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Datalicious is now a Google Analytics Premium reseller. If you're looking for a premium analytics solutions, talk to Datalicious about Google Analytics Premium.

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Datalicious Google Analytics Premium Reseller Information

  1. 1. PREMIUM brought to you by
  2. 2. > Why Google Analytics Premium?  Why Google Analytics? – Market leader with most R&D – Cross-device analytics – Universal analytics  Why Premium? – – – – – Flat fee, no hidden costs Faster, unsampled data Up to 50 custom variables Enterprise grade security & reliability Google Analytics Premium integrations  DoubleClick: Advanced re-targeting & attribution  BigQuery: Customer data export for advanced analysis November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 2
  3. 3. > Datalicious value add  Google Analytics Premium PLUS any 2 of the value-added service packages below AT NO EXTRA COST:  Datalicious value-added service packages – Weekly tech & tag management support – Monthly analytics & reporting support – Quarterly testing & optimisation support – Quarterly media attribution support – Quarterly best practice review November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 3
  4. 4. > Universal analytics across channels Cross-device & cross-channel analytics for a full 360 view November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 5
  5. 5. > Cross-device tracking & analytics Actionable customer insights for a complex multi-device world in order to improve user experience November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 6
  6. 6. > Cross-channel media attribution Actionable media insights for a complex multi-channel world in order to boost marketing ROI November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 7
  7. 7. > Visitor demographics & interests Actionable audience insights to help with your marketing strategy and media planning November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 8
  8. 8. > A quick glimpse of the future November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 9
  9. 9. > More accurate data much faster Standard Premium Standard Premium Standard Premium Standard Premium Standard Premium 10x Variables >12x Fresher Data >100x Data Limits 200x Custom Accuracy 600x Larger Reports Customize your data. 50 variables (vs. 5) Access your data faster. SLA 4 hours (vs. 48) Send in more data. Lots more. 1B – 20B hits/month (vs. 10M) Segment your data with confidence. 100M visits (vs. 500M) Get more of your data out. 3M rows (vs. 5K) November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 10
  10. 10. > Google Analytics integrations  DoubleClick – Import ad impression data for advanced media attribution – Export custom segments for advanced ad targeting  BigQuery – Export raw website data for advanced analytics & modeling  Wildfire – Integrate social media data  Drive – Export reports November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 11
  11. 11. > Potential analytics data flow Tags Google Tag Manager, CDN code hosting Click level data OVERSEAS Google Analytics data warehouse, analytics interface Anonymous behavioral data only, does not contain any personal identifiable information (PII), i.e. customer ID only but no name, date of birth, email, etc Client pages with Google Tag Manager LOCAL AU/NZ Sensitive customer data including personal identifiable information (PII) is stored locally within the client network or in the local hosting center of a cloud provider, i.e. AWS Client side analytics, BI platform Visitor level data Additional Google data (i.e. ads, social, etc) November 2013 Google BigQuery data warehouse, admin interface Client side data warehouse, admin interface © Datalicious Pty Ltd Additional client data (i.e. CRM, IP, social, etc) 12
  12. 12. > Fast growing customer base November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 13
  13. 13. > Enterprise level security & SLAs Explicit data ownership language: T&Cs crafted specially for enterprises November 2013 SLA on data collection: 99.9% data collection uptime per month, guaranteed Guarantees on reporting: Report interface accessible a minimum 99% of the time © Datalicious Pty Ltd Guarantees on freshness: Your data, processed & accessible within 4 hours 14
  14. 14. > Datalicious full-service model Dedicated local account management Strategy, best practice and implementation Ongoing tech support and tagging help Training Datalicious value-added services Google Analytics Premium for 1 year plus any 2 of the value-added service packages below at no extra cost:  Weekly tech & tag management support  Monthly analytics & reporting support  Quarterly testing & optimisation support  Quarterly media attribution support  Quarterly best practice review November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 15
  15. 15. 101011010010010010101111010010010101010100001011111001010101 010100101011001100010100101001101101001101001010100111001010 010010101001001010010100100101001111101010100101001001001010 > About Datalicious November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 16
  16. 16. > About Datalicious          Datalicious was founded in 2007 Strong web analytics background 360 data agency with team of specialists Combination of analysts and developers Blue chip clients across all industry verticals Carefully selected best of breed technology Lobbying & defining data best practice ADMA Executing smart data driven campaigns Turning data into actionable insights November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 17
