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Personalize Customer Engagements Through Smarter Analytics & Marketing

Customers are leaving data behind, and retailers need to know how to make the most of it. Use customer intelligence to build smarter campaigns!

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Personalize Customer Engagements Through Smarter Analytics & Marketing

  1. 1. Intelligent Customer Engagement™ Suite Personalising Customer Engagements through Smarter Analytics & Marketing Presenter Name: Anant Choubey and Aurelia Leopold Date: 20th June, 2014 Right Channel, Right Message. Right Now
  2. 2. Company background • Capillary enables retail marketers and service providers to easily and quickly manage their customer data, gain insights and personalize interactions across multiple channels, driving a significant increase in sales and loyalty • Cradle-to-grave solution for the entire customer engagement life cycle ⁻ Customer data capture & management (mobile, social media, online and in store) ⁻ Deep customer insights served through intuitive interfaces & dashboards ⁻ Personalized customer interactions through powerful big data & analytics ⁻ Integrates with typical retail, payment & marketing solutions ⁻ Integrated platform that’s intuitive, flexible & quickly deployed • Worldwide leader in cloud-based Customer Engagement Management solutions ⁻ Customers: 150+ top brands ⁻ Representing 10,000 locations ⁻ Who reach 100M shoppers • Headquartered in Singapore with 350+ employees globally • Funded by Sequoia Capital, Norwest Venture Partners, Qualcomm Ventures and American Express Ventures Private and Confidential 6/20/2014
  3. 3. AFRICA USA MIDDLE EAST INDIA UK SINGAPORE AUSTRALIA Global presence Private and Confidential 6/20/2014
  4. 4. Awards and Recognitions Capillary Was Recognized As • Loyalty & CRM agency of the year • Consumer Engagement Agency of the year • Named as a Gartner Cool Vendor • Named by WEF as a scalable, high growth business • Named by HBR as leaders in Reverse Innovation in Product Technology • Named by Forbes as one of 12 hidden gems • Named by Fortune as 40 under 40 business leader’s venture • Named by Inc. as one of Top 100 Innovators in product and technology Our Clients Won • Best CRM Strategy • Best Use of Consumer Insights/Analytics • Best Use of Loyalty Related Technology • Excellence in Loyalty Marketing • Excellence in Consumer Insights/Market research • Excellence in Data-Driven Marketing • CRM Program of the Year • Best use of Incentives and Rewards • Best Direct Response Campaign • Best Location-based Marketing • Customer insight project of the year Private and Confidential 6/20/2014
  5. 5. Our solutions are purpose built for retail omni- channel consumer engagement Private and Confidential 6/20/2014
  6. 6. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Asia Pacific Customers on the Lead 54.7%52.2% 47.5%47.6%
  7. 7. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Connected Consumers Hold the Power Consumer at the Heart Consumer are the decision makers This means higher ROI for you
  8. 8. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Times Have Changed Click Before Today Buy Enjoy! Sign Up Showrooming Informed Social Media Recommendations from friends Knows the best price Shares experiences instantly Shopping 24X7 Exceptional services Wants relevant offers Present at all channels And More! Customers took the effort to connect with the brand Brand has the responsibility to connect with the customer Social Media Social Media Social Media Social sfb Social sfb Very fussy Very fussy Very fussy Very fussy Very fussy Very fussy Very fussy Very fussy Very fussy
  9. 9. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 The Customer – Service Provider Disconnect Best Products Best Prices Available 24X7 More Options Right Channel Right Offers Get More Fans Get More Followers Offline + Online Higher ROI Latest Technology Higher registrations Beat Competition Get More Loyalty
  10. 10. Future of Personalization is More Than This Private and Confidential 6/20/2014
  11. 11. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Where do You Stand? Henry • Male, 28 – 32 yrs • Data packages • Post-paid customer • Preferences •4G •At least 1GB per month •Frequent traveler; ideal for roaming plans • Discount Seeker: No • Preferred Channel for Transaction: Online • #non customer family members: 3 • Average Billing: $350 • Segment: New services lover How many of you know your customers so well? How many of you can use all of this information to market better? How many of you can do this at realtime and at any channel?
  12. 12. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Before Your Customer You Engaging Customers = Difficult Task Customers took the effort to connect with the brand
  13. 13. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Your Customer You Engaging Customers = Difficult Task Now Brand has the responsibility to connect with the customer
  14. 14. Customers willingly provide these data in one way or the other giving retailers the chance to engage better with them Customers are leaving data behind – Retailers need to make most of it Private and Confidential 8/11/201 4 13
  15. 15. Data Insights Engagement Communication POS Online Order Call Centres Spend behaviour Time of Purchase Typical Items orderedDiscounts Points Rewards Offers/Combos Email Mobile Apps Social Media In- store The Circle to Create Richer Insights, Richer Experiences Private and Confidential 8/11/201 4 14
  16. 16. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 How does Customer Intelligence help?
  17. 17. Customer Centric Intelligence – The Key to Retail Growth Gather Data – Both instore and online Segment in accordance to various characteristics Microsegment to arrive at unique customer profiles Analyze past behaviour, preferences, likes etc to predict next steps Interact with customer with the right message at the right time Respond to their actions at realtime More sales from campaigns Gather feedback Deliver improved experiences 6/20/2014Private & Confidential
