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  1. 1. Inspiration Mostly vibe magazine
  2. 2. I found most of my inspiration from.... Vibe Magazine I found a lot of inspiration from “Vibe Magazine” as the genre I chose for my magazine was “Urban” which is a mixture of RnB, Hip Hop, Grime etc. I found that Vibe magazine usually featured one or most of these genres and looking through the cover pages and contents as well as double page spreads it helped me a lot when planning my magazine, another reason why I found this magazine inspirational was that it sometime appealed to the same audience demographics I intended my magazine to be aimed at to, this was also very helpful as the magazine acted as a guide to what I had to include in my magazine to enable it to appeal to the chosen age group and social class I had planned. Most of the images and text that I have used on my magazine are quiet similar to what vibe magazine have used.
  3. 3. I found this on a website called and it was used to replace a “simple text article title” and I found that it was quite effective as it stood out and it was something different and unusual, something that you wouldn’t usually tend to see in a usual magazine so I found it quiet useful and inspirational as I wanted my magazine also to have this sort of different and unique feel to so I decided to use this in my magazine using it on my double page spread as I felt that this could maybe attract a lot of audience as it is different and funky and would give my magazine the different and unique look I was after along with the fact that I would also include a key code and convention in an unusual and effective manner. Bold and eye catching Large and informative Catchy opening phrase used relating to the artists work to lure certain readers into reading more and purchasing the magazine. Artists name large and bold Image large and effective relating to article and genre of magazine. Image in black and white, something that isn’t usually seen in a typical music magazine Image colourful and eye catching
  4. 4. [ Headline Tag -   Usually words such as exclusive, limited information to interest the audience into reading further ] Puff (over exaggerative word) used to lure readers into purchasing the magazine thinking the magazine contains something that has never been seen before by anyway, makes the reader feel as though they are special and important knowing this fresh and “never been seen before” information or news. The word “Exclusive” is also in a different colour to ensure that it is the first thing that catches the readers eye making sure that it doesn't blend in with the rest of the text and instead stand out. Uses the word “secret” in the description to also add to the manipulation of the readers thinking that they are paying for something that has never been seen or ever read before, also adds to the whole “persuasiveness” of the article on a whole. The main topic of the article is in a different colour and in italics to ensure that it the second thing that catches the readers eye other than the word “Exclusive” when they are reading the piece of text, it also adds to the attractiveness of the The number “10” is also large so it catches the readers eye showing them that they aren't only getting one piece of information for the price their paying, instead they are getting 10 showing the audience that the magazine is worth purchasing. The text is large and bold to ensure that it is the first thing that catches the audiences eye once they take a look at the magazine. The year “2010” is written in a shorter more “abbreviated” format to signify that it belong to an “Urban” magazine, by the audience reading this it will make them feel as though their “at home” as they can fully understand it and it may make audiences feel comfortable reading the magazine as it is something they can relate to on a personal level resulting the audiences then purchasing the magazine thinking it is ideal. The use of the word “tune” relates to the genre of the magazine as well as the target audience.
  5. 5. [ Masthead - The title of the magazine usually big and bold to stand out and attract the audiences ] Masthead large and bold to make sure it is the first thing that catches the audiences eye, another reason why it is large is so audiences can easily identify what the magazine is actually called because if it was the same font as all the other text it would blend in and would be hard to identify. The masthead being large also adds to the attractiveness and look of the magazine as it stands out and usually tends to be colour co – ordinated with the chosen house colour for that issue also adding to the feel and look of the cover. The masthead is large and “tall” to ensure that the name of the magazine is easily identifiable, the masthead has a slight black glow around it to make it stands out even more as well as adding to the look and feel that I was going for for the magazine. However one mistake that I made was not making the masthead bold unlike the masthead above which is, by making the work bold it makes it stand out even more making it more effective, I too should have done this on my magazine too to make sure that it was impossible for some audiences to become confused. The text on top of the image shows the importance and significance.
  6. 6. [ Left Third Layout - It contains features of crucial information including the features of the magazines, it has a specific layout in which when the magazine is placed on a shelf, and the left third is the only part of the magazine visible ] The topic of the article is the largest font on that side, this is to ensure that the audiences know exactly what the article is about and also to ensure it the first thing that catches the audiences eye as it stands out in its bold and colourful format. The third left layout allows the magazine to be shelved in such a way that the main “eye catcher” article is the first thing the audience see’s, this article has to be the main lure that the audience will read and automatically find an instant attraction and connection to, the article on the left hand side has to be the winning article, the article that will trigger the reader into purchasing the magazine. The left third layout tends to be related to the main central image, the left third usually features an exclusive interview of the artist featured on the central image, the text tends to also be colour co – ordinate with the colour of clothing the artist in the central image is wearing, this adds to the look and attractiveness of the cover. The third left text is in a purple font which is the exact same colour to what the model is wearing in the central image, I did this to ensure that I follow all the typical “bits and bobs” of a how an actual magazine is laid out to ensure my magazine looks realistic. The other parts of the article title are in black with a glow so they stand out and to signify that they are just as important. The text being yellow makes it stand out even more against the light blue background making it even more eye catching to audiences. Rhetorical question large and yellow leaving audiences intrigued and wanting more.
  7. 7. [ Puff - Over exaggerated words and phrases to draw the audience into reading for example “Best Ever” ] The phrase “the sexy issue” is used as a Puff to make the audience feel as though if they purchase the magazine they themselves will also feel “sexy” or maybe feel as though by purchasing this specific “issue” they will have access to certain inappropriate news and information relating to the topic “sex” perhaps? By using the phrase “the real issue” it may give the audience the idea that the magazine contains “wholesome” and truthful information or even maybe information that is the raw truth about artists in the music industry at the moment. The idea of a puff is to physiologically “trick” the audience into thinking that what their buying is somehow “Unique” and “Never been seen before” and when audiences catch a glimpse of this they get fooled into thinking that the magazine is actually really worth spending their hard earned cash on, by using over exaggerated words and phrases like “best ever” and “worth it” they manipulate audiences through words into thinking that the magazine actually is the best and worth purchasing. The puff is bold and eye catching in the same colour as the text in the left third to signify the fact that they are from the same issue and relate somehow to the article on the left third, it also adds to the attraction and look of the magazine.