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Indignation Addiction: the modern plague (TEDxUCSD2014)


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Indignation, Addiction and Hope: Does it help to be “Mad as Hell?” My talk at TEDxUCSD is now available online. For a generation, we’ve been taught that the best way to deal with any problem - personal or worldwide - is to get mad as hell! Recent science exposes this as a scam that has produced the most disastrous addiction in civilization. Sometimes problems merit indignation! But are we abandoning our greatest gift – the ability to actually solve problems. WATCH the actual TEDx talk at: These slides - the ones that were on the screen behind me - are more readable here on Slideshare... though they are still images and in the talk there were many overlapping slide animations. I guess you'll need both!

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Indignation Addiction: the modern plague (TEDxUCSD2014)

  1. 1. Indignation, Addiction and Hope: Does it help to be “Mad as Hell”? David Brin TEDxUCSD - 2014
  2. 2. Lots to do…
  3. 3. Indignation helps us fight needed battles! Passionate confrontation is important! But passion isn’t the only important thing…
  4. 4. Your foes are passionate too! Is there something we have… that they don’t?
  5. 5. DO problems get solved?
  6. 6. How we really solve problems Obviously not! So… is it still working?
  7. 7. Why don’t we negotiate anymore? What do they want us to yell???
  8. 8. What is addiction?
  9. 9. “Addiction” is rooted in positive things! Arduous things that we MUST do with vigor and persistence – life makes these things pleasurable, even joyous!
  10. 10. A natural process - prone to hijacking!
  11. 11. What does addiction have to do with today’s plague of indignation?
  12. 12. Here’s a clue: it feels soooooo good!
  13. 13. Whatever the merits of your cause…Indignant fury robs you of opportunities to: • Better target your outrage! • Negotiate with moderate opponents. • Split moderate opponents from their radicals! • Prioritize half-a-loaf… then get the rest. • Build cred: you aren’t a screaming kook!
  14. 14. There is a difference between …confidence and arrogance… …criticism and cynical despair… …firm determination vs addictive sanctimony… …wary skepticism vs reflexive pessimism.
  15. 15. Problems do get (partly) solved!
  16. 16. The ingredient most under attack… …is confidence. And so, let’s experiment with something simple and pure.
  17. 17. YOU… did… this… HOW DID YOU RESPOND? With yawns? With timid, silent satisfaction?
  18. 18. Confidence is the rebel meme! …we’ll only fix what’s wrong… …if we believe we CAN! Yes! Issue dire warnings! There are problems to solve! But…
  19. 19. Celebrate our can-do ability to negotiate, to compromise, to innovate, compete and cooperate and get things done! At risk of hypocrisy… and irony…Let’s tap that vein of righteousness… … in the problem-solving spirit of TED. Next time something epochal & cool happens – don’t cower from sneering cynics.
  20. 20. Yell what? “I’m as proud as hell… …and my civilization… …can solve ANYTHING!”
  21. 21. And we can.