  18. 18. Big Data Analytics to Create Richer Insights, Richer Experiences •PoS •Associates Offline Data •Email •Messages •Apps •Demographics •Service Centers •Satisfaction Levels Additional Data Predict Headroom Finding Preferences Understanding Triggers How much do customers spend in the industry? How much do customers spend in a shopping trip? What items in a typical basket does a customer not buy at DJ? What do similar customers buy? What does this customer usually buy? When is a customer most likely to respond to an offer? What kind of offers work better at POS vs. offline? Insights •Ecommerce •Social Media Interactions Online Data Big Data Analytics 6/20/2014Private & Confidential
  19. 19. Customer Segmentation – The stepping stones of personalization Identifying separate clusters of similar-behaving customers based on their behavioral and transactional data 23 Customized campaign for customer based on their model scores 1 Targeted promotions and campaigns deliver higher ROI and ensure maximum customer participation
  20. 20. Customer Lifetime Value to discover your top target customers CLV: Total net income that can be obtained from the customer during their time in the system a) Effective products – Discounted price plans – Up selling Enhance Value a) High-end services with waivers cross-selling Ensure Satisfaction a) Retention campaigns b) Customized offers Enhance Loyalty a) Collection of outstanding bills b) Control on cost drivers Enhance Profit HIGH LOW LOW HIGH Likelihood of Stay CLV Nurture Maintain Retain
  21. 21. User Story: Personalized customer engagement Segment Potential (Customer) Recommendation Target Group 1 21K Next logical service (3 way concall) Target Group 2 22K Next logical service (3 way concall/voice station) Target Group 3 45K Next logical service (Voice station / caller or hello tunes) Target Group 4 68K Threshold promotion ($ off promotion) Target Group 5 98K Threshold promotion (% off promotion) Target Group 6 156K Welcome back (SMS pack / caller or hello tunes) For Individual Target Group, Segment Level Analysis is shown in coming slides which can be replicated across all target groups
  22. 22. Analytics allows you to better treat preferred customers Benefit Up-paid Corporate Post-paid Image Associations Psychologically driven shift to match change in life style/ stage Matches the business/ corporate profile. Cues security & stability Least important. Image perceived as ‘best deal’ Expected Usage More consistent as well as high usage expected Similar kind of usage, but now control exercised with bill details Possibly higher usage, but with lower bills than before Convenience Becomes a fixed monthly routine without any hassles of recharging As easy as possible. Need for simplest & smoothest transition Appreciated but not critical. Should be aligned to value perceptions Value Critical to convey that decision well taken Since mostly not/ partly paid by self, so of least importance Should meet low monthly budget. No rentals, better call value & lower call rates add to VFM appeal
  23. 23. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Customer insights powers personalization
  24. 24. How are smarter campaigns built? 6/20/2014
  25. 25. Customers are Individuals. Campaigns should be too To boost sales during slow/dull periods To Increase New Customer Registrations and Encourage Repeat Purchases To Cross Sell / Upse Encourage Repeat Purchases ll & Push Slow moving products To Identify and Reward Loyal Customers To increase ROI from marketing campaigns Special occasions and loyalty
  26. 26. Real-time Dashboards give smarter control over your business • Quick and easy view of the business • Details on overall revenues, CRM, Loyalty program, and region/store level performance • Customizable based on time period, views, and relevant KPIs
  27. 27. Delighting customers across the buyer journey – Lifecycle Marketing To build long-term value by understanding, measuring, analyzing, predicting and enabling the entire customer experience •Identify best customers similar to current set •Use customer data more intensively for increasing ARPU per customer •Combine the telecom operator’s reputation for excellent products & service as a loyalty & referral tool Customer Acquisition •Build service & on-boarding programs that improve customer bonding • Derive customer value & treat customers differently •Proactive campaigns from customer management program to ensure regular contacts that builds relationships Customer Retention • Data analytics-driven, segment-led marketing • Targeted offers to increase share of telecom spends – VAS, ringtones, triple-play offers etc. Customer Growth
  28. 28. The Unique Case of TelcosThe role of customer analytics to foster loyalty and sales growth 6/20/2014
  29. 29. Location Based targeting •Driving customers to their nearby retail store •Targeted communication basis customer segment/type Coalition with retailers •Providing one redemption platform for all •Loyalty points of brands to be converted to Telco money and vice versa Top Customer Program •Rewarding and engaging top Telco customers Retail Customer Engagement •Customer Engagement at Telco Stores Partnership Opportunities between Telco and Retailers
  30. 30. Typical Use Cases from Marketing Lets take an example. One of customers We have been provided the following 3 scenarios from the marketing team – 1. Fixed Line customer – We need to identify customers that are likely to lapse – Make relevant offers to these customers to retain them as Telco customers 2. IPTV customers – Understand engagement of customers across all products – Make relevant offers based on their engagement 3. Broadband Users – Identify customers that are likely to churn and devise strategies to engage with them better – Analyze the usage patterns of the customers and devise strategies for upsell

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Customers are leaving data behind, and retailers need to know how to make the most of it. Use customer intelligence to build smarter campaigns!


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