The Evolving Dealership-Presented at IBPI on 6-16-2013


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Dealers face tremendous business challenges with new competition and downward price pressures. All of this is happening in an environment where it is hard to recruit reps and nearly impossible to train them on every product, service and solution a dealer sells. Join us to hear Darrell Amy (Dealer Marketing) explore new ways to sell and develop creative marketing strategies. The goals are to create new leads and cross sell your customers into everything your dealership offers!

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The Evolving Dealership-Presented at IBPI on 6-16-2013

  1. 1. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysTHE EVOLVING DEALERSHIPChanging the Roles of Sales and Marketingto Meet Today’s Business ChallengesDarrell Amy
  2. 2. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysTODAY•  Making sense of the confusion– How do you add value?– What kind of dealership are you?•  Sales approach•  Marketing strategies
  3. 3. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysWHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE AVALUE PROVIDER?
  4. 4. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysVALUE PROVIDER EQUATIONKNOWLEDGE + TECHNOLOGY + SUPPORT = ROIUnderstand theirbusinessproblemsUse technologyto fix theproblemsBe therewhen theyneed help
  5. 5. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysWHAT KIND OF DEALERSHIP ARE YOU?
  6. 6. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysTHE BIG QUESTION•  How do we make sense all of theproducts, services and solutions we sell?Printers  Variable  Data  Supplies  Produc.on  Wide  Format  MFP’s  Document  Management  Managed  Print  Services  Managed  Network  Services  Cloud  Services  Print  Cost  Recovery  VOIP  
  7. 7. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysCHALLENGES•  Customers are confused•  Sales reps are confused•  Marketing is chaoticPrinters  Variable  Data  Supplies  Produc.on  Wide  Format  MFP’s  Document  Management  Managed  Print  Services  Managed  Network  Services  Cloud  Services  Print  Cost  Recovery  VOIP  
  8. 8. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysMAPPINGTHEMARKET
  9. 9. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysMAPPINGTHEMARKET
  10. 10. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysMAPPINGTHEMARKET
  11. 11. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysMAPPINGTHEMARKET
  12. 12. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysSOLUTIONS COMPANYDocuments drive businessprocesses.We help companies usetechnology to managedocuments and improveworkflow.Benefits•  Improve productivity•  Enhance customer service•  Create disaster recovery plans•  Comply with government reg’sMFP’sInput (Scan) | Output (Print)Content ManagementWorkflowOptimizationUse Print Assessment Tool toDiscover Document Use/FlowQuarterly Reviews to DiscoverWorkflow EnhancementMPS
  13. 13. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysSERVICES COMPANYWhen technology goes down,business grinds to a halt.Enjoy the same support youget for your copiers for all ofyour office technology.Benefits:•  Maximize productivity•  Manage cyber security risks•  Create a disaster recovery planCopier ServiceDesktopsServersWorkflowOptimizationQuarterly Reviews to DiscoverWorkflow EnhancementPrinters
  14. 14. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysSYSTEMS COMPANYYou need documentproduction for your business.We understand (productionprint/CME) and deploysystems to enhance yourbusiness.Benefits:•  Maximize profitability•  Outstanding support•  Specialized solutionsCopier ServiceProductionNiche SolutionsQuarterly Reviews to DiscoverWorkflow EnhancementWide Format3D Printing
  15. 15. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysDISCUSSIONWhich kind of dealership are you?1.  Solutions2.  Services3.  Systems (with Specialty Niches)
  16. 16. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysIMPLICATIONS•  What is your message to the market?•  How are you going to approach the sale?
  17. 17. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysBREAK
  18. 18. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysHOW ARE YOU GOING TO SELL?Sales Strategies
  19. 19. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysYOU HAVE ONE MINUTEWHAT DO YOU TALK ABOUT WITH A PROSPECT?Printers  Variable  Data  Supplies  Produc.on  Wide  Format  MFP’s  Document  Management  Managed  Print  Services  Managed  Network  Services  Cloud  Services  Print  Cost  Recovery  VOIP  
  20. 20. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysIT STARTS OUT SIMPLE•  Begin with the client’s business challenges•  Empathize
  21. 21. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysTHREE APPROACHESServices SolutionsSpecialtySystems
  22. 22. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysSERVICES APPROACH•  Does your business rely on technology?–  Technology poses risks•  Information Security•  Viruses•  Disaster Recovery–  Technology requires support–  Do you have a full IT support department?–  We can provide support for your office technologies for lessthan the cost of a full time employeeServices
  23. 23. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysSOLUTIONS APPROACH•  Have you ever thought to yourself that there could beprocesses inside your company that could be improved?•  We help our clients integrate technology to improve theirbusiness processes, helping increase profits, improvecompetitive advantage and reduce risks.•  What challenges are you facing in your business today?Solutions
  24. 24. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysSPECIALTY SYSTEMS APPROACH•  Have you ever wondered if there are technologies thatcould help you gain competitive advantage and improveyour profits?•  We help engineering and design companies integratethe latest 2D and 3D printing technologies to improvetheir processes and lower costs.•  What are some of the biggest challenges you are facingin your business today?SpecialtySystems
