Driving App Success Part II


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Second part of presentation from AnDevCon V in Boston. Looks at parts of the marketing funnel that occur after the install and how to increase conversions.

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Driving App Success Part II

  1. 1. • Nathan Mellor• CritterMap Software LLC• Follow up at http://eepurl.com/d9tZjDriving App SuccessPart IIPart II
  2. 2. • Mindset for success• Completion of marketing funnel• Steps to make more moneyAgenda
  3. 3. • No, it’s not just visualizing yourselfsurrounded by money.Your Mindset forSuccess
  4. 4. Which person do youwant to be?
  5. 5. What is he worriedabout?• Coming up with ideas• Researching ideas• Creating Product• Improving Product• Interacting with customers• Making business deals• Creating content
  6. 6. • True or False?• Since your time is free, you can save a lotof money/overhead by doing mosteverything yourself.Your Biggest Obstacleto Success.
  7. 7. • Myth: Since your time is free, you can savea lot of money/overhead by doing mosteverything yourself.• Fact: Your time is probably your biggestexpense, therefore, anything you *do not*do yourself will likely save you money.Your Biggest Obstacleto Success.
  8. 8. • What if you have a day job?• What if you don’t have any income?• In December 2010, I got a call from severalrecruiters• The job was not in San Francisco or Portland• It was three miles away.• I wasn’t available. . .What is your time trulyworth?
  9. 9. So... do you need anoffice building andsome venture capital?
  10. 10. What if you’re just a guy ina corner office with a view?
  11. 11. College Educated, English Speaking,Industrious people are *anxious* towork for you for $2.50 an hour.Meh?Is this spam?
  12. 12. After the InstallGetting ConversionsGetting ConversionsLeadLead(has tried product)(has tried product)LeadLead(has tried product)(has tried product)CustomerCustomer(paid for something)(paid for something)CustomerCustomer(paid for something)(paid for something)Loyal CustomerLoyal Customer(repeat sales)(repeat sales)Loyal CustomerLoyal Customer(repeat sales)(repeat sales)AdvocateAdvocate(reccommends product)(reccommends product)AdvocateAdvocate(reccommends product)(reccommends product)
  13. 13. After the Install• How good your app is finally matters!• There are often a number of things thatyou want your user to accomplish• The good news: You can finally track it!
  14. 14. Conversions Matter• What do you want your user to do?• Monetary:• Buy your paid app• Buy some in app purchases• Other actions (often precede)• Register• Signup for newsletter / network• Complete a level of a game• Complete first document• Use it often (especially for ad supported)
  15. 15. How Good is yourApp?• How can you measure it?• Not just number of features• How fast can they learn to do what theywant to do - without reading documents?• Help and documentation• Interaction with the developer• Best measure = conversions
  16. 16. Homework: Draw PostInstall Funnel• Determine what actions you most wantyour users to complete (usually monetary)• Determine what steps they generally taketo get there
  17. 17. Homework: InstallAnalytics• If you understand conversions and thefunnel, you understand the why of analytics• Install Google Analytics• Makes your app into a website and actionsinto pages or events
  18. 18. Homework: InstallAnalytics• How do you know what is most importantto track?• You already decided that• Very important: Use ecommerce to assignmonetary values, wherever possible
  19. 19. What can you do withall the information.• There are lots of things - see Google’sConversion University
  20. 20. Beyond the MarketExpanding your funnelExpanding your funnelTarget AudienceTarget Audience(potentially interested)(potentially interested)Target AudienceTarget Audience(potentially interested)(potentially interested)ProspectProspect(aware product exists)(aware product exists)ProspectProspect(aware product exists)(aware product exists)LeadLead(has tried product)(has tried product)LeadLead(has tried product)(has tried product)
  21. 21. Beyond the MarketSearchSearchMarketMarketSearchSearchMarketMarketBrowseBrowseMarketMarketBrowseBrowseMarketMarketList ofList ofAppsAppsList ofList ofAppsAppsAppAppListingListingAppAppListingListingSearchSearchInternetInternetSearchSearchInternetInternetYourYourWebsiteWebsiteYourYourWebsiteWebsiteBrowseBrowseInternetInternetBrowseBrowseInternetInternetSomeSomeOtherOtherWebsiteWebsiteSomeSomeOtherOtherWebsiteWebsiteAdAdCampaignCampaignAdAdCampaignCampaignInstallInstallInstallInstallGoogle PlayGoogle PlayGoogle PlayGoogle Play
  22. 22. Traffic from Yourwebsite• Can come from search engine• Can be tracked much easier (can measure theprospects better)• Do NOT keep this traffic at your site• Have a BIG OBVIOUS BUTTON that will godirectly to the market listing• Do not use a wimpy little hyperlink• Do not say “Search the market for . . . “
  23. 23. Your button• Create link at• https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/• https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crittermap.backcountrynavigator.license&referrer=utm_source%3DWebsite%26utm_medium%3DLink%26utm_term%3Dtopo%2520maps%26utm_campaign%3DAnDevCon• You can set campaign, source, to whatever youwant.• This will track in Google Analytics.
  24. 24. Some other website•Should still tag your urls - ifyou can•Guest article•Social Media•Review blogs•etc