  17. 17. > Using data to widen the funnel “Turning data into actionable insights to widen the conversion funnel” Media Attribution & Modeling Maximise reach, awareness & increase ROI Targeting & Merchandising Improve engagement, boost loyalty Testing & Optimisation Remove barriers, drive sales Boosting ROMI November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 18
  18. 18. > Wide range of data services Data Insights Action Platforms Analytics Campaigns Data collection and processing Data mining and modelling Data usage and application Adobe, Google Analytics, etc Tableau, Splunk, SPSS, R, etc SiteCore, ExactTarget, etc Web and mobile analytics Customised dashboards Targeting and merchandising Tag-less online data capture Media attribution analysis Marketing automation Retail and call center analytics Marketing mix modelling CRM strategy and execution Big data & data warehousing Social media monitoring Data driven websites Single customer view Customer segmentation Testing programs November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 19
  19. 19. > 50+ years of team experience Christian Bartens Elly Gillis Michael Savio Juan Delard Founder & Director General Manager Head of Insights Head of Data  Bachelor of Business Management with marketing focus  Web analytics and digital marketing work experience  Space2go, E-Loft, Tourism Australia  SuperTag founder, ADMA Analytics Chair, I-COM EMR Board  Bachelor of Communications with print and digital focus  Digital marketing and project management work experience  M&C Saatchi, Mark, Holler, Tequila, IAG, OneDigital, Telstra  Australian gold medal in surf boat rowing  Bachelor of Arts & Science with applied mathematics focus  CRM and marketing research and analytics work experience  ANZ Bank, Australian Bureau of Statistic, DBM Consultants  ADMA lecturer on marketing testing  Engineering Diploma & Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering  IT architecure, ERP, web analytics, big data, telecommunications work experience  Quotify, Binaria, Codelco  Mathematics fan and avid scuba diver LinkedIn profile LinkedIn profile LinkedIn profile November 2013 LinkedIn profile © Datalicious Pty Ltd 20
  20. 20. > Unique combination of skills Data modelling The Datalicious team  Data scientists Data mining/analysis  Data engineers  Web engineers  Platform admins  Project managers Data strategy  Business analysts Data visualisation/reporting Fast analytics Big data  Data strategists Data processing/enhancing Data collection November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 21
  21. 21. > Google trained & qualified team  All team members, both developers and analysts, are required to complete the Google Analytics certification as part of their induction process at Datalicious.  Please visit for a copy of all certificates November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 22
  22. 22. > Best of breed technologies November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 23
  23. 23. > Clients across all industries November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 24
  24. 24. > Great customer feedback “[…] Datalicious quickly earned our respect and confidence […] understand our business needs, deliver value, push our thinking […]. Likeable, transparent and trustworthy. I would be happy to recommend Datalicious to anyone.” Murray Howe, Executive Manager, Suncorp Group "[…] Datalicious brought with them best practice analytics to demonstrate the true value of our marketing dollars […] have become a critical business partner […] provided great insights which have driven key business decisions.” Trang Young, Senior Marketing Manager, E*Trade Australia “The Datalicious guys are great to work along side […] 'no stone unturned' approach to finding solutions to challenges […] knowledge and passion for web analytics and best of breed web optimization was second to none” Steve Brown, Senior Business Analyst, Vodafone “[…] The Vodafone implementation of SiteCatalyst is one of the most impressive I have seen and ranks in the top 10 […]. It is an amazing foundation for taking action on the data and improving ROI.” Adam Greco, Consulting Lead, Omniture November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 25
  25. 25. > Great customer feedback "[…] Datalicious understand the value of information and how to leverage it using best of breed software. I would recommend the team without hesitation [...]." James Fleet, Marketing Director, Appliances Online "[...] Datalicious have been intimately involved in building our analytics solution. Most importantly their knowledge of best practice combined with innovative solutions has allowed our business to remain nimble and current. They are also nice guys." Tzvi Balbin, Group Digital Marketing Lead, Catch of the Day "[...] Datalicious are helping us to move from a last click campaign measurement model to a more accurate media attribution approach. [...] potential to significantly change our media planning [...]. Highly recommended." Keith Mirgis, Senior Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager, Telstra "We engaged Datalicious to support a strategic change in our business [...] understand our customers [and their transactions] better to ensure we retained as many as possible [...]" Natalie Farrell, Direct Marketing Manager, Luxottica November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 26
  26. 26. Contact me Learn more Follow us November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 27
  27. 27. Smart data driven marketing November 2013 © Datalicious Pty Ltd 28