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Generate a Content Strategy to Create Rabid Fans and Buyers


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2014 (August 10-12, 2014 New York City).
Session Description: Success through content marketing requires a powerful content strategy. I’ll teach you how to build user personas, optimize your content sales funnel and organize an expert content marketing team.

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Generate a Content Strategy to Create Rabid Fans and Buyers

  1. 1. @coreypost Generate a Content Strategy to Create Rabid Fans and Buyers Presented at Affiliate Summit East 2014
  2. 2. @coreypost About Me • Founder of Content Marketing Firm, • Speaker/Writer • Marketing Leadership Experience at Startups and Public Companies • Currently Serve as Entrepreneur in Residence at The Startup Factory • Earned MBA from the Darden School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia
  3. 3. @coreypost Engage As We Go! Please feel free to Tweet questions/comments during the presentation: #ASE14 @CoreyPost We have a short time together. Email me questions as they come up:
  4. 4. @coreypost Get to Know Your Customers
  5. 5. @coreypost Create Personas • Fictional Representation of Your Buyers/Customers • Try to Understand Who They Are - Use Real Customer Data - Demographics - Online Behavior - Surveys - Fill in “Gaps” with Educated Hypotheses
  6. 6. @coreypost Create Personas • Build “Persona Cards” • Descriptive name: “Technical Tina” • Representative Picture of “Tina” • Background • Demographics • Pain Points - How Your Product/Service Relieves Those Pain Points • Messaging that Resonates
  7. 7. @coreypost Negative Personas • Not Everyone Is/Should Be a Customer • Consider: - Freebie Hunters - Poor ROI - Lack of Discretionary Income • Eliminate “Non- Prospects” to Help You Focus on “Right Prospects”
  8. 8. @coreypost Learn More About Personas
  9. 9. @coreypost Develop Your Content Marketing Team
  10. 10. @coreypost Important Questions • “Who will prepare - write, edit, shoot, design - my content?” • “Who will promote my content via blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.?”
  11. 11. @coreypost How to Find the Right People • Utilize Your Existing Resources • Volunteers • Industry Connections • Interns • Staff • Consider Third Party Sites Like • Focus on Ability and Interest • Requisite Skills to Perform Job - Writer Must be Able to…Write - Match Member Interest to Subject Matter
  12. 12. @coreypost Set Goals and Metrics
  13. 13. @coreypost Determine Your Goals • Key Performance Indicators • Sales • Leads • Pageviews • Downloads • Members • Likes • (re)Tweets • Links • Unique Visits
  14. 14. @coreypost Calculate Your Success Metrics • Assign Value to Metrics to Determine “Content Winners” • Subjective: A Pageview is Worth ‘X’ to Your Organization • Objective: A Sale (with lifetime value calculation) is Worth ‘Y’ to Your Organization
  15. 15. @coreypost Track Your Results • Consider Using Google Analytics • Set Up Event Tracking • Set Up Goal Pages • Thank You Pages • Attach Monetary Amounts • Create Funnels • Determine Where Prospects “Drop Off”
  16. 16. @coreypost Build Your Promotion Strategy
  17. 17. @coreypost Determine Content Distribution Channels: Organic • Email • Newsletter • Blog Post • Links • Press Release • Social Media • Your Profiles • Reader Profiles - “Share This”
  18. 18. @coreypost Determine Content Distribution Channels: Paid • Promote Your Content Through Social Ads • Advertise Your Post on Facebook • Advertise Your Tweets on Twitter • Don’t Forget YouTube and LinkedIn • Consider PPC • Important to Track Spending Against Goals/KPIs • Monitor Your Campaign Data and Iterate Messaging
  19. 19. @coreypost Plan Your Editorial
  20. 20. @coreypost Create an Editorial Calendar • Map Content Creation Over Time • Envision Content Creation Process • Stay Organized • Allocate Resources - Ideation - Creation - Distribution • Tie Content to Goals/KPIs
  21. 21. @coreypost Use Analytics to Ideate and Eliminate • Find Themes that Generate Pageviews • Develop a Series • Expand the Content • Create Related Content • Find Themes that Have High Bounce Rate but a lot of Pageviews • Consider Changing Content, Images or Design
  22. 22. @coreypost Content Strategy Resources
  23. 23. @coreypost Let’s Connect Email: Twitter: @coreypost Content Marketing Newsletter:
  24. 24. @coreypost Thank You for Attending! Any Questions?