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Human (and beyond) diversity - who will we meet, make, and become?


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Suppose we don't meet aliens. Might we satisfy our thirst for "otherness" anyway, by widening the range of who "we" are? The greatest discovery of recent, scientific civilization has been tolerance. Inclusion of all types, races, genders of people as full citizens, contributing fresh perspectives and wisdom. That task of expansion is not complete! But already we're discussing the next phases. Incorporating intelligences that are artificial, or human variants, or uplifted animals. What are the dangers and opportunities? Explore these Big Ideas along with David Brin's assumption-shattering talk at the Smithsonian, in May 2014.

These are just the slides! For the actual talk, see:

(Note: on slideshare, many of the multi-layer and animated slides don’t flow; you’ll just have to imagine! Or come see me speak in person, some time.)

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Human (and beyond) diversity - who will we meet, make, and become?

  1. 1. Heading out -- Will we meet beings with different minds? Will we make other minds? Or become them?" David Brin “The Future is here!” Washington DC May 2014
  2. 2. Our dreams soar!
  3. 3. Use asteroidal resources… … or make an elevator to the heavens. …to beam power home…
  4. 4. Asteroids --
  5. 5. We may modify worlds… …and alter ourselves to live on them.
  6. 6. Where is everyone?
  7. 7. Some yearn for a Helping Hand from others out there… … but while we’re waiting… …DIVERSITY will augment astonishingly.
  8. 8. We are already enhancing ourselves the old fashioned way…
  9. 9. …with prosthetics of vision, memory and attention…
  10. 10. Is “augmentation” next?
  11. 11. Shall we meddle with the recipe of life? Can any law prevent it?
  12. 12. We may build Others from scratch
  13. 13. …or they may come by surprise.
  14. 14. We already share the planet.
  15. 15. I got your diversity right here
  16. 16. Will this prospect please everyone?
  17. 17. There are older ways of appealing to the Other…
  18. 18. IMAGES: Patrick Farley, Also Paramount Pictures, Orion Pictures, The Planetary Society,,