Startup Marketing 101 - RADIUS SFU


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Startup Marketing 101 presentation for RADIUS SFU
May 2013

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Startup Marketing 101 - RADIUS SFU

  1. 1. Startup Marketing 101Anoop Aulakh@_anoop
  2. 2. About Me• Marketing, BizDev, Sales, Product• Design, Non profit, Real Estate,Tech startups• Vancouver / Silicon Valley• QuikPiq, Perch, Schoolzone, Cleanweb, Strutta@_anoop
  3. 3. Early Stage Startup Marketing• Customer Development• Getting Traction• Any burning questions?
  4. 4. Customer Development• Product Market Fit
  5. 5. Customer Development• Understand your customers’ problems andneeds intimately• Create a hypothesis• Validate with real people
  6. 6. Customer Development• Online Survey• In-person interview
  7. 7. Food on the Table• Observed shoppers at grocery stores• Asked survey questions• Asked interviewees to sign up for $$$• Got rejected!
  8. 8. Food on the Table• Found 1 person willing to pay• Used “Concierge MVP” to understand needsand problems• Dropped off weekly package with couponsand recipes• Collected feedback, AND… $9.95• Manual work, no code
  9. 9. Eventually…• Got a few more customers• Learned LOTS• Low tech iterations (in-home visit > emails,cheque > credit card)• No wasted time/money on productdevelopment• Built a solid foundation of domain expertise sothey knew how to win
  10. 10. Customer DevelopmentTools•, Google Forms, SurveyMonkey• “If you could wave a magic wand and changeanything about the way you do _______, whatwould it be, and why?”• Will you pay $20 to sign up today?
  11. 11. Don’t know where to start?
  12. 12. Exercise• Who is your customer/user?• What are your assumptions?• Where can you find potential users tointerview?• How can you test your assumptions in theinterview?
  13. 13. Getting Traction
  14. 14. Getting Traction• Where can you find your firstcustomers/users?• How can you do this on a low budget?
  15. 15. Pre-product Marketing• Lead Generation: Landing Pages, AdWords,Social Media• Content: Blog, articles, e-book, whitepapers• Relationships: prospect, media, influencerYou are the expert in your domain!from @aprildunford
  16. 16. Lead Generation• Landing Pages, Social Media Promotions• Lead capture promotions, downloads,webinars
  17. 17. Landing Pages• Concise Value Proposition• Use your customers’ language• Clear Call To Action• Capture email• Tools:• Unbounce, LaunchRock,
  18. 18. Social Promotions
  19. 19. Social Promotions• Low Barrier to Entry (Enter to Win)• Fan-gate if on Facebook• Offer a prize that is relevant to your users• Collect email!Tools: (use free trials)• Offerpop, ShortStack, Strutta
  20. 20. Content Marketing• Blog, articles, e-book, whitepapers• What content is valuable to your user?• Who makes good content today?• Learn from top players• Use terms and keywords your customer uses(SEO)
  21. 21. Where to post…• Quora• Hacker News• Reddit• Blogs specific to your nice market
  22. 22. A word about PR…If your customer doesn’t read tech blogs, Don’twaste time getting covered by tech blogs!
  23. 23. Exercise• What type of content might be valuable toyour user?• Who makes good content today?• What are some examples of blog posts youshould create?
  24. 24. Push The Ball Forward• Be ruthlessly efficient with your time• Don’t spend time on activities that aren’tcrucial• Test assumptions quickly• Get out of the building!