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How to defeat lung cancer at earlier stage


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The lung cancer causes a various problem which can be defeat at earlier stage if it is identified at starting time. To know more details about lung cancer and its stages visit the above slide.

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How to defeat lung cancer at earlier stage

  1. 1. How to defeat lung cancer at earlier stage
  2. 2. Lung cancer • Lung cancer kills more number of people without causing any symptoms at early stage. • Most people who develop lung cancer do not develop symptoms until it has become more advanced. • That results in effective treatment at the end and rarely curative.
  3. 3. Identifying in earlier stage • There wont be much symptoms on earlier stage of lung cancer . • The lung cancer stages can be rectified only through scans if you don’t find any symptoms. • If we can start diagnosing( cancer-with-these-early-9-signs.html/) and treating patients earlier, we can save thousands and thousands of lives.
  4. 4. Early detection test • • CT scans as a way to detect early stages of lung cancer. • The study showed that in high-risk patients, CT scans can lower the number of lung cancer-related problems • CT scan in which lung nodules are identified, additional tests will be performed to determine if treatment is necessary.
  5. 5. Signs and symptoms • The lung cancer grows deadly as it grows silently . At initial stage we cant find any of the symptoms but in advanced stage people experience cough, coughing up blood, shortness of breath, wheezing and chest pain. • The initial stage of lung cancer can be identified only through screenings through CT scan. • Low-dose CT scans are very safe, comparable to a mammogram. • Click here to know about symptoms.html/ signs and symptoms
  6. 6. Herbal treatment • The lung is treatable and even curable at the initial stage . • In early stage of cancer also treatable using herbal medicines without any side effects. • The only thing that results in cures is finding lung cancer early and removing it through surgery or through herbal treatments. • Click here bambusa-arundinacea-vanshlochan-for-lung-cancer.html/ to know about herbal treatment.
  7. 7. Lung Cancer types • Treatment should be done by identifying the type of cancer . • Get to know whether it is a small-cell lungcancer or non-small cell lungcancer and then proceed further treatment. • Quitting smoking reduces your chances of dying from lung cancer by 50 percent.
  8. 8. • The lung cancer can be caused through various reasons. • While early detection for lung cancer improves with technology, it’s important to note that the best way to reduce your risk of lung cancer is to refrain from smoking and get rid off from pollutions and radon. • To know more details about lung cancer and sign,symptoms,treatment visit