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NWEN Founder Institute Week 3 Daniel Rossi Finding Customers


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NWEN Founder Institute Week 3 Daniel Rossi Finding Customers

  1. 1. HOW To Use Keywords – To Find Potential CustomersAnd Get Them To OPT IN To Your Plans & Give You Their Emails
  2. 2. What You Know -• We know the WHY behind customer validation – let that sink in…and don’t EVER forget it.• We understand the Risky Assumption Paradigm – and have a prioritized list that needs to be vetted before moving forward.• You’re ready to begin the research that could make you fall out of love with your idea – be a cold lover – with cruel eyes if you must.
  3. 3. What’s the Point?• Hate your idea…and quit!• Or – PROVE– with a problem hypothesis, solution hypothesis and a series of assumptions (core to the success of your business model) that customers truly feel the pain that you suggest they feel and will pay you money to make it go away.
  4. 4. Tools• You’ve taken stock of the dozens of experiments you can do to prove out your assumptionsList of tools to use to validate risky assumptions• mTurk• In-person interviews• Kickstarter• Surveys• Keywords• Landing Page• Etc…
  5. 5. Goals• To gain currency (monetary or non-monetary) – $$$$, dough, cash, shamoolians, clams – Non-monetary currency: a behavior that demonstrates intent to get a benefit or use a product. • Time • Email submission • Signed letter of intent • Etc…
  6. 6. Three Things You Can Do• Find out if people are ACTUALLY looking to solve YOUR problem – Keyword research• Build a landing page to capture emails• Create content – blog about the painful topic (using keyword research) to optimize traffic and establish yourself as a thought leader
  7. 7. Keyword Research• SEMRush• SEOmoz• Google Keywords/ AdWords• Wordtracker• Rank Tracker
  8. 8. Google Keywords
  9. 9. Google Keywords
  10. 10. Landing Page Tools• LaunchRock - Create a viral “coming soon” landing page• LaunchSoon – create a coming soon landing page• Prefinery- Beta and Launch Mgmt software• LaunchEffect – WordPress Landing pages for viral launches• Ooomf – iPhone app store build/push/launch• Unbounce - create, publish & test promotion specific landing pages• Instapage - create a free landing page• KickoffLabs -product landing pages• LaunchGator – create a viral landing page• Atmio - mobile landing pages• Lander - create a landing page in minutes• Ion - create landing pages that convert
  11. 11. LaunchRock
  12. 12. LaunchRock
  13. 13. SEO Tools• Ad Contrarian - Grumpy old ad guy with great insights• SEO Digest – helpful articles• SEOBook Tools - Free SEO tools• SEO Digger - Find the top ten keywords ranking to your websites• SEMRush - SEO and campaign management tool• Clickable - Pay per click management• Spyfu - tells you how much adwords cost• Market Samurai - SEO Keyword Analysis Tool• WooRank – SEO optimization tool• Ahrefs – SEO tool, backlinks and keyword analysis• MoonSearch - SEO tool, backlinks and keyword analysis
  14. 14. Best Keywords
  15. 15. Build a Blog
  16. 16. Thanks!