  25. 25. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysTHE NEW SALES REP“We need to stop looking for technicalpeople who can sell and develop businesspeople who can sell.”Selling is Dead
  26. 26. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysTECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION REVIEW
  27. 27. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysTHE TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION REVIEW•  We are always looking for ways to improve the value wedeliver to our clients.•  You have installed powerful technology in your office.Chances are you are only using a fraction of its potential.•  We want to help you fully integrate it to help youimprove your business, increase productivity and reduceyour security risks.
  28. 28. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysTECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION REVIEW•  What challenges are you facing in yourbusiness today?•  What are your biggest goals?•  How are people using the technology?•  Are there security risks?
  29. 29. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysTECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION REVIEW•  Prepare a report for the client:– Their Business Challenges– Ideas for Improved Technology Use– Process Improvement Ideas– Security Risks– Recommendations
  30. 30. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysKEYS TO SUCCESS•  Sincerity•  Passion
  31. 31. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysHOW ARE YOU GOING TO MARKET?PositioningLead Generation Strategies
  32. 32. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysWHAT IS YOUR CORE MARKETING MESSAGE?Printers  Variable  Data  Supplies  Produc.on  Wide  Format  MFP’s  Document  Management  Managed  Print  Services  Managed  Network  Services  Cloud  Services  Print  Cost  Recovery  VOIP  
  33. 33. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysTHREE APPROACHESServices SolutionsSpecialtySystemsWe support yourtechnology.We help you integratetechnology toimprove yourbusiness.We have specializedknowledge that willhelp you business.
  34. 34. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysHOW TO GET THE MESSAGE OUT
  35. 35. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysWHAT PERCENTAGE OF YOUR CLIENT BASEIS IN A MANAGED SERVICES PROGRAM?HOW DO WE INCREASE THIS NUMBER?
  36. 36. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysTHE CHASMGeoffrey Moore, Crossing the Chasm, Marketing and Selling Disruptive Products to Mainstream Customers
  37. 37. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysINNOVATORS MAINSTREAMLove technology Skeptical about technologyTake Risks Scared of making a bad decisionWant to be seen as leaders Want to know what others are doing
  39. 39. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysTHE THREE HURDLESThey do not understand how theclient values the offering.Current customers and themarket are not aware of themanaged services offering39  They do not see the provider asa credible source of IT servicesAwarenessCredibilityValue
  40. 40. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysTHE THREE HURDLESThey do not understand how theclient values the offering.40  AwarenessCredibilityValue
  41. 41. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysCOMMUNICATING VALUE•  Why do clients’ buy managed services?–  Reduces The Number of Vendors–  Eliminates Inventory Costs and Risk of Theft–  Frees Up IT Staff to Focus on Core Projects–  Enhances Security–  Manages Unmeasured Costs–  Addresses Problems Proactively–  Maps Out a Technology Upgrade Plan41  
  42. 42. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysCOMMUNICATING VALUE•  Communicate value inthe clients’ language–  What are their businessproblems?–  How can you connect yourmanaged services offeringsto their problems?42  
  43. 43. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysCREDIBILITY43  They do not see the provider asa credible source of IT servicesAwarenessCredibilityValue
  44. 44. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysDOES YOUR DEALERSHIP LOOK AND FEELLIKE A CREDIBLE SOURCE OF I.T.SOLUTIONS?
  45. 45. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysHOW DO I BUILD TRUST?•  Look Like an Expert•  Professional OnlinePresence•  Thought Leadership•  Blog Posts•  Social Media Participation•  Professional Documents45  
  46. 46. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysHOW DO I BUILD TRUST?•  Look Like an Expert•  Professional OnlinePresence•  Thought Leadership•  Blog Posts46  
  47. 47. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysHOW DO I BUILD TRUST?•  Look Like an Expert•  Professional OnlinePresence•  Thought Leadership•  Blog Posts•  Social Media47  
  48. 48. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysHOW DO I BUILD TRUST?•  Educate Your Clients–  Events/Webinars–  Special Reports/WhitePapers–  Blog Posts48  
  49. 49. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysHOW DO I BUILD TRUST?•  Get Endorsed•  Case Studies•  Get References•  Google•  LinkedIn•  Facebook49  
  50. 50. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysAWARENESSCurrent customers and themarket are not aware of themanaged services offering50  AwarenessCredibilityValue
  51. 51. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysAWARENESSVALUE & CREDIBILITYHOW WE’RE HELPING DEALERSWeekly blog postsand quarterlygraphics updatesAutomated email/social/Google leadgen campaignsPlacement on pageone of Google forkey search termsDaily social mediaupdates andfollower building
  52. 52. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysMANAGED MARKETING SERVICES10%Discountfor IBPIMembers
  53. 53. www.dealermarketing.net214.224.0050dealer-marketing-systems@DlrMktgSysFREE RESOURCEwww.DealerMarketingSystems.com53