo, JW Player, Pixability, tubular, uStudio, Vimeo PRO, Viddler, and vzaar. Comprehensive – These platforms offer solid, complete solutions for all six of the Video Marketing categories. Each of these platforms can easily manage and monitor an entire Video Marketing program on its own. Vendors in this tier include Ooyala, RAMP, SproutVideo, Vidcaster, and Wistia. Cutting-Edge – To be included in this tier, vendors must offer a Comprehensive solution as well as provide features/functionality that will change the face of Video Marketing in the future. Some Cutting-Edge features include customizable video sites, CRM video sharing, and video asset ROI analytics. These solutions are Brightcove and Vidyard. The niche players in the Video Marketing arena are vendors that fall into the Basic, Standard, and Comprehensive tiers; however, they offer products/ services that include one or two unique features and/or target their product(s)/ service(s) to specific market segments. Vendors in this category are Invodo (offer video production services), Ooyala (target digital TV channels), Pixability (provide social sentiment and sharing analysis), tubular (target agencies & MCNs), uStudio (CRM Video Sharing and video website creation), and Vidcaster (focus on eLearning and training). Figure 3 (on the next page) highlights the placement of the vendors analyzed for this report from Basic to Cutting-Edge, as well as the Niche category based on the features and functionality presented in Figure 2. Niche VIDEO MARKETING SOLUTIONS LANDSCAPE
  26. 26. 26VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDY Download Demand Metric’s Video Marketing Vendors Matrix to evaluate key vendors in the Video Marketing space based on target industries, offerings, key features, unique strengths, and current customers. V I E W R E S O U R C E Evolution of the Landscape VIDEO MARKETING SOLUTIONS LANDSCAPE Demand Metric expects that the need and desire for video content will continue to grow radically among Enterprises and SMBs. As the market becomes saturated with category-specific vendors, Demand Metric believes consumers will continue to gravitate toward vendors that provide Comprehensive to Cutting-Edge solutions rather than focus on investing in Niche solutions. CRM video sharing, social sentiment and sharing analytics, video asset to ROI metrics, and video mapping to the sales cycle are several features that will notably change the Video Marketing spectrum in the near future. Demand Metric expects that Comprehensive and Cutting-Edge solutions will continue producing new features like these to enhance their already strong platforms further.
  27. 27. 27VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYANALYST BOTTOM LINEANALYST BOTTOM LINE Analyst Bottom Line As the demand for video as a source of content continues to grow, organizations must ensure that their Video Marketing program is implemented properly, streamlined for growth, and optimized for success. In order to do so, companies should, at a minimum, contemplate the benefits that a Video Marketing platform can provide in order to successfully manage, monitor, support, and maximize their video efforts. As discussed in this report, video is a very powerful resource that can impact almost every aspect of a business. Likewise, if implemented and managed properly, Video Marketing solutions can be effective tools for increasing the potency and value of videos. Companies searching for new ways to deliver their message and increase brand recognition, as well as organizations looking to improve the success of their current video marketing program’s performance, should consider researching and implementing a Video Marketing platform.
