Photizo transform 2013 marketing strategies for managed services


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Marketing is one of the most critical components of a managed services strategy. Current customers and the local market see the dealer as a hardware provider. They are not aware of the managed services offerings and how they could benefit. Even if they are, they may not see the dealer as a credible, competent provider of IT-related services. Unfortunately, most sales-focused organizations do not see marketing as a strategic driver and neglect to deploy a full marketing strategy. In this session you will learn proven marketing strategies to develop awareness, prove value and build credibility.

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Photizo transform 2013 marketing strategies for managed services

  1. 1. Marketing Strategiesfor Managed ServicesDarrell AmyDealer Marketingdamy@dealermarketingsystems.com214.224.0050 ex.101—–
  2. 2. Revenue/profit growthin the next decade willdepend on a dealer’sskill in cross-sellingtheir current client baseinto managed services.The Challenge of the Next Decade
  3. 3. Current customers and themarket are not aware of themanaged services offering3Why Managed Services Programs FailThe Three HurdlesAwarenessCredibilityValueThey do not understand howthe client values the offering.They do not see theprovider as a crediblesource of IT services
  4. 4. In the next decadedealers must becomeexperts at marketing.4Marketing Drives The Next DecadeAwarenessCredibilityValue
  5. 5. 5ValueAwarenessCredibilityValueThey do not understand howthe client values the offering.
  6. 6. • Why do clients’ buy managed services agreements?• Reduces The Number of Vendors• Eliminates Inventory Costs and Risk of Theft• Frees Up IT Staff to Focus on Core Projects• Enhances Security• Manages Unmeasured Costs• Addresses Problems Proactively• Maps Out a Technology Upgrade Plan6Communicating ValueWhat I Learned From Interviewing Decision MakersValue
  7. 7. • Communicate value in the clients’ language• What are their business problems?• How can you connect your offerings to their problems?7Communicating ValueValue
  8. 8. 8CredibilityAwarenessCredibilityValueThey do not see thecompany as a crediblesource of IT services
  9. 9. Look Like an Expert• Professional OnlinePresence• Thought Leadership• Blog Posts• Social MediaParticipation• ProfessionalDocuments9Filling the Credibility GapHow Do I Build Trust?Credibility
  10. 10. Educate Your Clients• Events/Webinars• Special Reports/WhitePapers• Blog Posts10Filling the Credibility GapHow Do I Build Trust?Credibility
  11. 11. Get Endorsed• Case Studies• Get References• Google• LinkedIn• Facebook• Put This InfoEverywhere11Filling the Credibility GapHow Do I Build Trust?Credibility
  12. 12. Current customers and themarket are not aware of themanaged services offering12AwarenessAwarenessCredibilityValue
  13. 13. 13AwarenessAwarenessThe Three Types of Sales LeadsCurrentCustomersCopiers, printers…Ideal CustomersCompanies you want towork withActive ShoppersCompanies who are inthe buying process rightnow
  14. 14. Make sure they get a message about your managedservices program each time they interact with yourcompany:• Service Calls and Meter Readings• Invoices• New Installations• Sales Calls14Capitalize on Every InteractionAwarenessCurrent Customers
  15. 15. Educate your current clients through as many channelsas possible.• Events• Newsletters• Blog Posts• White Papers• Social Media Posts• Company• Shared by Sales Reps15Capitalize on Every InteractionAwarenessCurrent Customers
  16. 16. • What does your ideal client look like?• Size of company• Pays on time• Refers us to other people• What’s important to them?• How can we get their attention?• Where do they hang out?• Could we get referred?16Strategic Attraction ProcessAwarenessIdeal Clients
  17. 17. • Participate In Their Community• Go to their events• Write in their publications• Participate in their social networks• Develop a Lucrative Referral Program• Ask clients to give you referrals• Linked In• Offer an attractive ―thank you‖17Strategic Attraction ProcessAwarenessIdeal Clients
  18. 18. • Where do active shoppers to go find information?18Online MarketingAwarenessActive Shoppers
  19. 19. • Get on page one of Google for key search terms?• Search Engine Optimization• ―Free‖ Google Search• Search Engine Marketing• Google Adwords• LinkedIn Ads• Offer a download compelling to an active shopper• Five Things You Need To Know Before Signing aManaged Print Services Agreement• A Buyer’s Guide to Managed Network Services19Online MarketingAwarenessActive Shoppers
  20. 20. Develop a marketing plan for(1) Current Clients(2) Ideal Clients(3) Active Shoppers20Action PlanAwarenessCredibilityValueUnderstand why your clientssay ―yes‖ and communicatein their languageBecome a thought leader(blog, social media)Write case studies
  21. 21. Access our specialreports librarywww.dealermarketingsystems.com21Go Deeper