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Goals and Objectives


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Life lessons in developing goals and objectives

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Goals and Objectives

  1. 1. Goals and Objectives Subtitle: How am I going to getwhere I want to go if I don’t know how to get there?
  2. 2. The Power of VisionVision without action is merely a dream; Action without vision passes the time;Vision with action can change the world. Joel Arthur Barker
  3. 3. Look out…Here comes the boring stuff!!
  4. 4. Personal Goals and Objectives Model Core Values Dreams Goals and Objectives Strategy Time Line Resources Feedback Loop Strategic Outcomes Personal Economic Personal External Rewards GrowthSatisfaction Recognition
  5. 5. Core Values• What we believe in• Looks to the “core” of who we are and what is important to you.• Working outside our core will make you “uncomfortable”• Working inside our core will “feel right”.• Core values deals with items like Love, Fun, Freedom, Growth and Truth.
  6. 6. Dreams• Are the subconscious giving us direction.• Are not to be ignored• May surprise you in the direction they take you.• Are not “stupid” ideas• Motivation for the soul.• Need to be documented so the vision can be developed.
  7. 7. Goals and Objectives• The road map to get to the destination• Quantifies the Dream• SMART – Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Realistic – Timed
  8. 8. Strategy• Details – Details – Details• What we need to do – the game plan• Support Systems – who, what, when• Good strategies need to be documented
  9. 9. Timeline • A goal without timing is a only a “wish” • What can you do starting today? • What will you have done by next week? • What will you have done by next month? • What will you have done by next year?
  10. 10. Resources• You need “stuff” to support your goals – what are they?• What is the “stuff” timeline?• The “stuff” is NOT the goal – it a supporting tool
  11. 11. Feedback Loop• All journeys sometimes need some coarse correction. This is the fine tuning process.• Are you still on the right track?• Identify the needed changes• Continue to focus on the Goal• Restate your goals & write them down• Never, Never, Never give up!!
  12. 12. Making It Happen• Write down your Values• Document your Dreams• Develop a Statement of Goals & Objectives (SMART)• Identify the timeline and resouces• What can be done today?• Make it visible – look at it frequently
  13. 13. Dreamline Worksheet• In ___ months I dream of… – Having: • Start: ____ Cost: ____ – Being: • Start: ____ Cost: ____ – Doing: • Start: ____ Cost: ____• Steps Now:More on Dreamlines – Timothy Ferris “The 4-Hour Workweek”
  14. 14. Sample Goal Worksheet• My Goal is _______________• My target date is _____________• To Reach my goal I will do these things – A. – B. – C.• I will know I’ve reached my goal because..• A.• B.• C.• Things that will help me stick to reaching my goals are ____________
  15. 15. References• Franklin Covey••• “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferris
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