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evalutation question 5

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 6What have you learnt abouttechnologies from process ofconstructing this product?
  2. 2. Adobe Photoshop CS6• Photoshop was the key piece of software used when I created my logo as it allowed me tomake a logo which is both professional looking and good.• When using it I created 2 logos using the gradient tool, the font tool, and the paint buckettool, these tools put together gave me a professional looking logo which I then used in myfilm• How to convert the logos I had made into JPEGS and other formats, this was a necessarything because I could them put them into Final Cut Express and use them in my film• I also learned how to make the images compatible with Final Cut Express so I could uploadthe into Final Cut and use them in my film
  3. 3. Final Cut Express• Final Cut Pro was my essential software when making my film, it allowed me to view, edit, alter, cut andchange all of my footage• It showed me how to edit videos in both my film and my raw footage before I edited them together thisconsisted of many different editing factors.• I found out how to cut my clips to make them smaller, but also how I can get part of the clip back if I cut ittoo far.• I learnt how to extract the footage from a tape and extract them onto Final Cut Express using the capturevideo tool and plugging the video camera in.• I then shortly after learnt how to divide the raw footage so I can convert them into individual shots, thishelped when editing as I then had each individual shot instead of having to continuously cut the tapedown.• I learnt how to change the lighting on the footage and make shots brighter and darker, as my film was seton a night I needed to change the lighting so it was bright enough to see but dark enough to keep themood and tense feeling.• Using effects such as fades, wipes and slow-motion editing to make the film look as professional aspossible• Sound editing was also a good feature on this software as it allowed me to change the volume and makethe quieter shots more tense by having absolute silence• I was then able to make intertitles on Livetype where I then imported them into my Final Cut Express and Ilearnt how to place them ontop of a shot so they were both visible.
  4. 4. Garageband• Garageband was a great piece of software to use as it allowed me to makea soundtrack which I could use in my film, and because of the genre of myfilm being horror I needed a good soundtrack in order to keep the feelingof being tense and scared.• It allowed me to create a professional sounding soundtrack using the loopprogram within Garageband and I then was able to convert it to put intomy Final Cut Express and therefore my film• I was also able to convert it and export it properly to an mp4 so I couldthen properly put it into my film in the right format
  5. 5. Livetype• Using Livetype allowed me to make the intertitles in my film which are animportant thing to put in the opening scene of a film, they also lookedprofessional which were good.• I learnt how to make a good looking font using them from Dafonts.comand I then was able to change the colour and place of the intertitles so Icould then put them into my film• Ontop of that I also found out how to animate my intertitles to make themshake or move on the screen by using a specific effect.
  6. 6. Blogspot• Blogspot was a great website to use as I was able to store all of mycoursework on there instead of having a number of files on my computer,it also made it easier for my work to be marked and me to get feedback onit• When using Blogspot I found out that I could re-arrange the files andtherefore make a good list of work which could then flow into each other. Ialso then found you could change the time of them which allowed me tokeep the work flowing and looking more professional.• I then found that you could import powerpoints, slideshare’s, prezi’s andvideos from both YouTube and other streaming sites but also straight fromFinal Cut Express or your files on the MAC
  7. 7. • Youtube was a good site to use as I could upload my videos onthere, but I could also then get feedback from the publicbefore making my final draft of the film, therfore making it asbest as I can make it. However, I had used YouTube in the pastto upload a number of videos, so there was a lot I alreadyknew about YouTube.• I however learnt from doing this how to properly upload avideo and which formats can and cannot be uploaded toYouTube.
  8. 8. • Prezi was an important website to use when doing my blog asit gave me an easy and professional looking way to keep myblog organised with work.• I found you could import images and videos from YouTubeinto prezi which I used in my Textual Analysis and otherevaluation questions, which made the prezi’s look morepresentable and I could point out certain points I was talkingabout• After doing my textual analysis I learnt you could upload theminto Blogspot which meant I could use it more and it lookedbetter than writing a series of paragraphs into BlogSpot
  9. 9. • Dafonts.com allowed me to download fonts to use for bothmy intertitles and my logo and played a big part in my openingscene for my film.• From using this website I learnt how to download a font andinstall it onto my MAC• After that I found out how to install the mac onto livetype andphotoshop to use for my intertiles and logos
  10. 10. Video Camera & Tripod• This was the most important pieces of hardware I could use in making myfilm and I wouldn’t of been able to do it without using these. I hadhowever used a video camera a number of times but not the tripod so Iknew some things about the camera already.• I learnt from this all though how to change the tape on the video cameraand also how to change the battery if it got flat and how to correctlycharge them• I also learnt how to properly work a tripod and how to manoeuvre it inboth its place and its height to get the right shot• Finally I learnt how to change the lighting on the video camera which gaveme less to do on Final Cut Express which became I really big time saver
  11. 11. • Slideshare was used by me to upload somepowerpoints and was good as it made it easierto upload powerpoints onto blogspot.• I learnt how to upload what I needed ontoboth onto Slideshare and then onto blogger,therefore making it easier to upload and viewfor other people, this served as a similarfunction to YouTube
  12. 12. • I used Pixton as a new way of showing one ofmy evaluation questions, it was good as itallowed me to show how people think ofdifferent things and showed a variety ofdifferent ways to work• I learnt how to make a small comic book stripand how to manoeuvre the people onscreento look more professional and therefore better
  13. 13. MAC• The mac was the other important piece of hardware I used, without myMAC I wouldn’t of been able to do this due to the important software ithas on here which made the final film look very professional and good• While using the MAC I learnt about the different keys and how some aredifferent to a normal computer. Learning these allowed me to be moreefficient on the MAC and it saved a lot of time for me.• The compatibility with all of the software meant there was a lot ofsoftware I could use on the MAC therefore making my film look a lot moreprofessional and allowed me to make a good final film.