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Usnh ati open ed advocacy 2018


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Slides for USNH ATI 2018 Open Education Advocacy

Published in: Education
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Usnh ati open ed advocacy 2018

  1. 1. (verb): publically recommend or support (noun): champion, promoter, spokesperson Advocate by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images Karen Cangialosi Keene State College
  2. 2. • GLSEN, Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, NH chapter co-chair • Monadnock AIDS board, member • Monadnock Live Free and Equal Coalition, Exec board • Cincinnati Coalition for Choice, founding member • Womens’ and LGBT rights CR and organizing groups, (OH, MA, NH) • Active Lesbians of the Monadnock Area, founding member • Take back the night marches (Ohio, NH, MA, Washington DC) • Pride rallies and marches, (OH, NH, MA, Washington DC) • Women’s rights rallies and marches, (OH, NH, DC) • KSC Diversity and Multicultural Commission, co-chair • KSC Women’s Studies Program  WGS department, coordinator, member • KSC President’s Commission of the Status of women, co-chair • Keene State College Safe Zone founding member My Street Cred as Activist and Advocate
  3. 3. Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani education activist and youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize recipient (CC BY 2.0)
  4. 4. • What are we advocating for? • On whose behalf are we advocating? • Why do we need to advocate? • To whom do we advocate to? • What needs to change? • Who/What needs more support? • What does support look like? Speak up for Education Rally (CC BY-SA 2.0)
  5. 5. Make No Mistake About Our Context
  6. 6. Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities 820 First Street NE, Suite 510 Washington, DC 20002 Funding Down, Tuition Up Between 2008 and 2016, New Hampshire cut funding for public higher education by $1,387 per student (-30%). Tuition rose by $4,075 per student (37%)
  7. 7. From: Hungry and Homeless in College: Results from a National Study of Basic Needs Insecurity in Higher Education, 2017, by Sara Goldrick-Rab, Jed Richardson and Anthony Hernandez, the Wisconsin HOPE lab Survey of 33,000 students at 74 community colleges in 24 states • 67% are Food Insecure • 50% are Housing Insecure • 13-14% are Homeless • Prevalent in all regions of the country
  8. 8. The Message of Open is About Students and Learning, not Tools or Methods Doug Ericson, KSC Invertebrate Zoology student
  9. 9. How do we keep the best interests of students in mind… • when strategizing about college/university structures and positions? • when considering which technologies to purchase or use? • when working to keep our institutions afloat? • when doing faculty development work? • when designing curriculum and courses? • when developing “student success” initiatives? • when considering open education? Student founders of the KSC Hungry Owl Food pantry with Sara Goldrick-Rab, author of Paying the Price
  10. 10. 1. Look for free stuff for students 2. Go to a conference in Canada to meet inspiring leader in your own system 3. Invite Open Ed leader to your campus 4. Read, watch, learn, stay informed, follow others- this takes TIME! My Journey
  11. 11. Know your terminology, but don’t expect simple definitions • Open Educational Resources (OER) • Open License, the 5 R’s • Open Access • Open Pedagogy • Open Source • Open Data • Open Science • Openwashing
  12. 12. Open Pedagogy Illustrated by Karen Cangialosi [CC BY 4.0] Open is Complex Open is a Verb -Robin DeRosa
  13. 13. Linda Vanasupa et al., [CC BY 4.0]
  14. 14. Be an advocate where you already are … Find ways to connect the ideals of Open to your existing work on committees • Campus Sustainability Council • Diversity and Inclusivity Initiatives • Student Support • Budget taskforce • Library • P & T committee • Faculty Development • General Education, Integrated Studies Program • Connect to the mission and values Speak up. Be creative. Be strategic. [A select Committee of the House of Commons in session at Portcullis House CC BY 3.0]
  15. 15. Develop and Sponsor Events • Bring Speakers • Plan OER work sessions • Connect with National Events (e.g., Open Access Week, Year of Open) • Run Open Ped Tools Workshops • Develop and Run Learning Communities Martha Burtis at Keene State College