  28. 28. 28VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDY V I D E O M A R K E T I N G A C T I O N P L A N Follow this simple, step-by-step methodology to develop a Video Marketing plan that increases sales, builds customer insights, and grows brand awareness. VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDY
  29. 29. 29VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDY 29ACTION PLAN Utilize our Video Marketing Maturity Assessment to evaluate your current systems and initiatives for Video Marketing. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  Review Develop Understand Request Identify Select Strategize Train Measure 1 Evaluate Evaluate Your Video Marketing Maturity V I E W R E S O U R C E
  30. 30. VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYACTION PLAN 30 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  Review 1 Evaluate Evaluate the organizational impact of making the change from your current systems and processes to a Video Marketing platform. Use our Digital Marketing Roles Matrix to review the company roles, responsibilities, processes, and technology that may be impacted by the change. Develop Understand Request Identify Select Strategize Train Measure Understand The Roles Required For World Class Digital Marketing V I E W R E S O U R C E
  31. 31. VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYACTION PLAN 31 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  Develop 1 Develop a solid 12-18 month plan for your Video Marketing program with our Video Marketing Strategy Scorecard. Build a Video Marketing Plan You Can Share With Stakeholders V I E W R E S O U R C E Evaluate Review Understand Request Identify Select Strategize Train Measure
  32. 32. VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYACTION PLAN 32 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  Understand 1 Review our Video Marketing Vendors Matrix to learn about the key vendors/platforms in the Video Marketing space, and to understand which vendors may work best for your organization. Discover and Research Key Video Marketing Vendors V I E W R E S O U R C E Evaluate Review Request Identify Select Strategize Train Measure 3 Develop
  33. 33. VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYACTION PLAN 33 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  Request 1 Request proposals from potential vendors to gather informa- tion on products/services. Use our Video Marketing System RFP Template to create a standard proposal for your organization. Obtain Proposals From Your Short List of Video Marketing Vendors V I E W R E S O U R C E Evaluate Review Identify Select Strategize Train Measure Develop Understand
  34. 34. VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYACTION PLAN 34 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  Identify 1 After receiving RFPs from potential vendors, schedule and attend product/service demos with 3-4 vendors to get an up-close-and- personal view of their solutions. Follow these best practices: prioritize your requirements and use cases send your use cases to vendor in advance of demo define meeting length (max 1 hour) up front don’t let vendor control the demo rate each vendor using a scorecard have vendor demo their solution to your top use cases make list of key items that vendor doesn’t have clear answers for set clear expectations around follow-up and timeframes Learn More About Your Potential Vendors’ Product and/or Service Evaluate Review Select Strategize Train Measure Develop Understand Request
  35. 35. VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYACTION PLAN 35 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  Select 1 Evaluate your top 3-4 vendors our Video Marketing Vendor Evaluation in order to help you make the best platform selec- tion for your organization and its needs. Find the Best Fit by Evaluating Vendors Using Selection Criteria V I E W R E S O U R C E Evaluate Review Strategize Train Measure Develop Understand Request Identify
  36. 36. VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYACTION PLAN 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  Strategize 1 Use our Video Marketing Playbook to create your plan. Develop an implementation strategy and communication plan to roll-out the initiative across the organization and through your channels. 36 Follow Proven Best Practices to Video Marketing Success Follow this simple step-by-step guide to create an effective video marketing plan and produce engaging video content to support your marketing goals. VIDEO MARKETING PLAN Playbook & Toolkit V I E W R E S O U R C E Evaluate Review Train Measure Develop Understand Request Identify Select
  37. 37. VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYACTION PLAN 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  Train 1 Develop an education/training plan for all affected personnel: marketing, product development, operations, and sales. 37 Train Your Team About Video Marketing Evaluate Review Measure Develop Understand Request Identify Select Strategize VIDEO MARKETING Training Course S TA R T L E A R N I N G
  38. 38. VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYACTION PLAN V I E W R E S O U R C E 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  Measure 1 Measure and track the progress of your Video Marketing initia- tive with our Video Marketing Metrics Dashboard. 38 Track Key Video Marketing Metrics Evaluate Review Develop Understand Request Identify Select Strategize Train
  39. 39. 39VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYOUR SOLUTION STUDY METHODOLOGY Our Solution Study Methodology The Modern Marketing landscape is an ever changing, ever evolving environment in which new strategies, technologies, vendors, and products appear continually. Demand Metric Solution Studies provide marketers with a focus on a specific technology solution set or focus area so that they are armed with the knowledge, information, and tools they need to develop effective strategies and action plans for their organizations. Each Solution Study involves hours of analyst research, draws information from interviews with vendor executives and established vendor clients for a specific technology solution, and is usually accompanied by a mini Tool-kit of practical resources. Solution Study Tool-kits are designed to provide marketers with the tools & templates they need to plan for an initiative in a given focus area, analyze the vendor landscape, and select the best vendor for their organization. Our Digital Marketing report series includes Solution Studies on: Social Media Marketing Mobile Marketing CRM Content Marketing Public Relations
  40. 40. 40VIDEO MARKETING: SOLUTION STUDYABOUT DEMAND METRIC Demand Metric provides Agile Marketing software powered by 1,000+ practical tools and resources to help our members complete their work faster and with more confidence. Our community of 125,000+ global members is composed of CEOs and business owners, marketing consultants and agen- cies, marketing executives and managers, and professionals who specialize in: product management, marketing operations, sales enablement, customer engagement, demand genera- tion, content marketing, project management, account-based marketing, and other disciplines. To learn more about Demand Metric, sign up for a free member- ship at: V I E W W E B S I T E About Demand Metric
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