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Chad%20 Vale%20 Newsletter%20 Oct%2022nd%2008


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Chad%20 Vale%20 Newsletter%20 Oct%2022nd%2008

  1. 1. Name: Class: Delivered every Friday without fail! Friday, 24th October 2008 What an exciting week! Nursery Road Edgbaston Birmingham B15 3JU Head Teacher: Mr.Robin Haselgrove Tel: 0121-464-7329 Fax: 0121-464-4441 E-mail: Website: Website Visitor Count: 54,400! What an exciting week we’ve had at Chad Vale! Our Harvest Assembly on Monday showed us some of the people who help us in school, and reminded the children that we also ‘harvest’ good will, kindness and support from lots of different people. The children listened intently to the story of the ‘Giant Onion’ and then sang 3 of their favourite harvest songs. The School Council interviewed Mrs. Carol Lyndon this week about her charity work with Ghandigram Orphanage. She was overjoyed when they informed her that the Council had decided to support Ghandigram for a further year and told us all about how our previous donations have helped the children in the orphanage. The interview was filmed for Chad Vale Television (CVTV) and will be displayed on the big screen after half term. Dinner Money next half term: The children and teachers have coped extremely well this week with a range of different challenges in £57.80 school. The tarmac was delivered and laid on the Fridays only (Pizza Day): MUGA and the floor levelled in our new staff room £10.20 development...both quite smelly processes! The new Please make cheques areas, we hope, will be in full use once we return from our half term break. May we wish all of our payable to “Direct Services”. parents, children and friends a happy, restful and To try our School Meals, please safe half term holiday and we return to school on ask Mrs. Cooper! Monday 3rd November at 8.45am. 1 Back to school Monday 3rd November 8.45am
  2. 2. As mentioned in last weeks newsletter, our after school clubs will be restarting after half term. Please keep an eye out for letters about special clubs and on the newsletter for further details. Clubs in school... Monday: Judo (Y5/6), Tabla (Y4,5,6) Tuesday: Chess (Y5/6), Violin (Y3/4) Wednesday: Woodwind (Y3/4/5/6) Thursday: Art Club (places already given– please see your letter) Please contact Mrs. Cooper who will advise on spaces available in the above clubs. Clubs on the MUGA… Monday: Y1/2 Evolve Sports (letters coming soon) Tuesday: Y5/6 Evolve Sports (letters coming soon) Wednesday: Y3/4 Evolve Sports (letters coming soon) Thursday: Girl’s Y4/5/6 Football Club (letters coming soon) Friday: No clubs/Community Use Please note that clubs will run on the MUGA regardless of the weather (unless heavy snow). Please send your child in suitable clothing– tracksuits/waterproof coat if they are in these outdoor clubs! Do you have children who are due to start at Chad Vale in Reception in 2009? Could you please inform Mrs. Cooper so that we know how many places we will have for new families? 2 Could you please check your child’s jumpers/cardigans over half term and return any that do not belong to your children? We have had lots of school uniform disappearing!
  3. 3. We are kind to each other. (We don’t hurt other children, make them sad or play-fight.) We play games safely. (We don’t somersault on the ropes, or run/slide up or down the rubber crumbing.) We use the equipment properly. (We use rackets and bats for sports, not for hurting others.) We use the paths and play areas. (We keep off the gardens and planted areas.) We stay where the teachers can see us. (We don’t hide in the bushes or climb trees.) We look after our environment and use the bins. (We don’t throw our rubbish on the floor!) 3 Please note these rules also apply before and after school!
  4. 4. Yesterday our Chess Team played in a local tournament against St. Patrick’s and St. George’s school. All of the Chad Vale competitors played well, winning or drawing most of their games...and Chad Vale ended up winning! A fantastic result– very well done! Here are the machines laying down the final layer of tarmac on our almost completed MUGA. To see them in action, visit the website and download the video from the Chad Vale Television page! Over the last two days the fence has been erected and the only jobs to complete now are the marking of the different pitches on the tarmac, and the seeding and planting of the areas around the MUGA! 4 Please make sure that your child’s name is on all school uniform!