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13 Software Industry Predictions for 2016


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Software Industry experts share their predictions for new trends, changes, and developments in the software industry in 2016.

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13 Software Industry Predictions for 2016

  1. 1. “As the role of IT changes, the operations and DevOps experts will be expected to not just ensure application quality but also perform data- driven decision making. APM will be increasingly supplemented by analytics and machine learning – whether in product or via integrations – to help with contextual decision making.” 1. Data will drive decisions Priyanka Tiwari Product Marketing Manager, SmartBear @tiwari_piya
  2. 2. “Test automation will become — as it has been doing — the most important process for any software testing team. Companies that invest in this procedure have a major gain in quality, being very targeted by the market.” 2. Automated testing becomes critical Luiz Eduardo Martins Quality Analyst, Unimestre
  3. 3. “DevOps will be challenged as quality and security take center stage…With high profile security breaches a regular occurrence and companies being challenged to produce code, code reviews, and artifacts for events that were initiated years ago — like the VW emissions scandal — team code review, archiving, and traceability will take center stage! Prove it or lose it (in court).” 3. DevOps teams will prove it or lose it Kevin Gillis VP of Products, Development & Testing, SmartBear @kevinrgillis
  4. 4. “Testing will continue to be fractured, with some organizations managing cost and offshoring, others integrating test and developing ('automation'), and others attempting to integrate the liberal arts and critique.” 4. Testing will continue to be fractured Matthew Heusser Managing Consultant, Excelon Development @mheusser
  5. 5. “We will continue to see movement towards Git and repository management systems in 2016. With this movement, large enterprise companies will need to verify that the code review capabilities meet the needs of their organization. They will need to think beyond “Do my developers like it?” to “What happens when we’re audited?” 5. Continued movement toward Git and repository management Justin Collier Product Owner, SmartBear @Justin_CCollier
  6. 6. “As the whole world of e-commerce grows at crazy fast levels the need for fast, accurate monitoring and agility will become the true front stage stars. The quicker you can move the further you will go.” 6. Increased demand for fast, accurate monitoring Mark Gassner Director of Technical Operations, Global-E @MarkGassner
  7. 7. “As app store approval processes become more stringent, mobile app testing will continue to grow in prominence. As a result, releasing into the wild and waiting for customer feedback to fix issues will become more difficult. “ 7. Mobile app testing grows in prominence Nikhil Kaul Product Marketing Manager, SmartBear @kaulnikhil
  8. 8. “2016 is when DevOps stops being a buzzword and starts delivering value.” 8. DevOps becomes more than a buzzword Andrew Fullen Studio Manager, Sogeti UK @UK_Sogeti
  9. 9. “With influential members officially onboard, the Open API Initiative will further cement the importance of API description formats in 2016, driving the importance of Swagger to much larger levels.” 9. Open API will cement the importance of API description Tony Tam Vice President of Products, Swagger, SmartBear @fehguy
  10. 10. “2016 will keep trending towards SOA architecture and cloud technology with endless opportunities.” 10. SOA architecture and cloud technology grows Hrishi Potdar Senior QA Engineer Dell
  11. 11. “2016 will finally be the Year of Security, with Fintech and Healthcare entering the API and app space in a big way... I think the lessons learned from so many breaches in the last few years will push companies to find better solutions for security testing and implementation.” 11. The “Year of Security” Lorinda Brandon Sr Manager, Digital Product Mgmnt, Capital One @lindybrandon
  12. 12. “Automated testing is going to grow by leaps & bounds. Our engineering department is making a significant push to be extremely platform centric. Facilitating that is going to require very robust automated testing to ensure that the critical core software is as bug-free as possible. “ 12. Automated testing grows by leaps and bounds Scott Doelling Honeywell Fire Systems Americas Test Automation Lead
  13. 13. “There will be a continued drive in the market toward skilled testers that can be dropped into small development teams and be effective quickly. In practical terms, this means people that have some programming ability, general technical knowledge, very developed testing skills, and probably the ability to teach testing to others.” 13. Continued drive toward skilled testers Justin Rohrman Consulting Software Tester, Excelon Development @JustinRohrman
  14. 14. What changes do you expect to see coming down the road in 2016? Share your predictions with us on Twitter: @SmartBear!
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