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Prepare for "Microsoft Word Skills" Job Interview Questions


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Prepare for "Microsoft Word Skills" Job Interview Questions

  1. 1. on Microsoft Word Skills
  2. 2. How strong are your Microsoft Office Skills?
  3. 3.  But vague responses won’t do. I guess they are pretty good.  I have been using Word and Excel for 10 years. But what tasks can you actually perform in Word and Excel?
  4. 4.  Your answer needs to be concise, credible and supported. But first you need to know what they want you to do if they hire you.
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Word AccessOutlook Publisher Excel PowerPoint
  8. 8.
  9. 9.  Courses you completed and when and what version  Advanced Microsoft Excel 2010 taken Oct 2011. But what do you remember from 2 years ago?  Do you still remember what a pivot table is?  Do you know what to use a pivot table for?  Have you ever created a pivot table since?  Could you create one right now if they asked?
  10. 10.  With Microsoft Office skills checklists, communicate to employers the tasks you are ready to perform right now.
  11. 11.  Or send a separate file along with your resume with PDF versions of your relevant checklists.
  12. 12.  Q: What level are your Microsoft Word Skills? A: I have brought checklists that show you exactly what tasks I can perform today with Word. These are tasks that I am fully prepared to perform today and the first day on the job.Then you show them your career portfolio andleave behind a digital version on a USB drive.
  13. 13. A. Claim advanced skills in Microsoft Office and hope desperately they don’t ask, orB. Count on your vague response being accepted favorably by the interviewer, orC. Present a precise, truthful answer that provides the reassurance the interviewer needs?
  14. 14.  The Advanced Microsoft Word Skills checklist can support you to prepare for any related job interview question. Get your free checklist at Checklists for other Microsoft Office programs are also available.
  15. 15.  Visit the Free Resources section at today.
  16. 16.  Identify skills you still need for each level. Seek out tutorials on YouTube, elsewhere. Find books in your Library or online Practice each skill until proficiency is achieved
  17. 17.  After you have used the checklists to prepare for your job interview, please let me know about your experience!