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Same devices, different experiences

Same devices, different experiences - Why your users in Asia will never be like your users in Europe (with notes)

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Same devices, different experiences

  1. Same devices, different experiences Why your users in Asia will never be like your users in Europe Chui Chui Tan @ChuiSquared, 20 November 12
  2. h The linear hu m an evolution whic we are all fam iliar w ith - start . sim ple, en d a dvance d ot at all like this. But, evolution is nTuesday, 20 November 12
  3. is This is the real evolution. No one e rts fro m one bas a dvance d. All sta an d ev olves differently. nd Each creature fi n ds their niche a t. evolve base d on their environmenTuesday, 20 November 12
  4. Kännykät FinnishCellphones 手机 Mobile phones Handys Keitai Denwa ‘Hand-machine’North America UK Germany Móviles ‘Portable phone’ China Spain Japan Celulares South America Haendeu Pon ‘Handphone’ Korea e mobile phones. W It’s the same for ne to beco me so meo are not evolving we in ter ms of how in San Francisco se use o ur mobile p hones just becau s are develo pe d in most technolog ie San Francisco. . We nee d to un d erstan d the nicheTuesday, 20 November 12
  5. The mo bile market is o utsi de the Number of States. mobile subscriptions 6 billion World 4 billion 2 billion United States 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011Tuesday, 20 November 12
  6. +192.5% since 2010 The growth is in Asia. Within 2 years, the mobile traffic has incre ase almost 200% in Asia.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  7. The population of GermanyTuesday, 20 November 12
  8. The number of people with mobile internet in Japan US or the West is NOT the ultimate destination in the evolution process. What shape the evolution niche is culture.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  9. CULTURE Culture is a BI many aspects. base d on the e G word. It co ver Each aspect evolv s nvironment an d it w a society evolv es. es shapes hoTuesday, 20 November 12
  10. Language is The first a spect to culture language.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  11. Chinese writing is Tra ditionally, the . fro m right to le ft, to p to botto m th e mo dern world, T hings change. In ht, bo oks are printe d fro m left to rig horizontally (as English writing ).Tuesday, 20 November 12
  12. It’s definitely the case in the digital world (from left to right) - for Mandarin, Japanese as well as Korean.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  13. Chinese use Pinyin to enter Chinese character, using the same keyboard as in the West. E.g. Shou Ji (手机) - mobile phone in MandarinTuesday, 20 November 12
  14. Or by using built-in writing recognition on smartphones or touchscreen devices.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  15. Handphone: haen deu pon b j d g s yo yeo ya ae e m n - r h o eo a i e Korean Hangu l writing - has th k t ch p yu u eu nu mbers of keys on same layo ut an d e the keyboard as we have in th West.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  16. Handphone: haen deu pon h ae 핸 n b j d g s yo yeo ya ae e m n - r h o eo a i First character - haen s H + ae + n : All three letter k t ch p yu u eu r. co mbine d into one characteTuesday, 20 November 12
  17. Handphone: haen deu pon 헨 드 d 드 eu b j d g s yo yeo ya ae e m n - r h o eo a i eu Secon d character - d to k t ch p yu u eu d + eu : Two letters co mbine d in one character.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  18. Handphone: haen deu pon p 핸드 폰 o n b j d g s yo yeo ya ae e m n - r h o eo a i Thir d character - pon s k t ch p yu u eu P+o+n : All three letter r. co mbine d into one characte f Han dphone in Korean is ma de o rs. the se three characteTuesday, 20 November 12
  19. it With different writing systems, e seems cu mber so me to type. Th tem truth is, the K orean writing sys n dly. Yo u can type is ver y dig ital-frie . faster than in EnglishTuesday, 20 November 12
  20. Don’t m ake assu mptions. in If yo u’re to design for users to differe nt co untries, get ge un derstan d how their langua works.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  21. #1 English #2 German #1 English #2 German #1 English #2 Russian #1 Japanese UK Germany #2 English Russia #1 English #1 Chinese Japan #2 Italian #2 English France Italy China #1 Korean #1 English #2 English #2 French on the Apple App Korea ch Distimo did a resear o ut an d iPa d, fin ding Store for iPhone by whether loc alisation of apps ue. #1 English languages c an increase reven #2 German re apan an d Korea a Australia Users in China, J ir ps that support the keen to pay for ap language. es. ro v ide local languag I t’s important to pTuesday, 20 November 12
  22. Translating pa rt of the content on yo ur webs ite is go ing to do All more da mage than go o d. Its harder fo r users to sw itch between one language to is another. Mor e cognitive effort nee de d. r Translate all of yo ur content o o is better not to d or so metimes it it at all until yo u’re sure yo u can translate all. NothingTuesday, 20 November 12
