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  1. 1. + + Executive Agenda 2010-2011 Morgan DeBaun – President Kirsten Miller – VP of Administration Eliot Walker – VP of Finance John Harrison York - VP of Programming Cody Katz - VP of Public Relations
  2. 2. + Our Vision Eliot Walker John Harrison York Morgan DeBaun Kirsten Miller Cody Katz The purpose of this proposal is to present to the campus community the potential vision for the Executive Administration of Student Union. This document is meant to provide an outline of our goals and mission, and as a foundation to support dialogue about building community at Washington University. Our campus community has a diverse student population encompassing different cultures, orientations, political ideologies, and faiths. Throughout the year Student Union should be fostering school pride by uniting students over common experiences and sharing their differences. These uncertain times continue to challenge Wash U, both present and future. Budget cuts across campus will continue to shape our lives for the next four years and our community needs to maximize our current resources available to us. Holding a unique position in influencing the Wash U. experience, Student Union must responsibly distribute the student activity fee, but also maintain a strong student voice. All students should have access to Student Union’s resources, and feel supported by the rest of our student body. This document is to serve as a springboard for further dialogue; please reflect and discuss on the meaning of ‘community’ and how we can work to strengthen ours. We hope that the student body and Student Union leaders can work together to increase common understanding, and ownership of problems and solutions, and strengthen our campus’ capacity to effect positive change. 2
  3. 3. + Empowering Students Giving Students the Tools They Need Any Student Has Access to the who are passionate about an Student Activity Fee issue • Create action steps Any student that pays the student resolutions activity fee will be able to appeal to treasury as an individual Workshops and Training • Collaborations, speakers, and conferences • Developing workshops that will • Institutionalizing the Treasury help students or student groups Liaison Program to make it learn more about activism and easier for individual students group decision making to appeal • Create a shared knowledge • Publicize a list of Frequently network for different student Asked Questions that groups to share experiences and treasurers may ask skills with one another • Invite students and student Utilizing SU’s influence groups to Senate Committee meetings. Advertise subjects of • Create a resolution writing meetings. handbook • Re-vamp presidents and • Encourage and foster dialogue treasurers training between Senators and students 3
  4. 4. Enhancing Students’ Space Reviving the Women’s Building Creating a Student Center Fostering Dialogue and Interactions Developing an engaging space so that students feel more comfortable hanging out in their • SU and student groups sponsoring a suites. “Cheap Cultural Food Lunch” in the Women’s Building • Computers for students to check • Ex. Every Friday from 11-1 there is a their email and a study space. different cultural student group • Wireless in the Women’s Building selling food. This serves as a • Campus card reader access fundraiser for the groups and brings • Capital investments to create an life into the building engaging space for students (comfy • Creating an open door policy for chairs, flat screen) suites and offices • Re-organizing the underpass paint • Establishing a permanent student system and reserving system art gallery 4
  5. 5. + Increasing Shared Experiences Big Speakers, Big Programs, School Pride School Pride I am Wash. U. Campaign Big Programs • Work with Bear Necessities Prioritizing events in the beginning and Campus bookstore to Big Speakers of the year to identify key Allocating $100,000 for 2-3 first have uniform WU shirts traditions we do not want to semester speakers. • Distribute “Wash. U. Pride conflict with when allocating shirts” at the beginning of appeal money. •Applied for by student the school year groups • Calendar of events • Collaborate with CS40 to • Big Names like Karl Rove, identified included in establish new traditions or Michelle Obama treasury’s binders and given surrounding WU identity Continuing support for second at president and treasurers semester Assembly Speakers training. Familiarize student body with • Using the Link as a tool Wash U. fight song Maximizing SU’s resources by when student groups are working with CS40 and NSA to co- planning their activities • Work with the Bomb Squad sponsor large scale events. and Red Alert to identify Student Union bringing back club ways SU can promote the fight song. nights. • Include the fight song in the • Student group run and student planner or other sponsored as a fundraiser • Various St. Louis club official WU information locations such as Soulard, • Solicit help from Res-Life the Landing, and the and CS40 to teach incoming Central West End freshmen the fight song • WUSAS & RAs. 5
  6. 6. == + [collaborative] [progressive] [thoughtful] + Morgan – Cody – Kirsten – John Harrison – Eliot –