2013 Pubcon Austin SEO Agency Presentation


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Pubcon Austin presentation - SEO Campaign Management : How Not to Get Fired. Presentation includes, internal set-up and seo agency management tools, platforms for seo success, tools to stay smart on seo trends, how to add value as a seo consultant, and seo audit examples. For more information follow on Twitter at www.twitter.com/jloomstein and www.twitter.com/crown_partners.

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2013 Pubcon Austin SEO Agency Presentation

  1. 1. SEO Agency and Campaign Management How Not to Get Fired….. Presented by: James Loomstein Sr. Consultant Crown Partners @jloomstein
  2. 2. Wait, About Me….•  Integrated  marke,ng  professional  with  over  10  years  of  direct  adver,sing  agency  experience    •  Extensive  exper,se  in  core  marke,ng  –  including:   –  Local  search  marke,ng     –  Pay  Per  Click  (Google  AdWords)     –  Search  Engine  Op,miza,on   –  Insights  and  Web  Analy,cs  (Google  Analy,cs)     –  Marke,ng  Strategy     –  Brand  Posi,oning   –  Targe,ng/Segmenta,on  •  Plus  –  I’m  a  dad,  husband,  and  Dallas  sports  junkie    •  I  sit  in  your  spot  and  use  tools  like  these  to  build  my  agency    •  And,  If  I  wasn’t  doing  this  -­‐  I’d  love  to  be  a  PGA  tour  player,  or  storm  chaser    
  3. 3. The New Reality…… I was suppose to write something witty here…       But  the   reality  is  this  If consumers don’t know our clients are out there, they never get the OPPORTUNITY to be considered The Customer Is In CONTROLOur companies, clients, products, services, brands, reputations, etc. are now a search result…
  4. 4. GE CHALLEN So What’s the Fundamental Problem We All Face? •  SMBs: Time, resources, knowledge •  Corporation: Too much budget, directionless, management •  Your client: Justifying value for your service •  Your company: Scalability, repeatability, duplicating yourselfThe #1 problem all businesses face is obscurity --- If they don’t knowyou…..They can’t buy from you.
  5. 5. Overview•  A little background•  A little GSD process•  Some tools, platforms, and services to care about•  10 step “short and long term” strategy•  And five things you can do today to impact your clients and show value starting today
  6. 6. Step 0 – Standardize Your Process•  Identify your team•  Create boiler plates –  Contracts –  One-pages –  Bios –  Kick-off documents –  Job postings –  Client questionnaires•  Standardize tools•  Develop a playbook•  Build your outsourced support team
  7. 7. Step 1 - Kickoff•  Client questionnaire•  Internal set-up (basecamp, harvest, highrise, quick books, evernote)•  Competitive audit (client / competitor /keywords)•  Email access you@clientdomain.com (if required)•  Reporting / analytics access•  Google alerts (brand, c-level, keywords, competitors)•  Find the quick win first (stop boiling the ocean) If you don’t know where you’re going – any road will get you there.
  8. 8. Internal set-up•  Create single source view of your clients, projects, tasks, and team•  Leverage automation tools to reduce non-billable tasks•  For billing purposes I recommend Freshbooks, Zoho, Quickbooks
  9. 9. Client audit example•  Client Problem: Understand the digital landscape•  Tool set: Screaming Frog, SEOMOZ, Webpagetest.org, SpyFu, and social sites•  Time: 1-2 hours•  Process: Competitors, keywords, tools
  10. 10. Step 2 – Execute (GSD)•  Monthly tasks list•  Weekly check-in•  Scheduled reporting•  Identify opportunities•  A couple of ideas….
  11. 11. Step 3 – Keep adding value•  Invest in yourself and your client (on your dime) –  Editorial calendar –  Press releases / blog mock-ups –  Client specific events (webinar, conference, newsletter) –  Industry trend updates (RSS/Google Alerts) –  Reporting engine (Raven, MySEOTool.com, etc.)•  Host events –  Brainstorming session –  Happy hour sponsorship / working lunches•  Find new types of content to create•  Remember that clients don’t know what they don’t know•  You’re a partner – not a monthly marketing expense
  12. 12. Step 4 – Standardized toolset Business PPC SEO CompetitiveHighrise Buffer Merge words Yellowpipe MuckrackBasecamp Pocket WordWatch Seo-browser.com FollowerwonkQuickbooks Scribe Callrail SEOMOZ Builtwith.comEvernote Tweetadder WordTracker Whitespark SEMrushHarvest Twitterfeed Hitwise Hittail.com SearchMetricsBoomerang Fliptop SpyFu Crazyegg KeyCompeteHootsuite Rapleap Google Trends MySeoTool.com AllTopCrazyEgg Screaming Frog SocialMention
  13. 13. Step 5 - Don’t leave money on the table•  Yes, we do that•  Outsource (know your margins)•  Automation tools•  Build your team•  The objective is scalability / repeatability
  14. 14. Step 6 – Stay smartSEOContentMarketingIndustryTrends
  15. 15. Step 7 – Network yourself•  Create platform partnerships that you can leverage•  Let clients/partners generate leads for you•  Be seen and known in the market•  My personal goals –  1-2 lunches/month –  4-6 events/month –  2-4 webinars/month –  1 conference/quarter –  15 minutes Google Reader/day“Nobody ever got a client sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring.” - me
  16. 16. Step 8 – Keep perspective•  Know your margins•  Identify how much non-billable work goes into a billable hour•  200K in sales = $100,000 in salary•  Standardize reporting template to streamline the process•  Identify the spots that you can add value immediately – get the quick wins•  You’re not charging enough
  17. 17. Step 9 - My final thoughts…•  Stop chasing shinny objects•  Replicate, scale, iterate, repeat•  Its all sales•  Perfection is the enemy of good•  Invest in the tools that either save you time, make you money, or make you look smarter
  18. 18. Connect with Me….. CrownPartners.com jloomstein@crownpartners.com Twitter.com/jloomstein Linkedin.com/in/Jloomstein James Loomstein, MBA Sr. Consultant Crown Partners