  16. 16. Ensure that Student Voices are Heard • Hold Student Panels • Create Videos • Invite students to events • Allow for student input into decision making processes (curriculum, event planning, other) • Amplify student voices on social media • Put students on your campus committees Andrew Rikard and Erika Bullock at KSC
  17. 17. Create new groups, lead initiatives Examples at KSC: • Biology Dept Zero Textbook Costs • Open Ed Speaker Series • Open Education Work Group • Open Pedagogy Learning Community • KSC Open - Domain of One’s Own
  18. 18. Explore External Funding and Partnership Opportunities
  19. 19. • Don’t like reading on a screen • Too much trouble to change the textbook • Too much work to find the right OER sources • Printed textbooks worked just fine for me • My computer might crash • The dog ate my homework! CC 0 Address Complaints and Privilege
  20. 20. Trolls! Fake News! Stuff that’s wrong! Stuff that’s irrelevant! (Who cares what you had for dinner?)
  21. 21. Students will go online ANYWAY; they will have a digital presence WITH or WITHOUT your guidance. Is it responsible to “just say no” to: • Smartphone use? • Using social media? • Reading, posting and interacting on the web? If faculty and staff in higher education don’t guide students to think about digital citizenship and their digital footprint – who will?
  22. 22. Use Social Media for Communicating and Providing Resources • Blogs • Twitter (#KSCollab, #USNHshare) • Facebook • Wikis (KSC campus conversations) • Other Model Digital Citizenship and Identity for your Students
  23. 23. Confront Openwashing and Openwrapping (CC BY 2.0) Openwashing: having an appearance of open-source and open-licensing for marketing purposes, while continuing proprietary practices. Audrey Watters Openwashing: to spin a product or company as open, although it is not. Derived from 'greenwashing.' Michelle Thorn Openwrapping: Charging for the services and support provided (wrapped) around the OER content. These “value-added” services may come in the form of learning platforms, content management systems, ancillary teaching materials, adaptive/personalized learning tools, data analytics, customer support, etc. Scott Robison
  24. 24. • Question the products that your bookstore is selling • Question the products that publishers or other companies are selling • Question the function and value of for-profit Ed Tech Critically Evaluate Educational Resources
  25. 25. Provide Structures for Authentic Collaboration o Across campus constituency groups  admins, faculty, staff, students o Across the USNH System  invite, make efforts to contact and include people from the other USNH institutions o Nationally, Globally  advertise, livestream your events, ask for input Open Education advocates from KSC, GSC, and PSU at dinner.
  26. 26. Leverage the Internationally Recognized Open Education Leaders/Experts in Your Institution/System Leaders are fearless advocates for students. They speak out against the forces urging us to commodify our students. They push back against those who protect the status quo out of fear. They speak up for students, and for the commons we need to build, they speak up for radical change. They keep speaking, writing and advocating, even as they are ridiculed and devalued and their work is dismantled. @actualham
  27. 27. Sign in the BWI airport We could have been here 5 years ago
  28. 28. • Don’t provide or expect simple definitions for Open. • Complexity = Value • Adopt a position of curiosity, not a desire for short cuts. • Listen to experts, scholars who have been studying and involved in national and international conversations. • Be aware of and able to respond to valid criticisms and concerns • Be fearless, seek out the exciting opportunities that come with doing things in a brand new way. . Don’t oversimplify the power and potential of Open “Open is a process, not a panacea” - Robin DeRosa
  29. 29. Your Photo Here Open Education
  30. 30. We should take very seriously our role in higher education as preparers of global citizens that will shape the future. ADVOCATE FOR STUDENTS CC 0
  31. 31. Slide by Jesse Stommel (CC BY-NC 4.0)
  32. 32. This work by Karen Cangialosi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License Follow me on twitter @karencang