  25. 25. Paid advertisement• Represents a great opportunity• Definitely use a tagged url• Don’t do it unless you will track it all theway through to Return on Investment• Plan to waste as little money as possible
  26. 26. Paid advertisementtypes• Pay Per Impression• Pay Per Click - Adwords, Admob, ...• Pay Per Install - Flurry AppCircle,Everbadge, TapJoy, AppBrain• Ideally you want Pay Per Action - only payfor conversions• You can compute Pay Per Action if youtrack well enough
  27. 27. Paid Advertising - ROITextDrop the losers and keep the winners
  28. 28. What can you learnfrom advertising?• Test keyword phrases• Test Calls to Action• Find the perfect message for your first line• Homework: run some ads to find out moreabout your market
  29. 29. Ways to Make MoreMoney
  30. 30. Step: Hire someone
  31. 31. • For the small businessman, usually meansoutsourcing• Is it easier to:• Get a contract from a spec and getcompetitive bids? (ie elance,Odesk,etc)• Hire a part time freelancer? (ieOdesk,etc)• OR• Hire someone fulltime?Hiring People
  32. 32. • Article Writing• Link Building• Tech support• Help Guides• Android development• Tools and server programming• QA and testingWhat could you hiresomeone to do?
  33. 33. • You want to look for vector graphics• Everyone in the Philippines takes Photoshop in college; look forIllustrator, others• Other skills: video production, 3D, css• They can learn• Android icon standards• Patch 9 files• Prototype layouts• Have them send you an email report each day• Pay them via Paypal mass payExample: graphicsperson
  34. 34. About$325/monthAdobeIllustratorVideoAnimationsOnlineJobs.ph$300/$300/momo$300/$300/momo
  35. 35. Other Places to hire• ODesk• Elance• Freelancer.com• guru.com• RentACode• VWorker.com
  36. 36. Keep in Mind• Don’t go out and hire a bunch of people atonce - try one at a time.• Remember Mythical Man Month• Exchange multiple communications backand forth when hiring• Consider a test task - fixed price job withopen ended time limit.
  37. 37. Project Management:BaseCampHQ
  38. 38. 4: Start an EmailNewsletter
  39. 39. • Have a weekly email newsletter.• Subscribe users of your app• Can use autoresponders• MailChimp exampleHow can you engagethe right people?
  40. 40. • New features you just put out• Response to comments in the Market• News and topics of interest for your target customer• Ask users to take action:• Leave a comment in the Market• Respond to an important survey• See and comment on your YouTube Video• Like your fan page on Facebook• Etc.• It also serves as a reminder to buy.What can you cover ina weekly newsletter?
  41. 41. Mailchimp NewsletterReport
  42. 42. • Social Media• Facebook• Twitter• In app messages• AppsFire, othersOther ways to interact
  43. 43. 5: Start a HelpDesk
  44. 44. • 5000 support requests in a year• 10 mins for each one• 20 engineering weeks• No time to work on any new apps once you have 2.5apps• 5000 support requests in a yearHow does a helpdeskmake you money?
  45. 45. Zendesk
  46. 46. • The most common question:• “I got a new phone / rebuilt my old one. How do Iget my app back?”• Can you:• Have a page about a common task – with pictures• Send the ten most common answers in theautoresponse• Have macros that answer those common questionsand insert links to those pages.What can you do witha helpdesk?
  47. 47. Simplified6: Do Some InternetMarketing
  48. 48. • Research List of Keywords• Choose one keyword phrase• Make one web page optimized for thatkeyword phrase• Get links to that pageWeb page marketing
  49. 49. • A keyword is generally a multi word phrase• You want keywords that:• Are RELEVANT to your product• Have lots of TRAFFIC• Are ATTAINABLE.Keyword Research
  50. 50. Example:Traffic
  51. 51. Attainable: The TopTen"To rank on the first page of Google, youmust replace a page that’s currently there."Market Samurai
  52. 52. • Mentions the phrase (ie Android Topo Maps)• In the url• In the <title> tag• In the <meta Description> tag• In an <h1> tag• In the first sentence• In the first sentence of the last paragraph• 2-3 times in between the first and last parag• Has about 250-750 words (ave 500).• That’s all!An Optimized Page ..
  53. 53. • The most creative part of internetmarketing• The best links:• Have keywords in the link (anchor text)• Are from “important” websites• Are from relevant websites• Have trafficGetting links
  54. 54. Check Results (Googlewebmaster tools)
  55. 55. • Establish a blog with wordpress• Add a post every day• Get some links• At the end of a year, you will have 200+keywords in the first page of Google.Rinse and Repeat
  56. 56. Step:Target the world’ssecond biggest SearchEngine
  57. 57. What is the world’ssecond biggest SearchEngine?
  58. 58. •IPEVO 2•Webcam on astick•Made forimagingdocuments.How can you makevideos?
  59. 59. • Screencastomatic• Emulator Screencast• Stock photos• Slide shows.• Parody of Hitler movie – new subtitles• 3D After Effects rendering• Cartoon from xtranormalHow else can you makevideos?
  60. 60. How to optimize themURLURLURLURL
  61. 61. Benefits include:• Blended search• Embedding in other websites.
  62. 62. • YouTube is a social network.• Get your newsletter subscribers to watchand comment• Find friends• Find subscribers• Consider tools like TubeToolbox.Get views and traffic
  63. 63. Find similar videos andinterested users bykeywordCollect them into listsSend them a video youmadeInvite them tocomment or friend.Tube ToolBox
  64. 64. • Videos can:• Be instructional for your product.• Discuss concepts related to your product• Be fun• They should always:• Target keywordsWhat and how often?
  65. 65. Questions