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Product project design

creating product/project design. technical research module 2

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Product project design

  2. 2. What is product/project design? In its simplest definition, design is the pattern of something that is to be produced.
  3. 3. What is product/project design? This design or pattern must be anchored on the customers’ expectations identified during SWOT analysis.
  4. 4. • Some of the major considerations or criteria in product designing include the following factors:
  5. 5. FUNCTIONALITY •Usefulness of the design in terms of utilitarian significance.
  6. 6. AESTHETICS •Color, form, structure and style of the design with regards to visual appeal.
  7. 7. TECHNOLOGY •Technological knowledge and skills and available of tools, equipment and machines.
  8. 8. QUALITY •Standards of performance that fulfill the customers’ expectations.
  9. 9. ECONOMY •Minimal cost in fabrication, packaging and assembly.
  10. 10. SAFETY •Absence of toxic elements, sharp edges or harmful compounds and hazardous components.
  11. 11. SALEABILITY •Based on the market preference and taste, trendy concept, general choice of target customers.
  12. 12. •A good number of surveys claim that most successful products are customer-driven.
  13. 13. •It is because the customers are very good at identifying performance gaps of the products or machines that they are currently using.
  14. 14. • In order to enhance the creativity of the product designer, it is therefore necessary to make initial sketches out of the results of interviews conducted from different stakeholders, customers, developers and manufacturers.
  15. 15. PowerPoint chart object