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Bloque curricular mes octubre


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Bloque curricular mes octubre

  1. 1. F -X C h a n ge F -X C h a n ge PD PD ! ! W W O O BLOQUE CURRICULAR N N y y bu bu to to MES DE SEPTIEMBRE k k lic lic C Cw w m m w DATOS NFORMATIVOS: ww w o o .d o .c .d o .c c u -tr a c k c u -tr a c k AREA: Lengua Extranjera AÑO: SEGUNDO DE BACHILLERATO TECNICO UNICO TIEMPO HORAS: 20 N° DE SEMANAS: 04 FECHA: INICIO: 03 de octubre FIN ALIZACION: 28 de octubre EJE CURRICULAR INTEGRADOR: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing for social interaction. OBJETIVO DE LA UNIDAD: To talk about future schemes through short conversations in order to students express their ideas for the future EJE DE BLOQUE DESTREZAS CON HOR PROCESO DE RECURSO EVALUACION APRENDI CURRI CRITERIO DE AS ENSEÑANZA S ZAJE CULAR DESEMPEÑO APRENDIZAJE Criterios Indicadores Técnicas e instrumentos Listening e-mails and 5 Listening Skill: Informati Students Pronouncing Listening familiarize with future on talk about the words structure. Listening and filling recorded their future correctly, gaps about future. in the Cd plans using correct Speaking Audio intonation and Speaking Skill: Talking about students Class applying the Talking about future rules and plans for the weekend TERM plans for the weekend vocabulary and things to take on a ONE 5 learned. Observation visit Posters Reading Skill: and Students Quizzes Reading to match collages read Reading about Grading rate Reading e-mails and a photos and match articles letter describing a place descriptions about future about future plans students are going to people Writing visit. future plans Identifying the Writting Skill: structures in Writing an e – mail of a order to Writing dialogues place students are going 5 organize the to visit. Students write information dialogues. about future plans Grammar Skill: correctly. Grammar Future (be going to) for Using the grammatical Informati Students Using the parts future plans structures integrating on about use the of the speech the macro skill: Be future grammatica correctly and Observation Quantifiers going to looking l structures punctuation Quizzes
  2. 2. F -X C h a n ge F -X C h a n ge PD PD ! ! W W O O N N y for on the learned in too. y bu bu to to Internet the Unit. Grading rate k k lic lic C Cw w m m w Structuring ww w o o .d o .c .d o .c c u -tr a c k c u -tr a c k Students sentences in 5 Vocabulary Skill: use the different forms vocabulary affirmative, Using the vocabulary leaned during the learned in negative and Vocabulary Feelings. whole process: this Unit. questions. Using the Be going to in different Reading correct words structures and phrases texts according to the situation and structure. Elaborado por: Lic. David Moscoso Jurado PROFESOR