Question 5


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Question 5

  1. 1. 5. How did you attract/address your audience?To attract the audience I used buzz words such as ‘Exclusive’ whichsuggests that this is the only magazine which is covering the story makingthe audience want to buy the magazine to read the article. I usedexclamation marks, which add positive emphasis on the words. I usedrhetorical questions like ‘Where’s it at this summer?” to make the audiencethink and feel more intrigued to read the article. I used big bold fonts formy headings so they are large and clear to read and stand out to thereader, for text I used smaller writing which is still very clear so it is easyto read in large chunks of texts. I also used the colour red for some ofmy font, which attracts the reader’s eye to the colour. For my front cover main image the model is looking straightforward into the camera, which gives the illusion that he is making eye contact with the audience, which will attract them. I added an image of a Nintendo Wii next to the bold word ‘Win!’ which includes the buzz word win to attract the readers and shows what they could possibly win to further attract them and make them want to buy and read themagazine to win.My masthead is a big bold black font, which is clear toread. The font looks like it has been decayed or ruinedsimilarly to Kerrang!’s masthead. However I think theelement, which makes it look unique, is the purple colouringon the masthead, which may attract the reader because it is a brightunique colour.For the layout of my front cover I used the rule of thirds which means thatI put the headings and text and in the 1/3 and 3/3 region leaving the 2/3region (the middle) to be filled with the main image and the main storyheading which makes it stand out. For my contents page I had the title forthe page (contents) at the top of the page in a large bold font so it is veryclear what page it is. I had the contents, page numbers and shortdescription in a list type format for ease of access for the reader so it iseasy to find which page they want to find quickly. I used a sticky notetemplate for the editors note because it makes it feel more personaltowards the audience like a hand written note, I also used a handwrittenstyle font for the signature to enhance this effect. I had the masthead inthe top left hand corner to keep the image of the masthead in the readersmind and make it more memorable. For my double page spread again Iplanned to have masthead in the corner which I think is the first thing thereader would see as they open the page which then leads the eye to the‘EXCLUSIVE!’ puff which is in bright red, then the eye will be lead to themain image which is directly related to the article, then the eye will leadonto the title of the article and then down to the text.
  2. 2. From my audience research I found out that people would be more likely tobuy a magazine if it included interviews with musicians, it was pricedaround £3.00 and a lot of people attend music festivals, so to cater withthis I included an interview with a musician, priced my magazine £3.10 andincluded information for the music festival T4 On The Beach. To targetmales I added an interview of a successful musician I believe this attractsmales that are interested in music to find out about the success story andto find out how to be successful. However to attract both males andfemales I added an image of a Nintendo Wii that can be won, this isconsidered to be a more unisex gaming console compared to PS3’s andXBox’s which are more for males.