  23. “Language is used to convey our thoughts, but doesn’t necessarily shape them” Steven Pinker s. tw o different thing Language an d tho ughts are arc h an d buy a pro d uct ere nt co untries rese How users in diff hey lo ok for is differe nt. is similar. Cont ent an d details t A an d the conten t is t, I mo del is the tho ugh Task an d mental the language.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  24. “Language is used to convey our thoughts, but doesn’t necessarily shape them” Steven Pinker r Yo u nee d to translate yo u ot content in th e right context, n n. jus t direct translatio ed Yo ur translat ion co mpanies ne to un derstan d yo ur business.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  25. Infrastructure Another as pect to culture is infrastructure.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  26. 3G South Korea and Japan are two Asian countries that are one of the early adopters of 3G. Of all mobile connection in Korea, 93% are 3G.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  27. 2G The majority of the Chinese mobile users are still accessing the Internet via 2G.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  28. 2G Hong Kong Unlimited plan Hong Kong (part of China) - more than half of the HK people have unlimited 3G data access. 3G, 4G It’s estimated that it will only take a year for 4G to surpass 3G in HK.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  29. Types of phones be d in the West w ill W hat are being use in w hat is being use d a lot different fro m wo rld. It’s not just other part of the . iPhone, Samsung , HTC, BB or NokiaTuesday, 20 November 12
  30. But also t he local bran ds...Tuesday, 20 November 12
  31. GooPad mini Only an d clone versions. $99 Every inch a GooPad mini A n d also the co py s use d on these device Yo ur apps w ill be ee or get to hold in t hat yo u’ll never s yo ur han d.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  32. old e fo ur sim phone to h I n In dia, users us it’s rn etworks because f o ur sims w ith fo u me one on the same c heaper to call so he call so meone on t network than to d ifferent network.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  33. a Mobile TV is ver y po pular in Kore nd m obile broa dban d a b ecause of its fast . Br oa dcasting (DMB) D ig ital Multime dia n uality TV reception o D MB allows high q the mo ve., 20 November 12
  34., 20 November 12
  35. Social Norms to Social nor ms is another aspect cultureTuesday, 20 November 12
  36. er Confucius, a Chinese philoso ph His die d 2.5 tho usan d years ago. reat influence on teachings have g y. Chinese an d Japan societ, 20 November 12
  37. Confucius teac hing emphasise d t qu ote: “ The nail tha colle ctivism. Japanese to ed down.” Yo u want sticks o ut is ham mer f the co m munity. be seen as part o, 20 November 12
  38. om tist s fo un d peo ple fr Cultural neuroscien d do not see the worl d ifferent cultures ey T HINK differently d ifferently, but th ee. a bo ut what they sTuesday, 20 November 12
  39. h Kitayama did a stu dy in 2003 w it a gro up of Nort h Americans an d Japanese. His stu dy showe d that Americans d pay more atten tion to details an Asians pay more attention to context. t Its important to pro vide conten that are releva nt to yo ur local users on yo ur website or apps. e Small details li ke this co uld mak a big difference. Shinobu KitayamaTuesday, 20 November 12
  40. By using fmR I, neuroscientists of fo un d t hat: Asians think d themselves a s deeply connecte ns to othe r peo ple; America of a dhere to a strong sense in dividuality. nal This makes r eviews an d perso reco m men dations much more the important in the East than in West.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  41. Microblogging = More trustworthy r mal authority mainly due Chine se are skeptical of fo trict control of Internet to the go vernments s re towards infor mal e mo acces s. This means they ar n. so urces of infor matio g elieve bran ds that microblo The majority of Chinese b mor e than 4 times of US are m ore trustworthy. It’s internet users.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  42. Mobile apps in China f all n cerns abo ut the go o d o A collectivist society co the peo ple. stan t messag ing (IM ) apps The y spen d more time on in chat w ith their family, for gro up chat or au dio or ss contacts than calling frien ds an d even busine text messag ing.Tuesday, 20 November 12
  43. Kakao Talk WeChat Th ere are a nu mber of IM ap ps available in Asia an d all of them have reache d se veral millions of users in just a co uple of years. LineTuesday, 20 November 12
  44. Language Social norms CULTURE Mobile Infrastructure behaviours co uld affect the All aspects which way mobile is being use d in a relate d an d they co untr y are inter r. constantly in fluence each otheTuesday, 20 November 12
  45. t Yo u can’t stu dy puffins w itho u stu dying the ir biology, nests/ ir havio urs an d the habitats, their be environment., 20 November 12
  46. f 1. Remember the importance o the un derstan din g the culture of o. market that yo u’re getting int iety yo urself or 2. Go see the soc o them, research bring yo ur apps t an d test it o ut. nd If yo u don’t want to die o ut a s beco me one of t he extinct specie in the evolu tion, yo u nee d to iches where yo u un derstan d the n can su r vive. Go o d luck., 20 November 12
  47. Thank you Chui Chui Tan @ChuiSquaredTuesday, 20 November 12